50 crocheted napkin holders ideas to decorate with a handmade charm

50 crocheted napkin holders ideas to decorate with a handmade charm
Robert Rivera

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The crochet napkin holder is a versatile piece, easy to make and that adds a unique charm to any set table. For some time now, crochet and other handicrafts have been gaining popularity in decoration and have lost the stigma of "granny stuff". If you love crochet, get ready to fall in love with the models we have selected:

50 Crochet Napkin Holder Ideas for an Amazing Set Table

If you like a well laid table, you have to think about the smallest details, and of course a beautiful napkin holder couldn't be missing, right? Check out the inspirations below to create amazing pieces that will make all the difference:

1. one of the most traditional models is the crochet flower

2. a model that looks beautiful in any color

3. for those who prefer something more elegant

4. or even more fun

5. options for crocheted napkin holders

6. combining the piece with a sousplat in the same color looks amazing

7. as well as matching the color of the dishes

8. this napkin holder is of a unique delicacy

Perfect for that June set table!

10. a classic and beautiful combination

11. by the way, applications add a special touch to the piece

12. this is an alternative to a good mood table

13. black and white are always a wild combination

14. a beautiful option for the Easter lunch table

15. or for the Christmas dinner

16. a napkin holder completes the table perfectly

17. and turns any set table into a work of art

18. it is of a passionate simplicity

19. how about several shades of pink for a delicate table?

20. Isn't this piece with the bow a cute one?

21. sunflowers to blossom the day

22. another beautiful option for an Easter table

23. a romantic dinner calls for attention to detail

24: Look at this lovely little set!

25. your guests will fall in love with these napkin holders

26. and you will sigh with this mini Christmas tree

27. surprise everyone with a flowered table

28. or with the delicacy of a crocheted heart

29. this mini rosette is also a cute option

30. strong colors stand out very well with clear tableware

31. and you can also mix different colors

The result is amazing!

33 A napkin holder raises the bar for any set table

34. and makes every composition more elegant

35. from the simplest tables

36. even the thematic ones

37 - And fruit is a very cute decoration

38. they give a playful air to the table

39 But you can also bet on delicate butterflies

40. napkin holders can be used on special dates

41. or to enhance the table on a daily basis

42. because there are many different models

43 - and you are sure to find one that is perfect for the occasion!

44 Here, the touch of glitter made the set even more beautiful

45. how about applying stones to a simple napkin holder?

46 It has a special charm with them!

47. whatever the model chosen

48. these crochet pieces will win your heart

49. and they will have a special place on every table

50. to continue enchanting for many years to come

You can't help but fall in love, can you? So, take the time to learn how to make beautiful napkin holders at home:

How to make crocheted napkin holders: step by step

We have selected amazing tutorials full of tips to make napkin holder production as enjoyable as possible, both for those who are already an expert in crochet and for those who are just starting out:

Simple Crochet Napkin Holders

Ideal for those who are beginning to venture into the world of crochet, this napkin holder is simple, elegant, and with the step-by-step instructions in the video, it will be easy to reproduce at home!

How to make crocheted heart napkin holders

One of the most loved models is also very simple to reproduce. A great option to sell or to decorate that special table, this napkin holder has the step by step explained in this video by Fifi Crocheteira. It's a guaranteed success!

How to make a crochet sousplat and napkin holder set

Nothing like a cute little set for your dinner table, right? Take advantage of this tutorial from Diane Gonçalves to learn how to make this amazing crochet sousplat and napkin holder duo.

Tutorial for crocheted napkin holders with applications

The napkin holder is a classic, but why not give it a special touch with applications? In this tutorial, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to create amazing pieces that will certainly draw compliments from your guests.

Crocheted Adam's Ribbon Napkin Holder

The Adam's Rib is a success both in landscaping as well as in decorating environments. Take this trend to the table as well! In this video, you learn a super-different technique to produce stylish pieces.

If you like crafts and work like these, check out these crocheted cachepot ideas to decorate your home.

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