50 colorful kitchens to escape the traditional with style

50 colorful kitchens to escape the traditional with style
Robert Rivera

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If once the kitchen was known as a white room with only light and neutral tones, today the environment is part of the whole house and has become one of the most important when designing the home decoration, after all there is nothing better than cooking and eating with the family in a kitchen decorated with stimulating and pleasant colors.

When designing a colorful kitchen, it is fundamental that you have one main color in mind, and only then think of other tones and combinations, to avoid the environment becoming polluted and with too much information. In these cases, white is always a good alternative for the walls and floors, as it guarantees that incredible feeling of a clean and clean environment.

The chosen color can be applied in the most varied ways, such as on cabinets, drawers, tabletops, tables, chairs, chandeliers, tiles, tessellations, or even on kitchen utensils or decorative objects, which, besides being excellent for bringing color and life to the environment, can also be replaced by new ones over time and renew the kitchen with other color options.

Below we have listed 50 options of super charming colorful kitchens for you to get inspired! Check them out!

1. color and joy in the orange kitchen

The color composition of this kitchen is super nice and brings a lot of life to the environment, because besides the orange cabinets that match perfectly with the wall tiles, it also has decorative and colorful plates that make the light wood wall even more charming.

2. cozy wine details

The color was used in the upper and lower cabinets, and in the floor cabinet that supports the countertop, which has delicate shelves with decorative objects.

3. integrated blue kitchen

This light blue is a very delicate color and undoubtedly made this integrated kitchen with white walls much more charming.

4. perfect combination of white with orange

This kitchen contrasts the traditional white with the cheerful and eye-catching orange, present in the chairs, cabinets, walls, and pans, and is also the color responsible for bringing life to the environment.

5. passionate pink details

What could be more charming and delightful than this pink countertop? What's more, the sink countertop and the kitchen wall follow the same color style. It's a feminine and very bold decoration!

6. compact and functional kitchen

For this kitchen integrated with the service area, the combination chosen was the traditional blue and white, which are light, clear colors that leave the environment with a good clean feeling. The delicate tiles help to complement the room.

7. cheerful kitchen with different colors

This is another kitchen that makes a good mix of cheerful colors, such as yellow and blue, with white walls and countertops and colored tiles following the same tones.

8. elegant and modern environment

What could be a more elegant, luxurious, sophisticated, and modern environment than this one? They are pendants, countertops, and walls in a beautiful reddish tone, which combined with black and white details are even more charming.

9. blue tones that lift the kitchen's mood

This is a simple kitchen that combines two amazing shades of blue, a darker one for the walls and a lighter one for the cabinets.

10. green and cheerful cabinets

This is a super modern and cheerful contemporary kitchen, since it was designed with bright colors such as light green (present in all the cabinets) and yellow, which appears in the white wall detail.

11. kitchen with predominant red

This kitchen is an elegant contrast of red and white, with the strawberry panel, the countertop, and the large red dining table, as well as the round white pendant that makes the space more modern.

12. blue and pink kitchen loft

For the kitchen of this loft, a slightly bolder color combination was chosen: pink pink and dark blue, which together were super pretty and left the room with a younger face.

13. colorful objects and furniture

To bring a more cheerful and relaxed look to the white kitchen, the option was to bet on yellow cabinets and red chairs, which despite being simple, help to give more life to the room.

14. sophisticated and elegant kitchen

The color of this sophisticated and entirely green kitchen is on account of the mirrored cabinet, which in itself already guarantees much more charm around it.

15. kitchen with yellow cabinet

Besides the yellow cabinet that brings color to the black countertop and the tiles that complement the wall decoration, the environment has super cool items like the blackboard to write messages and the two very charming lamps.

16. perfect combination of white, blue and yellow

The design of this kitchen plays a lot with the tiles and colors, where blue and white stand out in the tile of the table and the porcelain tile of the wall, and yellow catches the eye in the cabinets and upper shelves.

17. comfortable kitchen with a rustic touch

The wooden table and chairs are very simple, and the special touch is not only the orange refrigerator and upper cabinets, but also the gray sink countertop and the wall covered with blackboard, perfect for writing messages or the menu of the day.

18. custom tiles and yellow cabinets

This room makes a good mix of neutral tones with bright colors, since it combines the white of the walls with the wooden table and chairs, and the yellow cabinets with custom tiles below. Colorful in the right measure!

19. kitchen with a discreet coloring

This kitchen is proof that color doesn't have to be bold to be perfect.

20. different shades of pink

Super delicate and feminine, this kitchen combines different shades of pink, from the lightest to pink, and also bets on tiles designed in black and white, so as not to mix too many colors and leave a polluted environment.

21. blue cabinets and yellow benches that make a difference

This is a loft kitchen with blue gradient cabinets, a pine wood table and a burnt cement island (both in neutral colors), and super simple and charming yellow stools.

To bring color to a simple kitchen, the best alternative is to bet on vibrant shades, such as orange, which makes the cabinets stand out and contribute to a much more beautiful and cheerful environment.

23. blue countertop, cabinets and objects

With predominance of the colors white and gray, which appear in the table, chairs, pendants, and walls, this project opted for the color navy blue for the cabinets, sink countertop, counter and kitchen items, such as the fruit bowl and pots.

24. colorful and fun details

Best kitchen option for those who love colorful environments, since the counter design has shades of blue, pink, green, gray, orange, white, and yellow. The stools follow the same tone and the decorative plaques on the walls also help to make the room more fun.

25. clean kitchen with gold highlights

This modern and elegant kitchen is super clean and combines the color white with gold highlights, present in the upper cabinets, door and walls. Simple and chic!

26. marsala woodwork and general details

Although much of this kitchen has neutral tones such as black, silver and gray, it is possible to notice many details in marsala, a sober tone that can make any room softer and more beautiful.

27. romantic kitchen full of personality

With a more rustic touch, this kitchen is very romantic and combines the white color (in the lower cabinets) and wood (in the sink countertop) with the beautiful aqua green, present in the upper cabinets, in the plant vase and in the refrigerator. The other vase with yellow flowers and the comics on the wall help to complement the beautiful decoration.

28. navy blue predominant throughout the kitchen

For fans of the color navy blue, here it predominates in practically the entire kitchen, from the upper and lower cabinets. To give a break, the sink countertop was designed in a white color, which also helps to bring more life to the environment.

29. neutral kitchen with shades of gray and blue

For those who prefer more neutral and muted colors, here we find only shades of gray and blue, which, despite being very discreet, make the kitchen a pleasant and relaxing environment.

30. salmon color that brings life to black walls

The salmon color present in all cabinets (top and bottom), drawers and shelves is the highlight of this kitchen and brings more life to the black and white walls.

31. sophisticated kitchen with red and white countertops

This is a totally clean kitchen with a predominance of white, present in the cabinets, table, sink countertop and walls, but the sophistication of the room is on account of the red color found in the stove countertop, chair and decorative items.

32. clean kitchen with yellow items

This pantry has a daring touch, as the yellow modifies the Saarinen table, giving personality to the classic piece of design. The color can also be found in the super modern pendant and in kitchen items present on the countertop, such as the blender.

33. charming and feminine kitchen with touches of lilac

This is a very delicate and charming kitchen, perfect for girls who like different shades of purple. Here, lilac is used in the upper and lower cabinets, and can also be found in decorative items, such as this recipe book.

34. yellow cabinets that contrast with the black countertop

To contrast with the sink countertop, lower cabinets and drawers completely black, the project bet on the color yellow for the upper cabinets. It is a happy, vibrant and very beautiful tone!

The red stools guarantee the charm of the environment

The kitchen design itself does not feature many colors, since neutral tones such as wood, black, white and silver predominate, but the special touch is the red stools and kitchen items, such as pans and pots.

36. modern kitchen with color in the right measure

Another great suggestion of how to bring life to an "all black" environment with the color orange, which here is present in the lower cabinets and drawers. The kitchen becomes elegant and colorful in the right measure!

37. blue cabinets with retro style

Following a more retro and rustic style, this kitchen combines blue cabinets and drawers with white brick walls and wood details. It is a simple but very charming project!

38. cheerful, compact and functional kitchen

How about dark green to bring color to the lower cabinets and drawers in your kitchen? Besides being a beautiful color that guarantees a feeling of lightness and peace, it matches perfectly with wooden details and other neutral tones, such as black and white.

39. gourmet kitchen with reddish stools

This beautiful and modern gourmet kitchen predominates in the colors black, gray, and silver, but its highlight goes to the reddish stools and decorative items present on the shelves and countertop.

40. blue tones and geometric coverings

This beautiful kitchen has geometric tiles that combine black, gray, blue, and white, and the same shade of blue for the drawers, oven, and microwave, while the rest of the room is predominantly white, present in the cabinets, ceiling, pendant, and chairs.

41. orange and rustic kitchen

This kitchen is a nice mix of rustic and modern, combining the retro refrigerator and the orange upper cabinets with a charming brick wall and simple wooden table. It also has gray cabinets, a black wall and white chairs, neutral colors that go well together.

42. simple and discreet blue detail

For a small kitchen with a predominance of light tones, nothing is better than betting on just one color, which is simple and discreet. In this project, blue was used, which brought more life to the lower drawers of the sink countertop.

43. off-white kitchen with red countertop

This is a totally white and clean kitchen, with red only in some details, such as the sink countertop and its underside, and also in the printed fabric of the chairs. It's a great way not to make the environment tiresome and heavy!

44. integrated dining room and kitchen

Here you can see an integrated dining room and kitchen, predominantly in black, white, blue, and gray, present in the cabinets, walls, and refrigerators. The table is made of wood and contrasts perfectly with the blue stools, which guarantee the charm of the environment.

45. gray environment with a touch of yellow

This project bets on the same gray wall and ceiling covering and also makes a good mix of black and yellow colors, found in the cabinets, stools, and countertops.

46. modern customized yellow kitchen

The color yellow was chosen to bring all the charm to this modern and customized kitchen, highlighting the embossed wall that works as a panel for the TV.

47. colorful kitchen integrated with the service area

This is a kitchen integrated to the service area that is very charming due to the colorful tiles with different designs on the wall, while the rest of the room is predominantly white, to ensure that the environment is nice and clean.

48. modern and cool kitchen with a touch of orange

This is a super modern and cool kitchen designed with a touch of orange, the use of wood, gray lacquer, and brick walls, giving a super cool look to a young couple who like to dare.

49. super delicate variations of purple with white

This simple kitchen makes a good variation mixing white with purple, both present in all cabinets and drawers, both top and bottom, while the walls have tiles in neutral tones and the floor is entirely white, ensuring a greater sense of cleanliness.

Now we know that it is possible to decorate the kitchen and make it colorful and much more charming with little work. All you have to do is make a good combination of materials, paint, lighting, objects, and utensils so that the environment will gain more life and become one of the most pleasant in your home. And to avoid doubts when harmonizing different shades, see also color combination tips.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera is a seasoned interior designer and home decor expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Born and raised in California, he has always had a passion for design and art, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in interior design from a prestigious design school. With a keen eye for color, texture, and proportion, Robert effortlessly blends different styles and aesthetics to create unique and beautiful living spaces. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest design trends and techniques, and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts to bring life to his clients' homes. As the author of a popular blog on home decor and design, Robert shares his expertise and insights with a large audience of design enthusiasts. His writing is engaging, informative, and easy to follow, making his blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spruce up their living space. Whether you're seeking advice on color schemes, furniture arrangement, or DIY home projects, Robert has the tips and tricks you need to create a stylish, welcoming home.