25 living room lighting designs that make a room feel warm

25 living room lighting designs that make a room feel warm
Robert Rivera

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Although many people skip the lighting stage because they believe it is a mere detail, living room lighting is of paramount importance in a home remodeling project. The truth is that good lighting ensures not only the comfort required by the space, but also adds a special touch of elegance to the decor.

5 tips on how to light the living room for a cozy and welcoming environment

To guide you in your living room lighting project, we counted on the help of architect Alan Godoi, who guarantees that the ideal choice is the one that completely meets your needs:

  • Purpose: According to Alan, the first step for a lighting project is to understand how it will be used. If the room will be used only as a living area, a simple project will already meet the needs. If the TV will be the big highlight of the room, a second option should be included.
  • Distribution of furniture: According to him, "to include independent circuits - between focused light, general light, table lamp, among others - it is important to detect the positioning of the armchairs, tables, and furniture in general. Thus, these small personal touches can be included in a more practical way.
  • Hot light: For the architect, "a good environment needs atmosphere, and nothing better than lighting to create it.
  • Focus on your needs: To avoid creating doubts in your choices, Alan gives a clear suggestion, "we should avoid the opinions of the curious, because many indicate standard lighting formulas, but each project is unique, because each person has a distinct need.
  • Study your possibilities: The market offers countless options for living room lighting, and it is important that you carefully study each one that catches your attention. To know which one fits best in your project, Alan indicates "choose between a general light with diffuser, spot light with focus, indirect light, dichroic with directional focus, table lamp, floor lamp, neon letterings, among many others" andHe concludes by saying that "the important thing is to stay focused.

A well-planned lighting design is capable of further enhancing the style of your living room, highlighting the decoration, creating a feeling of spaciousness, and ensuring the warmth and well-being of its residents.

Types of Room Lighting

Learn about the main types of lighting your room can receive in order to choose the one that best fits your space and best meets your needs:

Direct lighting

Ideal for those who want to redirect light to a specific point, direct lighting has its self-explanatory name. It can be added to your project with a pendant on the table, a rail on the ceiling, spots embedded in the molding to highlight paintings, and even a floor or table lamp in your reading corner.

Indirect lighting

In this case, the light is not the main focus. This is the case of the central chandelier installed on the ceiling, the sconces on the wall, among other options. Indirect light disposes unpretentiously the brightness of the lamp. If this is the only resource used in your project, install indirect lighting on clear surfaces, to rebound the light in a pleasant way.

Diffuse Illumination

Diffused lighting is perfect for creating a more intimate and comfortable environment, ideal for watching TV and relaxing. This feeling can be added to with a dome lamp, chandeliers that hide the bulbs inside milky materials, among other options that count on this light-soothing "filter".

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a type of direct light, but more focused on an object. It is often used in landscaping projects, but in the living room it is perfect for highlighting a painting or art objects, for example. You can use this type of lighting to highlight your favorite objects in your living room.

Linear lighting

It is the famous led light, that illuminated string that is widely used in furniture, embedded in the ceiling, or even on the wall. When it is installed in a distributed manner, this light offers a very cozy and modern aesthetic.

Choosing the right light for your lighting design will ensure that your room is functional and has a unique style. The result may surprise you!

25 living room lighting ideas that will enhance your space

When it's time to plan a project, there is nothing better than to study some models:

1. planned lighting creates various sensations in the room

2. and coziness is paramount in this project

3. well-distributed lighting enhances the points of the decoration

4. and warms the room, like a hug

5. yellow light is best suited for the room

6. because it brings warmth, both to your reading corner

7. as for the time to relax

8. you can highlight specific points in the room with lighting

9. and still create several points isolated from each other

10. so you can turn on a specific light for a specific occasion

11. create this strategy with a lampshade or fixture

12. or with spots embedded in separate circuits

13. linear lighting is another cozy option

14. because it creates a warm atmosphere in the room

15. led strips are widely used in this function

The luminaires, on the other hand, are responsible for the direct light

17. as well as the charming wall sconces

18. for a room integrated with another environment, direct lighting is fundamental

19. for slatted panels, the inlaid led light produces a sensational effect

20. create spots with spots built into the ceiling for nice shades of light

21. creates a charm in the TV room

22: Surrounding the living room curtain is also a solution

23. in a small room, the track with spots is very functional

24 Including LEDs in the cabinetry will help to enhance the small space

25. for a modern project, a linear recessed light can enhance the environment

You can create different lighting proposals for your living room within the decorative style you wish to adhere to in your project. Just make sure that the result is welcoming, as the environment deserves.

More information about living room lighting

The following videos provide more information about living room lighting that will complement your living room design:

Tips for lighting the living room

In this video, you will find technical tips for 3 different types of lighting projects, such as led installations, lamp types, and more.

Unlined Lighting

This video can be a solution for those who don't want to include a molding in the room design, as it offers fundamental lighting tips with very current practical resources.

Some tips for good lighting

How about creating a rough plan for the lighting in your living room? These tips will help you to think of a plan before executing it.

Questions about living room lighting

In this video, the architect answers some frequently asked questions about living room lighting, and uses project examples to analyze this topic in practice.

After perfecting the creation of your lighting project, it is necessary to choose the materials that will be part of this remodeling. For this, you can count on suggestions of chandeliers for the living room, which give a special touch to the environment.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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