20 ideas to include the corner table in your decoration

20 ideas to include the corner table in your decoration
Robert Rivera

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The corner table is a perfect solution not only for those who need to create solutions to decorate the corners of the house, but also for those who wish to enhance a larger circulation space in an environment. Besides being decorative, it can be used as a complement to a German corner in a dining room or a support measure in the living room.

How to decorate a corner table with elegance and practicality

According to Larissa, a professional from Minimal Arquitetura, the decoration of a corner table depends entirely on your needs in relation to the space in which it will be installed. Below, the architect gives tips on how to develop this composition in various scenarios:

  • Find the function of your corner table: you can use a corner table to support tablets and/or virtual assistants for smart home control, positioning of table lamps or just decorative objects such as vases with flowers/plants or empty ones, books, sculptures, etc.
  • Pay attention to the size: Corner tables usually measure between 35 and 60 cm in width, but, regardless of the measurement, the ideal is to keep the furniture between 10 and 15 cm away from other furniture in the room. If you have a larger space than that, you may want to think of another solution for the place.
  • For corner living room table: You can compose this space with books with visual themes and other items, such as sculptures and decorative objects. Pots with succulents or cacti are a good option, because they are plants that survive well in shaded environments. In addition, as already mentioned, it is always an interesting place to keep items of technology and lighting, bringing functionality to this little space of the house.
  • German Corner Table: In addition to the number of people you want to accommodate in the space, the size of the room must be considered when choosing the piece. For a 120x120cm German corner, for example, an 80x80cm table is used, which holds 5 to 6 people. To hold 7 people or more, it is recommended to opt for a rectangular table, with 80x120cm, for example.
  • Choice of materials: Remember that lighter materials with light colors, such as glass, metal, and wood - painted white/beige - give the room a feeling of spaciousness, while heavier materials with dark colors, such as iron and wood - painted brown or black - make the space seem smaller, but make it cozier. It all depends on the objective you have planned for the place.

In decoration, a well thought-out composition always brings a more satisfactory result. With the architect's tips, it's even easier to elaborate something perfect for you, meeting your daily needs, besides the visual aesthetics.

20 corner table pictures that inspire elegance and practicality

Get inspired by 20 architectural projects that include different uses for a corner table and, in addition to its functionality, bring various solutions to the environment:

1. if your idea is to include a German corner table, pay attention to the space

2. it must have enough space for people to be accommodated in the space

3. in addition to not compromising the space for circulation in the environment

4. corner tables for living rooms are a good option to enhance the decoration

5. they can work as a support for intimate lighting

6. accommodate pots and plants

7. offer a composition with decorative objects and artwork

8. or just one more element in the decoration, which can be used to support glasses, for example

9. in the bedroom, the corner table can be a good substitute for the bedside table

10. the models and materials must be chosen according to the decoration proposal

11. a bold design ensures a modern and conceptual proposal

12. and gives a special touch to classic decorations

13. traditional models are perfect for minimalist decorations

14. with metal, the decoration gains an atmosphere of refinement

15. wood is a material that transmits warmth to the environment

16. and if there is a little plant involved in the composition, even better!

17. the white corner table stands out when it contrasts with the colorful wall

18. in this project, the shape of the table follows the geometric proposal of the decoration

19. a square corner table is perfect as it can be fitted in different places

20 But the round version is compact and does not hinder circulation at all, making it the perfect option for smaller environments!

The corner table is a functional piece of furniture and can be inserted in different rooms of the house, as well as gaining different functions seasonally, after all, this is one of the most democratic and versatile pieces of furniture in a decoration.

How to use and decorate a corner table in decoration

Below, check out videos with tips on how to choose and compose a corner table - highly compatible with different styles and proposals - considering your personal taste and the needs of your daily life:

How to use a corner table in living room decoration

In this video you will learn about the different functions that a corner table offers for decorating a room, as well as which models are popular on the market.

Composing a perfect German corner

Take note of the professional tips from the architect, who presents all the details that must be taken into account when choosing a German corner, such as the ideal size of the corner table, the optimization of the piece, among others.

3 different ways to decorate a corner table

The tips in this video are great for those who already have a corner table in the living room, but still don't know how to decorate it according to the style of the room.

The corner table is a versatile piece, because it meets, in a practical way, the needs of a room, whether in the decoration of the living room, bedroom, balcony, or whatever space you need.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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