30 Creative Ideas for Using Flashes in Home Decoration

30 Creative Ideas for Using Flashes in Home Decoration
Robert Rivera

A decorative item often used at Christmas time, the flashing light, or light strings, is an easy-to-find and cost-effective ornament that makes the decoration of this special season even more beautiful.

The effect that using this item causes, whether on the Christmas tree or framing another corner of the house, enchants anyone who admires it. So why not use this beautiful feature in the other months of the year as well? Sold in white, multicolored, or one-tone versions, there are also more modern options, such as LED strings.

Versatile, the flasher can be used in your home decoration in countless ways, and none of them will make reference to the commemorative date in which it is most popular.

Not only will it add personality to your home, but it will also give an exclusive air to your environment; after all, no one will have an item as special and unique as you do:

How about a headboard full of personality?

Taking the place of a headboard, the flasher shows all its versatility: you can attach it to the wall, designing it according to your personal taste, just let your imagination run wild and choose your favorite shape.

2. cuddly bedside lamp

Ideal for those who don't have a lampshade, or even want some extra lighting beside the bed, here the cord was attached in the shape of a cloud, perfectly matching the sky blue tone chosen for the wall.

3. highlight the other decorative items

Do you have a shelf with your favorite decorative elements, but don't know how to highlight them? To do this, simply arrange the flashing lights around them. When it is on, it will highlight your favorite items, making the decoration more beautiful.

In order to highlight the wall full of thematic paintings, the architect used the cord of lights to frame it, delimiting the paintings arranged along its entire length. The tip is to avoid fixing them in a straight line, leaving a more natural movement.

5. bringing more femininity and beauty to the dressing table

To beautify the young girl's room, the architect used a string of lights surrounded by white flowers, bringing more femininity to the piece of furniture.

6. just hanging, adding charm to the room

For a room with minimalist decoration, by hanging a string of white colored lights above the shelf, it is possible to make the decoration more charming without losing the harmony of colors.

7. a clothesline option with just the lights

If in the previous option the lights were intertwined with the clothesline, here, in this version, the cord is the clothesline itself. Since the color of its threads is white, as well as the color of its lights, this detail ensures a lighter and more visually beautiful appearance.

8. in vibrant color, with an extra prop

To make it prettier, paint the threads in your favorite color. If you wish, hang little wool pom-poms in the same chosen color. The boho style will be represented wherever it is hung.

9. beautiful exclusive light fixtures

Simple to make, these light fixtures make any corner of your home more beautiful. Just place the string of lights inside a glass bottle and plug it in. The tip is to use bottles of different colors and lights of different sizes, ensuring a unique effect.

10. more style for your small lamps

Here, a string of white lights was given an unusual makeover: for a more authentic look, the blogger attached small cocktail umbrellas with the help of adhesive tape. The more colors, the more beautiful the result.

11. a string worthy of fairies

Inspired by the beauty of fairies, this string of lights received a "cape" of pink tulle, alternating along its entire length. The result is a delicate decor item, full of magic.

12. nostalgia and a playful look for your home

Are you one of those nostalgic people who fondly remembers your childhood? Then this flashing light project is ideal for you. Here the idea is to use pebbles, taking them apart and assembling them into each little light. If possible, choose different colored pebbles for a prettier look.

13. origami and blinkers

This is a good alternative for those who have multicolored cords and don't want the color of the cords to stand out.

14. delicacy in lace

Using lacy party towels, cut them in half and make a cone, enclosing each of the lights of the flashing lights. Easy and quick to do, the final result exudes delicacy and charm.

15. special emphasis on that beloved picture

To make sure that that picture, photo, or artwork stands out, attach the flasher to its frame, drawing even more attention to this cherished item.

16. cupcake liners make a beautiful flower

Another idea to renew the appearance of the string of light: just choose cupcake liners of different sizes and colors, cut the bottom of them, making it easier to fit the lamp and let your imagination run wild.

17. string of lights instead of a banderole

For a curtain that stands out, without the need to use the bandon as a decorative item, here the light cord is arranged all over the curtain, and complemented by small decorative flowers for a more feminine decoration.

18. decorative wreath full of charm

How about a decorative garland to make your home more beautiful? Here a circular metal base was used, where the decorated paper napkins were applied interspersed with the lamps. A breathtaking look.

19. unusual decorative piece

If you like a bolder decorating style, then why not take a chance and simply intertwine a rope with the flasher. This piece can be molded into any shape you wish, giving the strand of lights a new function.

20. how about a blinker chandelier

Easy to make, this chandelier will make any room more luxurious. To make it, use a bamboo as a base, and interlace the cord, leaving some parts hanging. Finally, just attach it with the help of cables to a hook on the ceiling.

21. headboard with recessed lighting in frame

Beautiful project, using a custom made board as the headboard of the bed. To execute it, just use a wooden board, make the desired painting, use nails to draw the chosen shape and distribute the light cord. Spectacular.

22 I see flowers on you

Especially for lovers of this technique, the ideal here is to make small crochet flowers, of various colors and shapes, around each bulb of the cord. A beautiful craft project to behold.

23. leave your message

As the cord is malleable, it is ideal to be molded into the most varied formats.

24. as a pendant and accompanying banners

Here we have two examples of use: the first is a string covered with small neutral colored globes, which was just hung in a corner of the room, while the second was used to accompany the banners, making the room more interesting.

25. your garden also deserves to be highlighted

And why not let your garden or vegetable garden stand out? Just add the string of lights on the side of the shelves to let the green of nature stand out, enchanting the environment.

26. for incurable romantics

To make it, use a wire and mold it to the shape and size you want, then interlace the string of lights and hang it wherever you want.

27. caged beauty

Do you have a spare cage? Then paint it your favorite color and add a string of lights surrounded by globes in the chosen color. For an even more interesting look, the dinosaur makes the decoration more fun.

28. origami flowers for a single strand

Another idea that elects the millenary Japanese folding technique as a way to change the simplistic appearance of the string. Here the flower chosen was the tulip, in vibrant and varied tones.

The charm provided by this string of lights is a resource that can and should be explored at any time of the year. Whether you want to decorate a corner of the house, replace a piece of furniture or highlight a decorative item, using blinkers in your home is a good idea. Go for it!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera is a seasoned interior designer and home decor expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Born and raised in California, he has always had a passion for design and art, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in interior design from a prestigious design school. With a keen eye for color, texture, and proportion, Robert effortlessly blends different styles and aesthetics to create unique and beautiful living spaces. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest design trends and techniques, and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts to bring life to his clients' homes. As the author of a popular blog on home decor and design, Robert shares his expertise and insights with a large audience of design enthusiasts. His writing is engaging, informative, and easy to follow, making his blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spruce up their living space. Whether you're seeking advice on color schemes, furniture arrangement, or DIY home projects, Robert has the tips and tricks you need to create a stylish, welcoming home.