50 bed inspirations without headboard for you to adopt this trend now

50 bed inspirations without headboard for you to adopt this trend now
Robert Rivera

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Despite being present since ancient times, the headboard is increasingly becoming an optional item in the decoration of a bedroom. With the role of framing the bed and providing a backrest for its occupant, it has been replaced with a lot of creativity.

With the most varied possibilities, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild and add more personality to the room by using decoration resources such as wallpaper and personalized stickers, or even pillows of different sizes to ensure comfort and beauty in the bedroom.

The composition can be even more interesting if unconventional materials are used in place of the headboard, such as pictures and lights, or to make the room even brighter by placing the bed under a window. There are plenty of options, all you have to do is identify which one suits you best. Check out the following selection of beautiful environments with a bed without a headboard and get inspired:

1. how about a differentiated painting?

In order to make the visual even more interesting, the wall received two different shades of paint, with the darker one taking on a geometric shape to help delimit the bed's space.

2. the shutter acts as a headboard

As the bed was positioned in a space of reduced measures, the shutter painted in orange becomes a headboard, extending from floor to ceiling and giving a beautiful contrast to the shades of gray used on the side walls.

3. light tones dividing the wall

This painting technique is a good option for those who like the look promoted by the headboard, since the two-tone horizontally split wall, which simulates exactly the effect caused by the item.

4. comfortable cushions and a small bookcase

Since the bed takes up all the space on the side wall, there would be no room left for a headboard, so comfy pillows occupy one end of the piece of furniture, while the other end receives a shelf to accommodate favorite books.

5. a stylish composition

Ideal for those who are not afraid to dare and like a lot of visual information, this suggestion adds personality to the environment by betting on a composition of pictures with varied sizes, shapes, and colors.

6. for lovers of minimalism

A nice way of saying that no item is needed to replace the traditional headboard, and that the headboard can simply not be used in the decoration of the bedroom, without the room losing style or beauty.

7. pillows and stuffed animals

The model of this bed, by itself, is already surprising. Lower than normal, the mattress is positioned on a custom-made piece of furniture, covering the entire side wall of the room. For greater comfort, cushions and stuffed animals also help in the decoration.

8. differentiated design and white wall

With an unusual look, this bed relies on large steel cables to keep its structure suspended. Since this detail draws attention, the headboard was dispensed with, relying on a white wall to balance the look.

9. bed for the teenager

A good way to make better use of the space in the room and make the single bed also serve as a sofa is to place it on the side of the wall. To ensure the comfort of a backrest, pillows fulfill this role well.

10. total white look

In a room of reduced measures, nothing better than betting on white walls and natural lighting to ensure the feeling of a larger environment. The bedside table in the same material as the bed structure brings the impression of continuity.

11. bet on a vibrant wallpaper

As the bedroom belongs to a young woman and her bed is surrounded by planned furniture, there is nothing better than to bet on a wallpaper with stripes in vibrant colors to make the bed even more prominent and stylish.

12. a room full of personality and style

With the wall of the headboard painted in blackboard paint, the traditional item was replaced by hand-made drawings, reproducing the personal tastes of the resident. The advantage of this type of painting is that the art can be renewed whenever desired.

13. a light-colored wallpaper is also beautiful

With the bed being used as a sofa, the pillows are positioned all the way around, acting as a backrest. In the area adjacent to the bed, striped wallpaper in shades of beige.

14. personalized furniture for the owners of the room

As this room has more than one occupant, it was necessary to create a piece of furniture with custom cabinetry to join two single beds and make the most of the available space.

15. small paintings also have a place

With the intention of not leaving the wall in bank, but without abusing colors or very large objects, this decoration bets on a composition with small pictures and a beautiful decorative balloon.

16. not much detail, just comfort

In a bedroom where comfort and tranquility are words of law, there is nothing better than letting go of the superfluous, eliminating excesses and focusing only on the most important item in the environment: the bed.

17. perfectly aligned boards

Positioned immediately above the bed, on a completely white wall, these small paintings with light colors and a discreet look bring joy to the environment, occupying the space reserved for the headboard.

18. pass on your message

A good option is to use phrases to decorate the space reserved for the headboard, such as a sign, wall stickers, or hanging letters, which will certainly bring more personality to the bedroom.

19. bet on paintings that talk to each other

Seeking greater harmony in the environment, although there is a variation in colors and strokes, the theme was maintained, which ensures a more harmonious look despite the varied shapes and sizes.

20. make use of comfortable pillows

As the headboard has the function of a backrest and thermal insulation in colder climates, it is necessary to use resources to replace it, such as comfortable pillows.

21. a white wall and a window

With the bed positioned on the side of the wall that has no details, only the clear paint is seen throughout the room. The window ensures that the green of nature invades the room, bringing more charm to the bedroom.

22. with the window bringing grace to the environment

Positioned slightly to the right of the bed, the window ensures communication from the inside to the outside environment, allowing the sunlight to make the room even more charming and illuminated.

23. above the bed, only the air conditioner

For a room with large windows and a view as amazing as this one, there is no need for many decorative items. Trying to highlight the nature outside, the few pieces of furniture do not have many details.

24. how about playing with the concept?

Seeking to play with the concept of headboard and ensure a relaxed, yet discreet look to the room, it is valid to bet on wall stickers that simulate the effect caused by the use of the furniture.

25. light tones for peace of mind

Abusing light blue and gray tones, this room also has an industrial feel, with exposed metal pipes and a floor that simulates burnt cement. To balance the look, a white wall next to the bed.

26. differentiated and charming environment

This room has a cathedral ceiling, giving it more personality. The bed was positioned next to a brick wall painted white, and a beautiful window was positioned just above it.

27. bunk bed with personality look

In an environment with unusual design, this bunk bed also has a white painted metal structure and safety nets, not allowing space for a headboard.

28. a wall with few details

Since the rest of the room has a lot of visual information due to the many shelves and books, the wall where the bed is placed has no details, so as not to overload the room's look.

29. only one different color

To give greater prominence to the corner reserved for the bed, the wall where it is leaning against was painted in a dark blue tone, ideal to contrast with the other white walls.

30. a vase to brighten up the environment

Reproducing the previous example, here the wall of the bed is painted dark gray, while the side walls are painted white.

31. rustic look bedroom with reused wood

Following the sea travel theme, this room has furniture made from reused wood, simulating the ship's cargo. Above the bed, a discreet picture adorns the headboard.

32. ground floor bed and unfurnished room

Innovating when it comes to decorating and simulating an improvisation, this room has a ground floor bed, with a concrete block acting as a bedside table. To further highlight the bed, a rustic brick wall.

33. lowered ceiling and sober tones

Because the ceiling in this room is low, the space between the bed and the ceiling is small, and is filled by a large painting and the air conditioner. To make the bed stand out more, the wall is given a vibrant shade of blue.

34. highlight for the open closet

As the side shelves act as a closet, seeking to balance the environment and not overload the visual, here the headboard receives a large painting, but with light tones and little information.

35. playing with contrasts

While this room opens on both sides, being flooded by nature and using wood in abundance, the wall of the bed has a finish that imitates burnt cement, playing with contrasts.

36. industrial style without excesses

Using industrial decoration trends such as cement bricks, wood, and exposed metal pipes, this room uses a white wall with no details to accommodate the bed.

37. three pictures to decorate

This composition with three pictures using the same frame and painting style is ideal for those who do not want to simply leave the wall blank. It is even possible to vary sizes or positions of the item, resulting in a totally new look.

38. a room without many details

Featuring a beverage cart in the hallway leading to the bedroom, this room relies on furniture and light tones to ensure tranquility and comfort. Here the bed wall receives no decorative items.

39. playing with sizes and positions

Ideal for those who want to get away from traditional picture compositions that excel in symmetry and theme, this is a fine example of how going outside the standard can also result in an interesting look.

40. with details only on the sides

Although there are no items above the bed, the resting space is delimited with the help of the bedside tables, the pendant lamps, and the small pictures hanging immediately above them, adding charm to the environment.

41. pillows of all sizes

Without having anything fixed above the bed, but relying on decorative furniture on the sides, to make the lack of headboard more comfortable, pillows of different colors, sizes and styles were added on the bed.

42. with furniture in shades of white

Above the bed, a beautiful photo is framed and fixed to a wall painted in a striking tone. Its frame is in the same tone as the furniture used in the rest of the room, providing harmony and a sense of unity.

43. without headboard, but with panel

Here, instead of using a headboard, the entire wall received a wooden panel, framing the window and providing plenty of space for the nightstands and beautiful side shelves.

44. just leaning against the wall

As the wall where the bed is located and the side wall have a worked finish, it is not necessary to use a headboard to decorate the room. Besides this factor, the large windows allow the greenery to invade the bedroom, bringing more charm and beauty to the space.

45. brick wall: a favorite

Since this style of exposed brick wall has style to spare, any other element becomes disposable when decorating the room. The white furniture helps the wall stand out even more.

46. an oasis of relaxation

With the design of the environment all focused on facilitating moments of relaxation and tranquility, despite having a canopy, this bed has a window to frame its space and replace the headboard.

47. memories and pillows

To enhance the decoration of this room, two pictures with black and white photographs of the family members were hung above the bed, making the decoration even more personal.

48. prints and soft tones

For the wall of the bed, a beautiful wallpaper printed in white and blue gives more prominence to the corner. The rest of the environment plays with varying shades of blue, providing a greater sense of tranquility to the room.

49. differentiated finishing

Here, instead of a headboard, the wall received a panel of horizontal wooden beams painted white, delimiting the bed space along with the bedside tables.

Despite its role in the decoration and functionality of the bedroom, more and more headboards are being replaced or eliminated, by using creative and stylish ways to highlight the space reserved for the bed. Choose your favorite option and change the look of your bedroom! And the best part: without spending almost anything! And to customize your space, see wall ideasgeometric.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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