7 creative tips to have a simple and amazing garden

7 creative tips to have a simple and amazing garden
Robert Rivera

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Having a beautiful green space makes any home much more pleasant and cozy. But those who think it is necessary to have large spaces or make high investments are wrong, after all there are several practical and affordable options to compose a simple garden. And to ensure a special green corner, see tips and ideas to relax and enjoy nature:

How to make a simple garden: tips for decorating the outside area

Having a space to enjoy the outdoors can be very easy and simple, just check out these tips:

Prefer plants that are easy to care for

More hardy species that require little care are great for keeping a garden always green and beautiful. Plants such as philodendron, St. George's sword, fern, onze-horns, pleomele, and croton require little maintenance and will color your space. Just pay attention to the need for sun exposure of each type.

Recycle materials

To save money and also adhere to a sustainable decoration, it is possible to use several recyclable materials in the garden. You can use PET bottles, tires, pallets, cans, and much more.

Explore the night with lights

The installation of lights also allows the garden to be used at night. In addition, lighting fixtures help identify paths, highlight plants, and make everything cozier. Use lanterns, lampposts, sconces, or strings of lights, for example.

Bet on the use of water

Water can be a differentiator and a good way to make your space cooler. Simple options for adding it to the garden are small fountains, showers, or pools.

Install hammocks or swings

Hammocks or swings are great for relaxing, having fun, and contemplating nature. Installing these items does not require a large investment, and you are sure to spend more hours in your garden with one.

Combine different textures

Bring different stimuli to your garden with the use of varied materials and various textures. Explore the senses with the mixture of stones, wood, foliage, flowers, fruit trees, and spices, for example.

Decorate walls

Take advantage of the surface of walls and walls to expand your green space. You can opt for living fences, green walls, vertical gardens, or hanging plants. Practical, this solution allows you to hide imperfections and makes the space much more pleasant.

With these simple tips, you can create a sensational garden to enjoy many moments outdoors.

70 pictures of a simple garden that will delight you

And to transform your outdoor area, take a look at several simple garden designs and find suggestions that are perfect for your home:

1. a table can transform your garden

2. how about producing a cozy corner?

3. chairs are practical and affordable options

4. or, if you prefer, use a wooden bench

5. a hammock is cozy for sure

6. and you can enjoy relaxing in the garden

7. choose furniture suitable for outdoors

8. use stones for paths

9. and explore the use of wood

10. use the walls to grow more plants

11. mix different species

12. and get a very colorful scenery

13. pots are great for small yards

14. you can scatter them around the garden

15. or hang them by the space

16. they are practical for creating a vertical garden

17. and bring life to any corner

18. you can also choose climbing plants

19. and combine them with supports

20. bet on the use of color

21. renew the look with a painting

22. or decorate with colorful objects

23. use bright and vibrant tones

24. water can also be an attraction

25. a fountain brings tranquility

26. and a shower can cool off the hot days

27. the combination tree and swing is perfect

28. an iron table looks charming

29. and not to give up comfort, have sun loungers

30. give new use to old objects

31. an old wagon can become a planter

32. and even a bicycle can decorate the garden

33. you can also recycle materials

Reuse tires for flowerbeds

35. make benches out of pallets

36. set up a cozy sofa

37. or grow a small vegetable garden

38. use pebbles instead of grass

39. and dispense with maintenance with pruning

40. for the paths, use wooden sleepers

41. this way, you guarantee a rustic touch

42. with a look full of beauty

43. there are several options of simple plants

44. you can include a jabuticabeira tree

45. display all the glamour of the anthurium

46 Growing spices like basil and rosemary

47. and impress with the beauty of the orchids

48. choose species according to the lighting of the space

49. and prefer plants that are common in your region

50. no matter the size of your garden

51. vegetation adds value from large backyards

52. even the small corridors

53. you can use different materials

54. wood is a versatile option

55. ceramic pieces look beautiful

56. hydraulic tiles add a special charm

57. mix different floors

58. a deck can be practical

59. flower boxes are very welcome

60. fill your garden with many colors

61. a pergola is an excellent idea

62. allows you to create a rest area

63. and it looks wonderful with flowers

64: You can transform your backyard

65. create a cozy space on the side of the house

66. or impress right at the entrance

67. have a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy

68. relax with nature

69. and enjoy the weekends

70 A simple garden can be sensational!

Making your dream of having a beautiful green space come true may be easier than you think. And to make your outdoor area much more attractive, see also garden decoration ideas.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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