50 ideas for decorating with chita fabric to color your home

50 ideas for decorating with chita fabric to color your home
Robert Rivera

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Cheap, versatile, colorful and rich in prints, chita is a cotton fabric that is very easy to find. Although it is not high quality, chita fabric has "a thousand and one uses". A staple in June parties, it can be used in decorations or handicrafts and has the accent use of primary colors, always with one of them in evidence. See below several ideas for decorating with this material!

Where to apply chita to decorate

Because it is so easy to find and very affordable, you can get creative with cheetah.


You can cover an entire piece of furniture or just some parts of it, for example: a whole bench, just the seat or the upholstered part. If it is a cabinet, you can cover the bottom or give the shelves a new face by using fabric as a covering.


If you have some frames lying around and you don't know what to do with them, make comic books with the print. Place them in the hallway and see the transformation this simple detail makes to the environment. But, if your last name is boldness, cover the entire wall with the fabric!


As there are many colors and patterns of cheetah, it is possible to combine them with each other and make coordinated or color-coordinated sets.

Party decoration

Cheetah is also a great fabric idea for lining tables for a party. The fabric makes the atmosphere cheerful and is very easy to clean. You can incorporate cheetah into the souvenir packaging as well, and match the table decoration.

Decoration pieces

Benches, pouffes, chairs, bottles, pallets... A small, inexpensive change and the environment already has a new look, completely joyful and revitalized.

Bed headboard

To cover the headboard of the bed and not cause too much impact to the environment, match the color of the fabric to the wall, or opt to have a very clean color in the room, so as not to visually clash with the cheetah.


Crafts have endless possibilities with cheetah! From patchwork to small gifts, almost anything can be made with cheetah, or at least have a little piece of the fabric.

58 ideas for decorating with cheetah

Check out some options on how to use chita (cheetah) for home decoration, get inspired and get to work!

1. flowery cup holder

2. a tablecloth with a cute and delicate print

3. set table: the tablecloth and the napkins can also have the same pattern

4. you can give a new face to that closet that is not so new anymore

5. nice cushions to give as gifts

6. a multicolored quilt

7. before and after, renewing chair upholstery

8. your yard can have more life and color

9. look what a cool idea it is to line the dome of the lamp and the support, which is a coffee can

10. before and after: from a dull pouf to a striking florid

11. even the barbecue corner can get a new look

12. the shelves can also be lined

13. idea for decorating a studio!

14. bottles of olive oil, beer and wine can be decorated with an extra colorful

15. these small flowers can form a vase or a bouquet

16. various colors and prints also work well - and make the environment very relaxed

17. the zen corner, for meditation, with a very upbeat cushion

18. 56 blocks of chita (cheetah) crocheted together

19. cheetah goes superbly in rooms with darker colors. balance it with furniture or other items in neutral tones

20. charming curtain

21. a fully blooming garden

22. the pool area can gain a touch of color

23. you can combine the colors of cheetah cushions with futom, for more harmony between the shades

24. if you can get crates of the same size, you can make a fruit bowl!

25. a cheerful veranda with chita (cheetah) on the table

26. cheetah can be used to cover just about anything!

27. or lining a wall

28. if the leather of the armchair is already worn, invest in fabric

29. compose corners with more than one pattern

30. a vintage, cheerful and unusual touch

31. a hammock of flowers for the backyard

32. one of the flowers on the fabric was cut out and folded, giving the impression of being a butterfly

33- Creativity without limits: cheetah even on the ceiling!

34. from the cruet to the plates: everything has gained a new face

35. tired of the furniture? cheetah on it!

36. very charming composition with comics

37. fill in a solitaire!

38. green, to match the plant corner

39. paint cans with new clothes to house little plants

40. cheetah as a frame

41. lined hock holder

42. use the patterns to your advantage when lining. here, for example, the flower determines the center of the souplast

43 The crate became a charming shelf, complete with cheetah!

44. this table is so charming: chita (cheetah) on the top and feet of the old sewing machine

45. personalized vases

46 - A table set up neatly, to impress the guests

47 The cans can be lined with different colored ribbons, and you, as a craftswoman, can keep matching colored cloths or paints in them.

48. a charming stool to rest your feet after a tiring day

49. remote control holder doesn't have to be only black

50. a small garden

51. napkin ring: Balance the colors by using fabrics that have enough contrast

52. comic for the beach house - or for someone who loves fishing

53. creative bed headboard

54. match the colors of the fabric with the colors of the furniture

6 tutorials for you to use chita to customize your decoration

Now that you have seen all these ideas for playing with cheetah, follow these tutorials for all your questions.

1. how to decorate the house with chita

Here you will see several ideas to decorate and brighten up your home with this fabric.

2. chita (cheetah) lantern for Junine feast

Super charming, this lantern can also be used as a souvenir for your party, or perhaps as a centerpiece. You will need some sulfite paper, which will be the base of the lantern, fabric, scissors, and glue. The assembly is very simple, and if you have children at home, you can call them to help you with the task.

3. how to make a souplast with chita

MDF pieces are great options to replace tablecloths - since they are very easy to clean. The result is gorgeous! The patterns will make all the difference on the table. Choose only one pattern to avoid visual pollution.

4. cheetah flower

With this little flower, which is easy to make, too easy, you can assemble vases and scatter them around the house, give them to friends, and use them as bookmarks, too.

5. cheetah pillow

If you like cheetah, you must have one of these pillows at home, which will color your rooms and give a special touch of color. The pillowcase has a beautiful finish and a zipper opening. It will be important that you have a sewing machine at home to do the tutorial.

6. chita (cheetah) placemat

The best thing about this model is its versatility, since you can make it "double-sided," making it possible to use both sides with different prints.

Give your home or your artwork a Brazilian touch with this fabric that is synonymous with color and joy.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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