60 balcony plants to have your own urban jungle

60 balcony plants to have your own urban jungle
Robert Rivera

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The plants for the balcony bring the life and warmth of nature closer. For this reason, they are fundamental elements in the decoration of this part of the house or apartment. Thus, in this post you will see which plants to use in the balcony with or without sun and 60 more ways to harmonize them at home. Check it out!

14 Balcony Plants to bring your balcony to life

The choice of a houseplant goes far beyond beauty or size. That is, it is necessary to see the conditions of where the new resident will be. It is necessary to take into account, mainly, the lighting of the place. Too much or too little light can kill your little plant. See some plants that can be chosen in different lightings!

Plants for sunny balconies

  • St. George's sword: This plant is very resistant and has great significance in religions of African origin. It requires little watering and can be planted in pots or in flowerbeds. However, attention is needed because it has an invasive characteristic.
  • Ivy: it is also known as hedera. it is a great plant for an apartment balcony, especially if the idea is to have a vertical garden or if it is possible to let the plant climb the walls. This plant is a type of fast growing climbing vine.
  • Cacti: Because they are plants from desert regions, cacti are very resistant to the sun. Besides, they can stand a long time without water, which is ideal for those who have a weak memory. They go well in houses and apartments. However, those who have children and pets should be careful with the thorns of the plant.
  • Succulents: Like the cacti, they are from desert regions, so they can withstand the strong sun and extreme conditions. Moreover, some of them take on other colors if they are in full sun. They can be planted directly in the ground or in pots.
  • Agave: Those who have a lot of space on their balcony can bet on this plant without fear of being happy. They are usually wind resistant and grow up to two meters high. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the thorns on the leaves.
  • Purple Trapoeraba-: Who wants a plant that is easy to propagate and grows fast? This is the Purple Trapoeraba- It grows in various corners of the city and requires little care.
  • Asparagus feather: Those who think this plant doesn't like sun are mistaken. The asparagus-pluma resists higher temperatures, so it is great to leave it near a window pane. Besides, it is ideal to give texture and volume to vertical gardens, besides being very versatile and can serve as a pendant plant.

Plants for balconies without sun

  • Croton: Although it does well in direct light, the Crotton can also stand in a half-shaded environment, and is resistant to moderate winds.
  • Samambaia: it is the darling of those starting out in gardening. However, the fern needs special attention. To be happy it needs to be in a half-shaded environment and with soil that is always moist. In addition, it looks very well in apartments or houses.
  • Happiness Plant: it needs a low light environment to live in. However, this plant should not be near smoke, excessive wind, or air-conditioning. For it to grow strong and vigorous, use wooden stakes to guide the growth.
  • Zamioculca: This is one of those plants that is practically immortal. It survives very well in a dark environment, requires little watering, and is wind resistant. However, if the leaves start to yellow, be careful. This is usually due to over watering.
  • St. George's sword: you didn't read wrong, this plant also likes shade. It does well even if there is no light at all in the room, so it is ideal for apartments that receive sun only at one time of the year.
  • Peperomia: If you were looking for a hanging plant for the shade, you have found it. This plant does not like a lot of light and grows very fast. You must pay attention to watering because its soil must always be humid. Also, if the leaves start to burn, it could be that it is receiving too much light.
  • Peace Lily: This plant is ideal for those who want a flower. The peace lily does well in environments with little light and little water. However, the environment must be warm and humid, so do not expose it to air-conditioning. The flowers usually come out in summer.

Now you know which plants will do well on your balcony, so the chances of your green child living happily for many, many years are greater. So how about looking at some ways to have a garden on your home balcony?

60 pictures of balconies with plants that will bring green to your home

The balcony is a place in the house for rest and relaxation, so there is nothing better than decorating this environment to match it, isn't there? In this way, see 60 ideas for balcony plants that will make you fall in love! Check them out!

1. plants for balconies bring life into the environment

2. therefore, they are an indispensable element

3. with them, nature is closer to home

4. moreover, green helps in the decoration

5. that is, plants make everything more organic

6. this happens regardless of size...

7. ... or the amount of plants on the balcony

8. so, see some examples of outdoor balconies with plants

9. they look great regardless of the style

10. however, environmental conditions must be considered

11. that is, the amount of natural light

12. the humidity of the place

13. and even the amount of wind

14. considering all this, the plant will be very happy

15. and it will add a lot to your balcony

16. sometimes a tree is what is missing on your balcony

17. the important thing is to take advantage of the available space

18. regardless of how few plants there are

19. or many green dwellers

20. the important thing is to have a bit of nature on your own balcony

21. a garden is not exclusive to those who live at home

22. plants can do very well in apartments

23 Therefore, it is enough to consider all their characteristics

24. besides analyzing the available space

25. how about seeing pictures of apartment balconies with plants?

26. apartment floor plans should be planned

27. after all, it is necessary to provide basic care for them

28. furthermore, there is something else that must be thought about

29. it is necessary to think about whether the plant can be planted in pots

30 This is because some of them do not survive

31 For this reason, the ideal is to research the desired species

32. in some cases, the balcony will change

33. it will have much more life and joy

34. moreover, some plants help purify the air

35. which is perfect for those who live in big cities

36. is there another positive point of plants in the apartment

37. taking care of them is a relaxing activity

38. it is possible to say that it is almost a meditation

39. Thus, it is ideal for those who want to discharge their energies

40. and forget about the rush of everyday life for a while

41. all these tips help you choose plants for your balcony

42 However, how about going even deeper into the home jungle?

43 Therefore, take a look at some balconies decorated with plants

44. in this case, the plants are the center of the decoration

45 For this reason, they deserve to be highlighted

46 This can be done in several ways

47. even if it is in a more discreet way

48. what matters is that the plant is where it deserves to be

49. that is, in a cozy place

50. in which it can grow a lot

51. and show that it has influence on the decoration of the balcony

52. this will make the house complete

53. therefore, bet on ornamental plants

54. they help add volume to the decoration

55. and the end result can only be a

56. a very cozy balcony

57. and with lots of green and lots of life

58. this way, the moments on the balcony will be more relaxing

59 And everyone will want a space

60 - Just get the balcony plants right

So many incredible ideas, isn't it? Plants make any environment of the house much more alive. Besides, with them the decoration gets a special touch. This makes people want to spend more time in that part of the house. So, to have even more comfort and coziness, see some ideas for armchairs for balcony.

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