60s party: ideas and tutorials to revive the best of the decade

60s party: ideas and tutorials to revive the best of the decade
Robert Rivera

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The decoration of the 60s party has many decorative elements that make your guests travel back in time! For this reason, the composition of the event requires a lot of creativity and care when planning.

That's why we brought you an article that will help you organize and rock your 60's party, and you will also watch some tutorial videos that will teach you how to do most of the decoration without having to spend a lot. Check it out!

60 60's party pictures that are a trip back in time

Also called the golden years, in the 60's great names of music influenced the generation, such as Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, the Beatles... Therefore, when decorating, try to add elements that refer to music! Here are some creative and authentic ideas, just like this era.

1. be very attentive when decorating the space

2. not to miss anything reminiscent of the '60s

3. and don't even get off topic!

4. he will be responsible for bringing back the memories of the time

5. and make your guests feel like they are in the 60s

6. that's why, besides the composition, you should also be great in the playlist

7. with a repertoire of great classics from the decade

8. with lots of rock and dance music!

9. bet on a 60's party kit

10. which will make the composition even more complete

11. and, of course, very charming!

12. the theme is perfect for celebrating adults' birthdays

13. as well as young people

14. the 60's party has a more relaxed theme

15. and a lot of fun!

16. how about including mirrored globes in your decor?

17. the globe will make all the difference in the composition

18. complete the space with flowers

19. they, besides perfuming, will add grace to the scenery

20. enhance the decoration with great names that influenced the 60's generation

21. like Elvis Presley

22. the Beatles

23. among other great names in music

24. or other celebrities

25. like Marilyn Monroe

26. or Audrey Hepburn

27. bet on many balloons

28. that are essential when decorating a party

In other words, the more, the better!

30. 60's party decoration is marked by the vintage atmosphere

31. making use of several vinyl records

32. musical notes

33. and even scooters

34. which were fashionable in those days!

35. black and white are perfect to compose the 60's party decoration

36. but you can use other shades to decorate the place

37. as red

38. or a very colorful arrangement!

39. and because it is also called the golden years

40. use metallic details

41 that will add more charm to your party!

42. use your own furniture to decorate

43. children's parties can also carry this theme!

44. invest in materials with the poá print

45. to decorate the tables

46 This texture refers to the period of the 1960s

47. beyond geometric shapes

48. like the classic nightclub floor

49. study about this season before planning the party

50. even more so if you didn't live in the 60's

51. to capture all the characteristics of the period

52. and rock the celebration!

53: ask the guests to come dressed in character

This will make the event even more beautiful!

55. make use of many vinyl records!

56. for the period is also marked by nightclubs

57. you can create a simpler composition

58. or more elaborate

59. but always maintaining harmony

60's. And bringing elements from the 60's

It is possible to say that many decorative elements can be made at home. That said, check out eight step-by-step videos that will teach you how to make some items to enhance the composition of your 60s party!

60s party: step by step

Here is a selection of videos to produce various objects for your 60's party. The tutorials are for those who are already skilled in some craft techniques and for those who are not.

60's Party Invitation

Before you watch the other videos, watch this one on how to make a beautiful invitation for your 60's party. The item doesn't require much skill and is very easy and quick to make. Complete the piece with small pearl appliqués and finish with a satin ribbon!

60's Party Centerpiece

In addition to the table of sweets and snacks, the guests' table can - and should - also be decorated. This tutorial teaches you all the steps to make a beautiful centerpiece.

60's party decoration

The video brings together several tips and tutorials on how to make various decorative elements, such as the panel, support for candies and snacks, tablecloth, centerpieces and other items to enhance the decoration of your party 60's with elegance and charm!

Mirrored Globe for 60's Party

Styrofoam ball, sequins, and silicone glue are the materials needed to produce a beautiful mirrored globe that will make all the difference in your party decor. The secret is to glue one piece over the other at the ends, creating the fish scale effect.

60's Party Cake

The fake cake is a great option for those who don't want to dirty the table, but want it to be well decorated, so watch this step by step video that teaches how to make this decorative object made with fabric that will give all the charm to the main table of the event.

60's Party Panel

Check out how incredible it looks and how easy it is to make this decorative panel for a 60's party. Copy this ingenious and super creative idea for yours! Without any mystery, the video explains exactly how to make this decorative element that will be the highlight of your event.

Candy Holder for 60's Party

To create an even cooler effect, paint the glasses with a metallic spray or in another color that matches the rest of the decor.

As we have seen, much of the composition of the event you can do yourself at home and, the best part, without much investment, just creativity. Have a good party and long live the golden years!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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