6 main shades of purple to abuse in decoration

6 main shades of purple to abuse in decoration
Robert Rivera

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Purple is not a very popular color in decoration, but it can bring a special touch to the environment for those who choose to use one of its shades, which are varied and have different meanings.

Shades of purple to insert in the decoration

Purple is a color initially linked to mysticism, meditation, and consciousness, but in some countries it is considered the color of luxury, power, and nobility:

  • Lilac Tone: is a more delicate tone, which can be linked to spirituality. Ideal for bedrooms, it brings lightness and peace.
  • Violet Tone: It can be used in details for those who want more discretion, but can be used on the walls for teenage rooms, for example.
  • Purple Tone: For a more modern decoration, it is the perfect shade.
  • Magenta: Almost a pink, this shade of purple is vibrant is perfect for a purple blend.
  • Psychedelic Purple : this color has fluorescent pigments bringing a more intense and unusual vibe.
  • Lavender: This tone is very light, light and with a peasant touch.

Purple has more than 40 shades, named, that can make a difference in your home decor. This list with the main shades is the beginning for you to set the mood.

75 photos of purple shades for inspiration

But how to choose purple for your decoration? Check out this list with several inspirations for you to get it right when choosing the ideal tone for your home.

1. to start the list of inspirations, how about a purple wall?

2. the more intense shades, such as purple or violet, are perfect for outdoor areas

3. but you can choose to insert in an internal wall

4. the magenta tone for the wall is also a good option

6. lavender is perfect for children's room walls

7. lighter shades of purple go well with children's projects

8. opting for purple furniture is a great idea

9. the purple pillow is a decoration darling

10. magenta in furniture is also passionate

11. this tone is perfect for those seeking boldness

12. and if we talk about purple furniture, we have to remember the sofa!

13. the purple sofa is full of personality and style

14. imposing, the purple sofa is perfect for breaking up the neutral colors

15) Still on upholstery, how about a purple headboard?

16. you can choose this option to make the room more cheerful

17. purple tones go very well with gray

18. color variation is a great way to achieve the dream decoration

19. details that make the difference

20. how can you not fall in love with the tone?

21. there are many ways to use shades of purple in decoration

22 - From the furniture to the details, purple makes a difference in the decoration

23. purple appliances can also be part of your home

24. colored electros are in fashion

25. a room in shades of purple is passionate, with a mysterious, mystical air

26. the combination of pink, purple and blue is a great option for modern decoration

27. in the bathroom, purple gives that cozy air

28. lavender is preferred for bathrooms and washbasins

29. for a more different decoration, how about betting on prints?

30. in the kitchen, purple tones can be part of the countertops and utensils

31. decorative items add the finishing touch to the decor

32. purple decoration helps to bring balance and calm

33. mix of colors and tones

34. how about an explosion of colors?

35. details make the difference

36. the choice of purple furniture brings the point of contrast in the environment

37. a mix of contrasting colors is a great idea

38. this inspiration brings the purple as the balance of the decoration

39 - Try using it in the bathroom and see the magic!

40. there are several purple furniture options for your home

41. lavender tone is perfect for your home

42. color combination with pink and lilac makes for a beautiful environment

43. purple is a must in candy color decoration

44. you can find more than 40 shades of purple for decoration

45. lilac brings youth to the environment

46. but it can be part of a more mature decoration

47. purple is a great idea for more romantic decoration

48. and depending on the tone, more modern

49 With the right furniture, you can also give a more retro look

50. yes, the purple details give a new face to the house

51. even in unlikely and forgotten spaces

52. the choice of purple for the environment says a lot about personality

53. and the resident's goal

54 - If you don't want to dare, bet on small furniture

55. keeping the house decoration more sober

56. now if you want to dare, bet on this color as a base

57. or with one of the main pieces of furniture in purple

58. it's amazing how versatile this color is

59. and its shades offer a range of novelties for the environment

60. yes, this color is amazing

61 If you are in doubt for the baby's room: how about lilac?

62. lighter shades of purple help lighten the mood

63 Anything is possible with these shades

How about painting the ceiling in shades of purple?

65. or paint a part of the wall

66. purple is passionate, look at this shade

67 A more sober tone, but still bringing joy to the environment

68. or for a more delicate decoration

69. or even a mixture of the two styles

70. shades of purple do not fail

71 - Just choose the right tone for your environment

72. and for your goal

73. Are you convinced to insert shades of purple into your decor?

74. with these inspirations, I'm sure you will

75. you won't regret it

You can use different shades for different styles and spaces. Learn more about how to use lilac, one of the most common shades of purple, in decoration.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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