30 felt Santa options to get your house in the Christmas mood

30 felt Santa options to get your house in the Christmas mood
Robert Rivera

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For many people Christmas is one of the most awaited times of the year, and along with the festivities comes the desire to set up a neat Christmas decoration throughout the house. One of the characters that can not be missing at this time is the good old man, so how about learning how to make a felt Santa Claus to get into the Christmas mood? Check out, below, ideas and tutorials!

30 pictures of felt Santa Claus to make your Christmas more beautiful

The felt Santa Claus is cute and easy to make! With Christmas celebrations approaching, it's time to start thinking of ways to decorate. Enjoy the ideas below:

1. when it comes to Christmas, Santa Claus is one of the first things that comes to mind

2. this is why it is essential in a Christmas decoration

3. it can be made in different ways and with different materials

4. a really cool idea is a felt Santa Claus

5. it looks beautiful and can be done by yourself

6. moreover, it is versatile and will make your decoration cuter

7. for example, this cutlery holder looks beautiful

8. how about this napkin holder to compose your set table?

9. use your creativity and create beautiful decorations

10. felt Santa can be made in small size

11. innovating in the format is also a cool option

12. you can create a corner with Santa and his gang

13. hanging ornaments can be placed in various places

14. the Christmas tree is even more charming with them

15. and can be made to hang on the wall

16. this one with the Santa Claus is really cute

17. make the ornament the way you like it

18. get out of the traditional by changing some details, such as the color of the cap

19. a friendly and loving Santa Claus

20. there are so many beautiful ideas of these crafts

21. that it is difficult to choose the best Santa Claus

22. how about making the cutest couple of Christmas?

23. because of the material, use in indoor decorations or covered spaces

24. Santa Claus can also enjoy the Brazilian summer

25. they are beautiful in all shapes and sizes

26. and will call the attention of all who pass by the environment

27 If you prefer, make Santa's beard out of another material

28. and add a small plaque with a phrase referring to Christmas

29. test various ideas

30. and let your Christmas be full of enchantment with the felt Santa Claus!

With this variety of felt Santa Clauses you can decorate your entire house, choose the ideas you like the most, and create a unique decoration, and then enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Pattern for felt Santa Claus

Making a felt Santa Claus is not a difficult task, but you can make your own version yourself:

  1. Santa Claus standing up: with this template you can make an ornament, which looks great as a door decoration;
  2. Santa Claus sitting: is a great idea to decorate the supper table, shelves, or places that have a base, because you can place it sitting down;
  3. Santa Claus inside the chimney: This ornament is beautiful and creative. It can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, hang on the door, or wherever you like.

There are many options, and with templates it is very easy to make this ornament!

How to make felt Santa Claus

Check out the tutorials below to learn how to make these decorations:

Santa Claus for Hanging

In this video, learn how to make a Santa Claus hanging ornament that can be used on windows, walls, and the balcony of your house.

Door decoration

This door decoration idea looks beautiful and is sure to attract attention. This is an easy option to make and uses few materials. Besides decorating your home, you can also sell it and make some extra income. Check it out!

Door knob ornament

In this step by step you will learn how to make a felt Santa Claus to hang on your doorknob.

Christmas Tree Pendant

Here's how to make a Santa Claus pendant for your Christmas tree, easy and all done by hand. You'll need: felt, thread, needle, and glue. The result is beautiful!

The felt Santa Claus is beautiful, creative and great for your Christmas decoration.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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