50 crocheted bathroom rug designs to decorate your environment

50 crocheted bathroom rug designs to decorate your environment
Robert Rivera

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Much more than a decorative item, the crocheted bathroom rug has an important function in this environment: to protect your feet from the cold floor.

If you want to find a piece to decorate your room, check out the best pictures of crocheted bathroom rugs and even step-by-step videos to create your own at home!

1. bicolor round bathroom rug idea

2. heart-shaped rug for a delicate bathroom

3. watermelon style crocheted bathroom mat

4. stripes to decorate a modern bathroom

5. pastel colors in crochet are love at first sight

6. delicate color combination for the crocheted bathroom rug

7. black and white never goes out of style

8. royal blue crocheted bathroom mat

9. little model to be positioned right in front of the sink

10. simple to make crocheted rug pattern

11. baby pink bathroom set

12: A rug with strong colors and fringes, why not?

13. pure elegance in this all-black rug

14. raw string and yellow satin ribbon

15. classic crocheted bathroom mat pattern

16. how about a little butterfly-shaped rug? a delight!

17. lots of color to lift the mood

18. crocheted flower appliqué bathroom mat

19. the classic always enchants

20. step by step to make a crocheted bathroom set

21. a touch of color in the bathroom decor

22. delicate color palette

23 How about making an entire game out of crochet?

24. a star! looks great made with either string or knitted yarn

25. colored buttons, also crocheted, applied to the piece

26. analogous colors for the carpet

27. many colors for the crocheted rug to stand out in the bathroom

White, pink and gray always go together!

29. beauty and functionality in one piece

30. two-color crocheted bathroom mat

31. children's bathrooms can have special mats

32. a cuddly rug

33. teddy bear rug to make your bathroom look amazing

34. rectangular rugs are great for the bathroom

35. how about a personalized Minnie rug?

36. princesses will love this idea

37 - There are even elephant-shaped ones

38. special finishing idea for your knitted rug

39 Delicacy above all

40. do-it-yourself: geometric crocheted bathroom mat

41. innovate in format and combine your favorite colors

42 - The star in the center of the carpet gave the special touch

43. dark tones help to hide any dirt

44. orange crocheted bathroom mat

45. DIY: Crochet flower mat to decorate your bathroom

46 White and beige: a combination that never fails

47. if you are a fan of owls, you will love a rug like this one

48. the delicacy of flowers on a crocheted rug

49. card fans have a personalized mat for them

50 - Your bathroom will look beautiful with a crocheted rug!

The crocheted bathroom rugs are usually made with string, because this material is able to make the rug thicker and more resistant. Those who wish to use finer threads can also - in case they cannot find a string in the desired shade. Another material worth betting on are the knitted threads, the result with them is an elegant and very fluffy rug. WithFor sure, one of them will look beautiful in your home!

If you want to find more inspiration, check out a list of crocheted living room rugs that will make your home even cozier.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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