35 bathrooms with bidets for inspiration when remodeling

35 bathrooms with bidets for inspiration when remodeling
Robert Rivera

The bidet is a controversial item when it comes to bathroom remodeling because, although it is an excellent option at the moment of intimate hygiene, some people do not consider installing it in their own bathroom due to lack of space. However, technology has advanced and it has also arrived in the china and materials of this room. Nowadays, you can find toilets that already have a bidet built in.

For some, the toilet shower can also be a good solution! Besides the normal and built-in models, there are options of electronic and very modern bidets, but these have a higher cost. Of course this is not a mandatory item and will depend a lot on the habits of the residents, since many people feel more comfortable being able to do the intimate hygiene after using the toilet. There is also theThe issue of saving toilet paper, since the bidet can be the exclusive option when it comes to sanitation.

And you, would you like to install a bidet in your bathroom? Follow these 40 options that we have separated to give you some ideas:

1. bidet and vase in a reserved place

In this project, the bidet and the toilet were installed in a more enclosed location, to ensure even more privacy.

2. separate bidet

As we mentioned, there are bidet options that are built into the toilet itself, but separate pieces are still more common.

3. all white

Beautiful bathroom option with separate bidet and toilet, in white color, matching the clean look.

Graphite Bidet

Very elegant choice to compose the decoration of this bathroom: toilet and bidet in a beautiful graphite tone.

5. long bathroom

If you have a longer bathroom, you can use this example as inspiration. The separate bidet is on the same wall as the sink, to facilitate internal circulation.

6. bidet with golden metals

If you want to add a touch of sophistication, dare to choose the metals for your bathroom.

7. color contrast

You can use a darker décor throughout the bathroom and invest in light dishware, as in this example.

8. black and white

This project is simple and modern. The white tableware matches the choice of floor with black details.

9. a single tap as a mixer

In this design, the bidet has a single faucet as a mixer. In common models, you will find more than one faucet for cold and hot water control.

10. straight lines

Both the toilet and the bidet have straighter shapes, bringing modernity to this shower room.

11. large bathroom

In this example, the large bathroom allowed the installation of the bidet separate from the toilet and a beautiful marble bathtub.

The choice of white tableware is always a good option to not steal the charm of other elements of the decoration. In this case, the bidet is also separate from the toilet.

13. bidet and basin with box

Besides the option of a toilet with a suspended seat next to the bidet, you can also choose a model with a close coupled box. In this example, the composition in white and the flowers made the environment more clean and simple.

14. focus on decoration

In this project, the choice of the white bidet and toilet gave the designer more freedom to add a stronger color to the decor.

15. small space

Even in a small space, it was possible to install a bidet next to the toilet. Note that it is positioned very close to the sink, but it does not hinder its use.

16. bidet and shower

In the example, the bidet was chosen to be separate from the toilet, however, the toilet shower was also installed.

17. brown bathroom and white tableware

This beautiful bathroom with an all brown finish gained contrast with the choice of the white bidet and toilet.

18. modern design

You can bring a more modern look to your bathroom by choosing differently shaped ceramics. In this case, the bidet and toilet are more square.

19. vary the choice of metals

You can choose a bidet with a different metal. In this case, the shape of the taps is more minimalist.

20. elegant design and color

These beautiful models have an oval shape and a smooth surface, and the choice of matte black to make the bathroom more elegant.

21. black tableware and gold plated metal

In the previous example we showed an elegant option of a black vase and bidet.

22. romantic bathroom

In this bathroom with bidet and white toilet, the focus was on the different, romantic mirrors and the beautiful wooden dressing table.

23. white bidet and blue walls

Beautiful blue cladding in this bathroom. To contrast with the vibrant tone, white tableware was chosen.

24. same color floor and dishes

This project is full of exquisite details: wooden ofuro, sink with modern design and black coating, matching the dishes.

25. granite bathroom

This project includes a white toilet and bidet in a beautiful bathroom finished in granite.

26. uncluttered bathroom

If you want to add an irreverent and uncluttered touch to the bathroom, you can follow this inspiration. White dishes in contrast to the dark walls and a beautiful appliqué on the wall.

27. white with gold

The bathroom doesn't need to be full of details to be elegant. In this example with a white bidet, the space gained charm with gold points on the walls.

28. simple bathroom

Even when the bathroom is simple, it is possible to choose pieces that bring charm to the environment. In this case, the bidet is white, but has a more modern design.

The understated crockery does not take away from this beautiful sink made from teak wood, a material that has irregular stripes of different shades.

30. relaxing bathroom

This can be a nice example for those looking for a relaxing environment, without necessarily having to use light colors in the decoration.

31. colors in decoration

This is a project full of life and color, from the decorations on the wall, to the choice of curtains. To balance the composition, black tableware was chosen.

32. suspended bidet and vase

To make the environment lighter, you can opt for suspended bidets and toilets, that is, they are installed on the wall, but not supported on the floor.

33. bidet and accessibility

In this project, all the care was taken to adapt the room so that the elderly could use it safely. The bidet is a great option for people with reduced mobility and unable to take a shower frequently, to clean themselves.

34. blue Bidet

You can innovate in the choice of color for your bidet and toilet! In this project, we opted for a lot of color in every detail, including the choice of blue ceramics.

35. minimalist bathroom

The bidet and toilet have a modern, minimalist design, also matching the tall, one-piece sink.

36. dark metals

If you don't have much freedom to choose the color of the dishes, opt for changing the color of the metals. In this case, the choice was for black.

37 Bidet with lid

Just like the toilet, you can opt for a bidet with a lid! In this case, the model of these two dishes is quite similar.

Get inspired by one of these bidet options and take a look at more than 100 pictures of tastefully and stylishly decorated bathrooms.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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