15th Anniversary party decoration: 88 pictures with ideas and tutorials to inspire you

15th Anniversary party decoration: 88 pictures with ideas and tutorials to inspire you
Robert Rivera

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The 15th birthday party is a very important moment in a girl's life, and deciding which style of decoration you will choose can be a difficult task. The options are countless: traditional 15th birthday party decoration, with a waltz and special costumes; more modern or simple parties, and there are also theme parties. The important thing is to choose the one that suits you and your style.

15th Anniversary party decor: 88 amazing pictures

For this moment full of doubts and so special, we have selected several pictures to inspire you and help you decide which decoration style suits you best.

1. a gentle and very special decoration

2. lights make all the difference in the decoration

3. you can avoid the traditional pinks and lilacs and go for red

4. balloons are simple options that make a statement

5. small table decorations allow the guests to talk without problems

6. theme parties are great fun

7. 15 years old decoration with a very beautiful rustic look

8. brightness all around

9. curtains give a special effect to the environment

10. a party from another planet

11. the tablecloth is an essential item

12. japanese lamps look amazing suspended

13. a tropical and flamingo-themed party is a great idea, right?

14. an entrance that will leave your guests awestruck from the start

15. a simple but charming decoration

16. use elements from nature to compose the scenery

17. a brilliant entrance

18. it's a great idea to have a coffee and sweets bar in the foyer

19. how about a cake the size of your dreams?

20. why not a beach-themed party?

21. fit for a princess

22. flowers are always a good idea

23. less can be more

24. all the delicacy in the world

25. look at the cool idea of hanging the cake from a wooden swing

26. glamorous 15th birthday party

27. characters are a modern and very fun idea for your party

28. flower arches are classic and wonderful

29. a cool and stylish party

30. a table with simplicity and charm

31. how about a party during the day?

32. a flower ceiling looks very pretty and creative

33. a party worthy of royalty

34. a path of light for a bright entrance

35: A little piece of France for those who are in love with the City of Light

36. the photos on this flowered panel will look great

37. a mix of Paris, films and modernity

38. the elements complete each other forming a beautiful and cozy environment

Who hasn't wanted to be a Disney princess for a day?

40. Alice's magical universe can be yours for a day

41. a special place to rest

42. lilac is a color that goes very well with a 15th anniversary decoration

43. or you can bet on the classic pink

44. theme parties are with everything

45: The traditional entrance downstairs transformed into something more modern

46. a sky of candles

47. an illuminated 15 years

48. balloons give a very nice effect to the decoration

49. look how cool is the idea of putting the cake on a separate table from the sweets

50: giving away souvenir slippers is an old idea, but super practical for everyone to finish on the dance floor

51. chandeliers are beautiful and very elegant

52. succulents and cacti can be great souvenirs for that special night

53. flowers even on the cake

54: The flowers matching the bridesmaids' dresses

55. an immersion in Wonderland

56. personalized cakes are very nice to decorate the party

57: If your birthday is in the summer, how about investing in a tropical theme?

58: A pergola made especially for the cake is very charming, isn't it?

59. a chandelier on the table to bring more light into the conversation of the guests

60. blue can also be the highlight of the party

61. more color, please

62. a beautiful enchanted forest

63. black and pink is a successful combination

64: If you are a cat lover, make cats the theme of your party

65. flowers, branches and wooden furniture are sure to give a rustic look

66. how about a birthday with a view?

67. that look that precedes the dance floor

68. a party at the bottom of the sea

69. the lights gave all the highlight the table needed

70. tropical decoration with flowers and fruits giving a special touch.

71 A more modern decoration is also a great option

72 The trellis panel with English wall gives a very elegant effect

73. rustic decoration can also be colorful

74: How about a masquerade ball?

75. a carriage for a Cinderella day

76 - Outdoor decoration is beautiful when illuminated by the stars

77. a romantic and very beautiful decoration

78. travel to Las Vegas for a day

79 You can make your passion the theme of your party

80. Rose Gold is the color of fashion and you can insert it in the details of your decoration

81. the theme "travel" is very cool

82. a decoration that looks more like a beautiful garden

83 - The mirror with classic frame gave a touch of royalty to the decoration

84. a passion that goes beyond the fields

85. when all stationery is personalized, it gives your party a more professional touch

86. this is where all the magic happens. dance until you get tired!

87. how cool is the idea of personalizing the dance floor

88. it's really cool to have a bar to make some different and fun drinks

The options are many, theme party, clean decor, extravagant, a simple event or rich in details. It's up to you to define what suits you best and create a 15th birthday look that is just right for you!

15th Anniversary decoration: step by step

Preparing a party requires a lot of attention, and planning is the first step for everything to go well. Through planning you will be able to know everything that needs to be done, how much time you have, and the available budget. Then, all you have to do is put it into practice. To help you, check out some videos with tips that will guide you to the right path:

15th Anniversary party decoration: how to plan your party

In this video, you will learn what are the first steps necessary to organize your party and not have unwanted surprises during the execution of your event.

15th Anniversary decoration: how to choose the party theme

Choosing a party theme can be an easier task than it seems. Check out the tips in this video that will help you choose the theme that suits you best.

15th Anniversary Party: How to decorate the party with very little money

In this video you will see several tips for putting together a beautiful party, buying cheap items and taking advantage of other things you may have at home.

15th Anniversary party decoration: how to prepare a mini party

Several ideas of decoration items for you to make at home: candies, trays, souvenirs, giant paper flowers, cupcake liners, TNT panel, and others.

15th Anniversary decoration: How to make a ribbon panel for the table

In this tutorial, the ideas are simple but very beautiful, and will make your decor exclusive and unique.

15th Anniversary Party: How to decorate the candy table

Besides making the candies, decorating the table where they will be placed is essential.

Fifteenth Birthday Party: How to make an English wall

Using only TNT, hot glue, scissors, and tissue paper you will build a beautiful English wall: that wall that seems to be alive and made of leaves.

15th Anniversary decoration: how to make party favors

Learn how to make two very beautiful souvenirs to give to your guests.

15th Anniversary Party Decor: How to make E.V.A. cupcake holders

These candy holders are the most beautiful thing, and will surely make your candy table more beautiful and unforgettable.

15 years decoration: how to make simple souvenirs and centerpieces

In this video, you will learn how to make inexpensive souvenir and centerpiece templates.

15th Anniversary party decoration: decorated cake

With this video you will learn how to assemble and decorate a 4-story cake with american paste.

Now that you know the various types of parties and how to organize your birthday, all you have to do is start planning and begin the preparations. Be sure that it will be a beautiful and unforgettable day. Have you thought about choosing a unicorn theme? It can be a great option!

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