7 tips on how to grow chrysanthemum and have a cheerful atmosphere at home

7 tips on how to grow chrysanthemum and have a cheerful atmosphere at home
Robert Rivera

The chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum is a plant that is gaining space in interior environments for bringing life and color to the decoration. Native to Asia, the flower is known for having several species and varieties. In addition, it is a symbol of joy, positivity, and perfection.

How to care for chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is an easy plant to grow, as it is a perennial and long-lasting flower. However, like any pot-grown plant, it needs some care. Below, check out 7 valuable tips to achieve the best results:

  • Cultivation: For planting in pots, it is important to provide adequate drainage, which can be done with stones, expanded clay, or gravel.
  • Watering: The chrysanthemum is a flower that likes water, but does not tolerate waterlogged soil. The tip is to perform the finger test, placing it on the soil to feel the humidity. If it is dry, you must water it.
  • Fertilization: can be done every six months with phosphorus-rich NPK fertilizer. In addition, you can also use organic fertilizers for flowering plants.
  • Luminosity: The chrysanthemum should be grown in direct sunlight or in half-shade, because it needs the sun to bloom. The ideal is to prefer mild periods of the day, such as morning or afternoon sun.
  • Pruning: It should be done after each flowering to stimulate the emergence of new flowers. The ideal is to cut branches of up to 4 centimeters.
  • Seedlings: For successful planting, select 4 centimeter branches and plant them in soil rich in organic matter.
  • Planting: Finally, the best time to plant the flower is in the spring, so you can ensure that it blooms in the fall, the perfect time to produce new flowers.

From these tips, it is easy to grow chrysanthemums at home, isn't it? Whether in small gardens or in pots, with these guidelines, you will have beautiful flowers for a long time.

Learn more about the chrysanthemum

To ensure that the chrysanthemum brings color and life to the decoration, besides a lot of care and attention, it is necessary to follow some care and guidance:

Tips on chrysanthemum planting and flowering

In this video, gardening expert Henrique Buttler talks about the characteristics of chrysanthemums and gives great tips on planting. In addition, he teaches how to maintain a prolonged bloom, ensuring that your plant always has beautiful flowers.

More tips on how to care for chrysanthemums

In this video, gardener Flávia Kremer lists great tips on how to cultivate this flower properly and also talks about its symbolism and varieties. It's worth checking out the video and taking note of all the information.

How to guarantee a prolonged chrysanthemum blooming

In this vlog, the landscape designer Nô Figueiredo teaches how to prolong the flowering of the plant, thus ensuring that it remains longer in your decoration.

How to make chrysanthemum seedlings

Finally, if you are already thinking about growing your chrysanthemum family, this video is worth checking out. In it, you will learn how to create new seedlings by planting cuttings.

After writing down all these tips, all that's left is to start decorating! Without a doubt, you will love to smell the fragrance and the striking presence that the chrysanthemum possesses.

15 pictures of a beautiful and modern chrysanthemum decoration

The time has come to make your decoration even more beautiful with the presence of chrysanthemums. Below, check out 15 inspiring options to compose a delicate and colorful environment:

The chrysanthemum is a flower that brings joy and beauty to the decoration

2. known as "Golden Flower

3. the plant has more than 800 varieties

4. that allow you to create cheerful and modern arrangements

5. with combinations that bring even more charm to the ornamentation

6. yellow glows energy

7. chrysanthemum can be grown outdoors

8. just like indoors

9. when it comes to vases, the flower can be the highlight

10. or the vase can contribute to the charm

11. try using wooden vases for a more rustic decoration

12. ceramic vases to compose a sophisticated environment

13. and glass vases to highlight the arrangements

14. moreover, create effects with different colors

15. no doubt you will love the striking presence of chrysanthemums

With all these tips and inspirations, you can now include the chrysanthemum in your home decor. Choose the variety that best suits your style and make the environment more cheerful. If you like flowers with strong presence and symbolism, also grow the peace lily, which is ornamental and has beautiful flowers.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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