15 creative and versatile ways to include capitonê in your decor

15 creative and versatile ways to include capitonê in your decor
Robert Rivera

Moving from classic decoration to all kinds of design, the capitoné has become a highly democratic tapestry technique. With it you add a timeless and elegant touch of sophistication to your space. See more on the subject.

What is capiton

Created around 1840 by the English, this technique consists of stitches made with cords, sinking the quilt asymmetrically, creating geometric shapes. The distance between the stitches and the depth of the perforation may vary according to the handiwork done and the aesthetics sought. In any case, the result is always very sophisticated and elegant, bringing a classic air todecoration.

Capitonê and botonê: what's the difference?

Although they are very similar, it is possible to state that botonê is a derivative of capitonê, because the finish of the first mentioned technique relies on the addition of buttons at each perforation. That is, besides marking a central point, in botonê this point is decorated with a button, usually covered with the same fabric as the rest of the piece, but it can also be of another color and even anothermaterial, bringing decadence to the decoration.

15 capitone photos that prove the versatility of the finish

Whether on headboards, sofas, or pouffes, this technique has a unique presence, lending a classic and elegant touch to various decorations:

1. of English origin, capitonê is a classic of decoration

2. and can be added in various ways to the environment

3. whether in the children's room

4. or in the couple's room

5. with it, classic style is guaranteed

6. and you can even mix the sofa top with the stool top

7. either of the two guarantees elegance in the decoration

8. the capitone marks presence in the handwork of the pillows

9. and, mixed with other materials, gives a look full of refinement

10. despite being a very classic feature in decoration

11. it also fits other styles, such as contemporary

12. and even in the industrial

13. a tapestry with this pattern is timeless

14. and will accompany your decoration for many generations

15. without losing style and sophistication

This technique is a handiwork that has remained constant in interior decoration for several generations. The feature is priceless and will never go out of fashion.

Creating capitone pieces at home

See how it is possible to create beautiful pieces with this technique, using few materials and a lot of care:

How to make a headboard in capitonê with botonê finish

In this video, you will learn how to make an elegant headboard out of dovetails. In addition to the step-by-step instructions, you can also find out the average price spent on a handcrafted project like this.

Capitonê for Beginners

The professional in this vlog teaches, in a very didactic way, how to do the capitonê technique, the best materials that can facilitate the production, and how to give the piece a neat finish.

Producing a round capitone pouf

Learn how to produce a perfect layout for a pouffe and the entire technique used to make the piece from start to finish.

Cappuccino Cushion

The cushion looks like a simple item, but it makes all the difference in the decor. Watch the video and make your own cushion!

Capiton is a democratic feature in decorating, as it goes with every possible and imaginable style, whether with a headboard, a pillow, or even a Chesterfield sofa.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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