40 ideas to expand your space with double-height ceilings

40 ideas to expand your space with double-height ceilings
Robert Rivera

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The double-height ceiling is an architectural resource often used to bring amplitude and leave the environment with greater access to natural lighting and ventilation. In addition, it is a good alternative to explore the vertical decoration, with stairs, coverings, chandeliers or bookshelves. See projects that take advantage of the high height, enhance the magnitude of the space and value the residence.

What is double-height

The ceiling height is the free distance between the floor and the ceiling of a room. Usually, in Brazilian houses, this measurement is between 2.50 and 2.70 meters.

Advantages and disadvantages of double-height ceilings

Double-height ceilings can be a differential for your property. However, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons before deciding if this is really the best option for your project. Check it out below!

Advantages of double-height ceilings

  • Greater amplitude to the environment;
  • Possibility of large openings;
  • Greater access to natural lighting;
  • Greater thermal comfort on hot days;
  • Visual Imponence.

Disadvantages of double-height ceilings

  • Higher walls generate a greater expense with materials;
  • Difficult to maintain and clean tall windows;
  • Need for skilled labor for design and execution;
  • Greater difficulty of acoustic shielding;
  • Feeling of a colder environment during the winter.

If you still have doubts about whether it is worth investing in this resource, talk to your architect or engineer. There are several solutions that can help expand the space in a simple, elegant, and creative way.

40 pictures of double-height ceilings that will elevate your project

No matter the size of your residence, the double-height ceiling transforms the feeling of space and brings several decoration options. See projects and admire great possibilities:

1. double-height brings several possibilities for your project

2. you can enhance the decorated wall

3. use different coatings and textures

4. or use the vertical space for a large bookcase

The double-height ceiling allows large windows to be installed

6. which brings more natural light into the environment

7. a feature that enhances elegance

8. and also matches modern spaces

9. a differentiated chandelier can be the protagonist

10. double-height ceilings are often used in rooms

11. and leaves the composition of the space with more amplitude

12. you can even bet on a wall with a large mirror

13. you can highlight the structure of a ladder

14. or highlight the shape of a fireplace

15. make your dream of having a library at home come true

16. the ceiling can also be made in apartments or small houses

17. the visual effect is amazing

18. a great option for those who appreciate integrated environments

19. or you want a greater connection of the house to the outside

20. the double-height can be in all the social area

21. but, if you prefer, you can use it in only one environment

22. even on the balcony

23. a great option for those who want more storage space

24. and has the desire to have a large room at home

25. curtains will bring more lightness

26. wood creates a cozy air

27. a 3D-coated wall looks enchanting

28. neutral colors can be used very well

29. a clean decoration looks amazing

30. bet on the charm and elegance of glass for openings

31. the great outward look will be an attraction

32. if necessary, install blinds to control sunlight

33. give preference to motorized ones, for easier opening

Decorative stones are a good option for large walls

36. hanging plants are great for high places

37. double-height can create a connection to the whole house

38. and stand out with vertical elements

39. a luxurious differential for your home

40. that will transform your relationship with architecture

Much more than just a high height, the ceiling height brings several advantages to the residents of a residence and adds value to the building. To optimize the space in your home, see also how to make a mezzanine.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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