25 models of drum stool to have a unique decoration

25 models of drum stool to have a unique decoration
Robert Rivera

The drum stool is a very versatile piece of decoration. Moreover, it is made of reused material and is all about environmental awareness. So, learn how to make a drum stool and see 25 great ideas for this decorative object.

How to make drum stool

A craft project can help you relax, and you can learn new techniques and put others into practice, so here's how you can make a decorative piece out of a drum using just a few tools.

One-piece drum stool

The channel Garage Crafts teaches step by step how to make a drum stool, using only wood and an oil drum.

Drum chair

Did you know that it is possible to make two armchairs using only one 200 liter drum? To learn how to make these decorative objects, watch this video from the channel Estúdio Reuse.

Jack Daniel's Armchair with Drum

Jack Daniel's whiskey is one of the most famous in the world, and its visual identity is associated with many lifestyles, for example, one of them is the rustic, industrial style, so a drum chair in this theme goes very well with this style.

Iron Drum Stool

The craftsman Erivan de Souza teaches step by step how to make an armchair out of iron drums. Moreover, he points out that it is a laborious work, but the result can be amazing. Thus, during the video, Erivan gives several tips on how to get a comfortable and beautiful armchair.

Now you know how to make your drum seat, so how about seeing 25 beautiful ideas with these pieces?

25 pictures of drum stool to have a lot of style

A versatile piece of decoration is one that uses a drum. Because they can adapt to any environment. In addition, it is possible to customize them with any theme. In this way, check out a beautiful selection of pictures of drum stools.

1. Do you know the drum stool?

This piece of decoration is very versatile

3. after all, the drum stool is made from reuse material

4. in this way it is possible to abuse creativity

5. and pay homage to a sports legend, for example

6. or use the emblem of a famous brand

7. thus showing your support for the brand

8. any environment will have a unique look

9. furthermore, the design must be unique

10. to do this, make a bench with an oil drum

11. in this way, your environment will have a lot of personality

12. this piece of decoration is very versatile

13. the drum stool lets you renew and recycle

14. with this it is possible to have a room with its own identity

15. all this without giving up exclusivity and comfort

16. after all, the color combinations are infinite

17. the drum seat has everything to do with the world's most famous Beetle

18. or with a can of soda

19. by joining two drums it is possible to have a bench for more people

20. or innovate with a potholder

21. all this without giving up the main thing: comfort

22: You are wrong if you think that children are left out

23. after all, drum stools are for everyone

24. there is no need to impose limits on your creativity

25. so the drum bench may be all you need

As the years go by, decoration will reuse more and more objects. Therefore, the use of these pieces must be reinvented. Thus, it will be possible to recycle, reuse, and reuse several materials. For example, the use of drums in decoration is already a reality.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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