40 black room models creatively decorated

40 black room models creatively decorated
Robert Rivera

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At first, using black in decorating seems a risky choice. For many people decorating with this color is synonymous with a gothic and dark environment, but if we pay attention it is possible to realize that black has a high dose of sophistication, sobriety, and elegance that does not easily appear in other shades.

The color black is also very versatile, that is, it can be used to create different kinds of environments, and can compose relaxed and cheerful rooms, modern and contemporary rooms, and also classic and serene rooms.

"We should think of black as a chalkboard that needs to be drawn," says interior designer Daiane Antinolfi, "the decorative objects, complementary colors and lighting will be the drawings."

Black can be used as the main factor in the decoration of the room, being present in the walls and furniture, for example, or it can appear only in the details, drawing attention and highlighting certain points in the room.

10 tips to get a black bedroom decor right

It is necessary to be careful when decorating a black bedroom, avoiding the feeling of darkness in the environment. In addition, it is also necessary to know which elements can bring the desired personality to the room. Check, then, 10 tips from professionals that will help you when decorating black bedrooms.

1. have black as the common thread of the project

By defining the presence of black in the environment, it becomes the focus of the project. It is from this that every detail of the room's decoration will be chosen.

The architects from the NOP Arquitetura office, Philippe Nunes, Lívia Ornellas, and Patrícia Pfeil agree that, when chosen, black should be responsible for guiding the decisions about the room's decoration.

"The decision to use black in the decoration must be made at the very beginning of the project. This way, it becomes the conductor of the project and other choices will be made based on it", Ornellas points out.

2. evaluate the size of the space

Before starting to decorate, it is necessary to know the space well, so always evaluate the size of the room. From this, it is possible to define where black will be present and where each object can be positioned.

"First we evaluate the size of the room, and from there we choose how this black can happen, whether it will be in the base (wall, floor and ceiling) or in details and furniture," says Philippe Nunes.

3. define the uses of the room

When decorating an environment, we always need to know what its uses and objectives will be, so that we can meet the needs of the space. When that environment is a black and dark room, this becomes even more important, since care must be taken to meet all the needs through decoration.

"If it is a place for studying or reading, I reserve space for this task, where the lighting needs to be greater, and I mix the color palette to brighten this part of the room. If it is only for resting and movies, the dark is freer," suggests interior designer Daiane Antinolfi.

4. explore the lighting

Lighting is always a very important and decisive factor when it comes to decorating an environment, and this is amplified when the environment in question is a black room. Lighting needs to be taken advantage of, needs to find space, and needs to be present, without overstepping the limits of the decoration.

"In a black room, you can't miss a very bold lighting project, revealing the interesting points of the environment," points out Daiane Antinolfi.

5. choose the complementary colors

Interior designer Daiane Antinolfi says there are two basic ways to use color, regardless of the context: "tone on tone or opposite colors, and the choice between one way or the other depends on each client's style."

When decorating a black bedroom, we can think in tone on tone and use a palette that goes from black to white, passing through various shades of gray. Or we can also simply carry out a black and white decoration, creating a modern and stripped down environment.

The other possibility is to choose a color opposite to black to incorporate into the decor. Colors such as yellow, red, and pink are great options.

6. use contemporary elements

A black bedroom is a bold choice that reflects personality, so decorating with contemporary and original elements is a good way to go when setting up the room.

Create a modern, uncluttered space by using different mirrors, lampshades, and wallpapers, for example.

7. enlarge the space with mirrors

"The black room still struggles with the prejudice of the idea that the space will feel smaller than it actually is, but I prefer to believe that it will be an elegant and sophisticated room if black is used sensibly," says architect Lívia Ornellas. Still, if you believe that the room needs to be slightly enlarged, mirrors are objects that can help.

Daiane Antinolfi says that "in decoration mirrors are very welcome, because they amplify the environment and still collaborate with sophistication."

8. how to bring elegance and sophistication to the room

In addition to mirrors, other objects can be used to bring elegance and sophistication to a black room, such as chandeliers, curtains, pictures, and frames, for example.

In the same way, the colors of the decoration also define the personality of the room: "To bring elegance, I prefer to use neutral color palettes together with black, such as nude, gray, fendi and brown", says Antinolfi

Another option is to compose with wood: "Combining black and wood is a guarantee of success", guarantees Patrícia Pfeil.

9. how to bring relaxation and joy into the room

Nunes, Ornellas, Pfeil, and Artinolfi agreed that two factors are very important to bring relaxation and joy to a black room: the colors and the decorative objects.

The professionals highlight the vibrant shades of yellow, green, blue, and pink as good choices to create a fun room and point out the industrial decoration aspect as a good choice, bringing relaxation through unconventional elements.

10. how to make the room not seem dark

Philippe Nunes reaffirms the importance of lighting in a black room: "The black room must have effective lighting," says the architect. It is the lighting that will prevent the environment from becoming gothic and obscure, so bet on the presence of points of light in the room.

In addition, according to Daiane Artinolfi, one must be careful when using red or purple shades in the decoration, because these colors can bring the idea of Gothic to the room.

40 black rooms to drool over

Check out the following 40 black bedrooms that made use of the tips given above to create harmonious, elegant, fun, and modern environments, using black with common sense and avoiding the feeling of darkness in the room.

1. metallic colors combined with black bring sophistication

Black can be combined with metallic colors, such as copper and aluminum, without losing harmony and cohesion.

2. decorative objects make the room more modern

In a black bedroom, the decorative objects will be responsible for creating the environment in the desired way. Use prominent objects that can compose modern, uncluttered, and elegant spaces.

3. a mix of patterns can make the decoration more carefree without losing elegance

To compose this environment, different prints were combined, creating a harmonic and unadorned mix. However, as the goal was to create a sophisticated environment, this was done without losing class and elegance.

4. mirrors can be used on closet doors

Mirrors help to enlarge the room and can be applied in several ways in the bedroom. They can appear, for example, on the closet doors, as in the room above, giving the feeling that the room has been doubled.

5. a study corner should be close to the window because of the lighting

Whenever a study corner is created in the bedroom, the guideline is to position it near the windows because of the lighting. This tip is even more important when the room in question is black and often dark.

6. small plants can also appear in the decoration

You can use small plants to decorate the room, hanging on the wall or in pots, for example. Also, even if black is used on the walls of the room, it can only be a point of emphasis and not the main factor in the room. White can be used in most of the decoration, bringing lightness to the room.

7. note the light points in this room

Most of the decoration in this room is in dark tones, so the lighting needs to appear and find its place in the room. Lighting points on the ceiling and above the headboard were used to make this possible.

8. a balcony can solve your lighting problems

Another option for solving lighting problems is the presence of windows or balconies. This room has a large, well-lit balcony that contributes to the lightness of the room.

9. filling the decoration with white contributes to a lighter room

When the intention is to create a light and serene environment within black, abuse of white in the decoration. This color can be present in the bedding, curtains, and decorative objects such as pictures, lamps, and books.

10. wooden furniture can break up black in a positive way

Wood is a good choice to compose black bedrooms. It can appear on the floor or on the furniture, for example. This element brings rustic and stripped aspects to the room, besides coming in harmony with black.

11. the map drawn on this wall was illuminated and became the focal point

This room has walls, furniture and decoration in shades of black. The color is the most important factor in the decoration, but the world map drawn on the wall has become the highlight of the room.

12. black can appear only in furniture and decoration

Black can appear in specific parts of the room while harmonizing with the other colors and textures present in the room, creating a contemporary and modern environment by decorating with casual objects.

13. when all the walls of the room are black, use other colors in the decoration

It is possible to bring in contrasting elements even if most of the decor in the room is in shades of black. Combine other colors in the bedding, in the picture frames hanging on the wall, and in the lampshades, for example.

14. red and pink are great opposing colors to use

Strong colors such as pink and red can be used to break up the black and white. These colors should be used in details and decorative objects to create focal points in the room.

15. this room uses tone on tone decoration very well

The decoration of this room plays with the idea of tone on tone in a light and harmonic way.

16. the black wall can be made into a chalkboard

Black walls can be painted with enamel paint or covered with contact paper to create a blackboard wall.

17. black, white and red were combined in harmony in this room

In the room above, red was used again to break the tone on tone caused by the black and white tones. This color appears in the pillows and vases, but can appear in different decorative objects.

18. colorful prints can also appear in the decoration

The bedding used in this bedroom has a colorful and fun print that matches both the black of the bedroom walls and the white of the furniture, without creating an environment with too much disconnected information.

19. the presence of wood makes the environment more unassuming

The object of this decoration was to create a modern environment and this was possible thanks to the details. The wooden pictures hanging on the wall brought a rustic and stripped look to the environment.

20. gray is the highlight color in this room

You can use different shades of the black color palette to compose the room. In this environment, the decoration abuses of gray tones combining them with black and white objects.

21. a black and white bedroom is a modern and very current request

It is not wrong to bet only on black and white to decorate the bedroom. This combination has been widely used to compose various types of environments because it is elegant, classic, and modern at the same time.

22. patterned wallpapers can make a big difference in the bedroom

A floral print wallpaper balances the striking presence of black in the room. The color of the flowers in the print also matches the curtain and the carpet, bringing lightness to the room.

23 This room has five points with mirrors to enlarge the environment

Mirrors really make a room feel larger and this room knew how to use this object very well. The mirrors appear in five different places in the room: covering the two bedside tables and hanging in three places on the wall.

24. little Christmas lights can be present in the room as a point of illumination

Lighting spots can be created without spending a lot. Reuse the little Christmas lights that are stored away for most of the year to decorate your black room, making it bright and fun.

25. a striped wallpaper can combine two different shades of black

A striped wallpaper with two shades of black was used to create a stripped atmosphere. In addition, different decorative objects were chosen for the same purpose. The mirror on the closet doors helps to enlarge the room.

26. a mirror wall can also be used to enlarge the room

Another way to use mirrors to enlarge the room is to create a mirrored wall that will reflect the room, as in the room above. Don't forget to also create good lighting with points of light to compose the room.

27. purple and lilac tones can be used without creating a gothic atmosphere

Interior designer Daiane Antinolfi warned that purple can create a dark, gothic atmosphere, depending on how it is used. But this room shows that it is possible to use this color in a light and harmonious way.

28. different black and white prints were combined in this room

A mix of prints was created in the decoration of this room, mixing different combinations and designs in black and white. The choice was risky, but managed to compose a cohesive environment without exaggeration.

29. a strong point of illumination was created in the ceiling of this room

Never forget to work on the lighting in a black room. Light is a factor that deserves attention and emphasis. In this environment, a strong point of illumination was created on the ceiling, and besides it, the pendants and the balcony help to create a well-lit environment.

30. chandeliers and pendants create a sophisticated environment

If the intention is to create an elegant and sophisticated environment, you can make use of classic chandeliers and pendants to compose the decoration. These elements can be combined with light and light colors.

31. patterns can also appear on pillows and headboards

The same pattern was used to cover the pillows and the headboard in this room. The metallic nude of the pattern matches the colors of the lampshade and the bedside table, and contrasts with the black of the walls and the bedding.

32. the same pattern was used in different ways on the bedding and curtains in this room

To decorate this room, the same pattern was used to create a harmonious feeling without exaggeration. The pattern appears on the sheets, pillows, and curtains, playing with the tone on tone of black and white.

33- A brick wall, even if it is black, can bring a modern and uncluttered look to the room

Black can appear on the bedroom wall in different ways, using textures, for example. In the image above, a black brick wall was used to compose a modern, uncluttered bedroom.

34. black and white stripes may appear on bedding

Black and white stripes can appear in a casual and modern way on the bedding to decorate a black bedroom. A blackboard wall further contributes to the casualness of the room.

35. lampshades are great lighting spots for the bedroom

Use lamps and lampshades to create strong points of light in the room. Besides helping with the lighting, there are different models of these objects that can help compose the room, regardless of which line will be used for the decoration.

36. different colors and prints created a cool environment in this room

This room has distinctive elements with a lot of personality. Different colors, prints, and objects were combined effectively and harmoniously to create an original and contemporary room.

37. combining black and yellow is a guarantee of a fun and cheerful environment

Yellow is a wild color to combine with black, as it can create both feminine and masculine environments. Woody objects can also be added to the composition.

38. red can break the gloom of the room

This room has black walls, black furniture and decorative objects also in shades of black, but some elements break this color and avoid darkness in the room.

The owner of the room must decide which aspect he or she wants to prioritize in the room. With this decision made, it is necessary to define which colors and objects can be combined with black to get the decoration right and create a stylish and well-used black room. And to get the compositions right, see colors that go with black.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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