55 beautiful references for closet with bathroom

55 beautiful references for closet with bathroom
Robert Rivera

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When certain rooms of the house are designed together, practicality and comfort are guaranteed. The closet with bathroom is one of these cases. In a more organized environment, the spaces complement each other, giving beauty and ease to everyday life. Check out photos of ambience to get inspired in your project, and tips on how to make a closet with bathroom!

55 closet with bathroom inspirations

Every home has its own specifications and nothing better than to check a list to see how a reference can help you set up your closet with bathroom, be it in simple, small or separated rooms with doors. See:

1. the closet with bathroom tends to bring the integration of spaces

2. making it possible to use separate environments together

3. some divisions can be made with just the box

4. with walls

5. or with the closet cabinets in glass

6. the cabinets can be open

7. clothes on display can make daily life even easier

8. but they can also be placed in closed cabinets

9. still, fusion can be done without walls

10. clothes tend to stay close to the sinks

11. with room to store all your clothes, ready to be worn as soon as you finish your shower

12. closets are becoming an integral part of the bathroom

13. or at least having divisions by floor type

14. bathrooms can still be corridors to reach closets

15. even in children's rooms, facilitating the routine

16. but it is usually the closets in the closets that lead to the bathroom

17. with doors used as mirrors

18. even if the bathrooms are smaller spaces

19. integrated space can help in small apartments

20. where the bathrooms are not large spaces

21. the most common reference is to a closet with a bathroom divided by doors

22. being in glass, the environments are even more visually connected

23. one of the advantages of separation with doors is the question of humidity

24. it can damage your clothing depending on the wind circulation in the area

25. so, even if integrated, the door can prevent some problems in the project

26. the closet can still be seen as a separation between the bedroom and the bathroom

27. an integration that combines the possibility of having more space in the environment

28. and, of course, practicality

29. closets with glass doors can help in everyday life

30. because the clothes are all exposed

31. besides helping to decorate the place

32. especially when it comes to lighting

33. one of the tips is the use of LED strips in the bottom of the cabinets

34. guiding the space until you reach the bathroom

35. it also helps to enhance the environment

36. giving more life to spaces that are usually more enclosed

37. especially when there are enough doors

38 - The sliding door is another detail that can be used to integrate the environments

39 It helps to take up even less space by avoiding the opening distance of ordinary doors

40. moreover, it is discreet

41. in a glass environment, it is a great choice

42. or even in wood

43 The sliding door can even "hide" the bathroom, as if it were one of the closet openings

44. one of the main colors that connect the environments is the bench

45. ideal for the bathrooms

46. they can extend to integrated closets

47. that can have furniture of the same color

48. details that connect the closet with the bathroom can be the color of the wood

49. even more so because of the contrast that is given by the type of flooring

50. and don't forget the lighting

51. natural light can brighten up a space

52. depending on each specific characteristic

53. there is always a type of lighting that matches perfectly with each integrated environment

54. what can help with interconnections

55. always thinking about the ambiance of the closet with bathroom

With all these images, you will certainly have a materialized idea to have your closet with bathroom. An organized, practical and charming environment for your home is always a good thing, isn't it?

Tips for your closet with bathroom

In addition to visualizing a closet with a bathroom, it is interesting to understand how to decorate the combined space between the two rooms into one:

Understand the pros and cons of having a closet with bathroom

In this video, it is explained what care should be taken when making a closet with integrated bathroom. The author demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of the connection, and gives tips on what to do in the rooms, mainly talking about humidity issues.

Get to know details of a closet with integrated bathroom

The architect Larissa Reis gives a tour of the spaces, which are integrated in her house. She shows the change that was made in the project, with the objective of gaining more closets to store her clothes, besides having freed up a space only for a shoe closet.

See the before and after of a room that was remodeled and now has a closet with bathroom

Interior designer Carol Cunha shows the result of a renovation in a bedroom that was expanded and created a closet integrated with a luxury bathroom. She details the spaces and gives tips on how to make the so famous closet with bathroom.

The closet with bathroom will certainly make your home functional and give that special touch to the environment. Get inspired with impeccable closet designs for clothes organization!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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