70 garden fountain models that make a stylish environment

70 garden fountain models that make a stylish environment
Robert Rivera

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Gardens can have several decorative elements to make them more beautiful and attractive. For those who want a highlight to the environment certainly a fountain for garden will give a beautiful change to the place. This type of object has the characteristic to make the place cozier with the musicality of water. Learn about the main models and check inspirations for your decoration.

5 models of garden fountains to get the decoration right

It is certain that a garden fountain will add an extra highlight to your decoration, but it is necessary to keep in mind which is the ideal object for your space. Fountains come in different sizes that match different garden models. Each one brings a different aspect and the proposals must be well aligned.

Cascading fountain

One of the main characteristics of this model of fountain for gardens is its musicality. The sound of falling water creates a more harmonious environment, especially in large outdoor spaces. In smaller places the waterfall brings a sense of tranquility. Waterfalls can be a good choice in more contemporary and modern gardens, but can also give a classic touch to the place. The style will depend onof the layout, font shape, and the rest of the environment.

Wall mounted fountain

Present in more modern gardens, the wall fountain is a great option for those who want to bring a touch of musicality and tranquility to the environment and, at the same time, want to work in smaller spaces. The wall fountain brings the characteristic of space optimization, especially in contemporary projects.

Traditional source

If you want to give your garden a classic touch, traditional fountains can help. There is an air of antiquity with this type of garden fountain, but at the same time it is an extremely elaborate decoration. Generally this is a fountain model that calls for larger spaces and are not ideal for small gardens.

Sculpture-shaped fountain

The fountain for garden will give prominence to the space, that's for sure. Now, if you are looking for a space with glamour, the right option is the fountain with sculpture. Widely used in larger spaces, especially in front gardens, this decoration brings grandeur to the place. Besides everything, there are several symbologies behind the artistic elements used.

Low source

Another model of fountain for gardens is the low fountain. They are seen as small water springs, bringing that touch of musicality to the place, and give a rustic characteristic to more modern environments. Besides giving prominence to the environment, they can be a great option for smaller gardens.

With a notion of the existing garden fountain models and the proposal you want to employ to your space, it is a fact that this type of decoration will certainly give a charm to the place.

Where you can buy garden fountains

Among the existing models, many are built, but there are also those that can be purchased.

  1. Lojas Americanas;
  2. Carrefour;
  3. Shoptime;
  4. Casas Bahia;
  5. Extra;
  6. Mobly.

The garden fountain is one of the decorative objects that will give more personality to your environment.

70 garden fountain pictures to inspire your decoration

It is true that there are several models of garden fountains, but each one can be of a different type, varying in sizes and features, but also bringing a distinctive look. Check out a list with images that can inspire your decoration:

1. the fountain for the garden must have its position thought out very carefully

2. it must be in a prominent place of the environment

3. this type of decoration draws a lot of attention in the place

4. besides bringing elegance to the place

5. a tip is to think about the surroundings of the fountain

6. the fountain will be a point of admiration on the site

7. therefore, all the surroundings must be very well thought out

8. what type of plant will be next

9. if there will be any other decoration in the space

10. whether the fountain alone will be enough to beautify the place

11. and that is why the choice of font type is essential

12. first you must think about the available space

13. it must be evaluated if it is big enough

14. this is how a garden fountain with sculpture can beautify the space

15. sometimes the location can be more restricted

16. and space optimization can come with a wall garden fountain

17. it can be formed by those with pipes

18. or by fountains in stones

19. everything will also depend on the garden design

20. and also the kind of message you want to send

21. the environment can have a more modern face

22. something that brings a more contemporary feel

23. where the garden fountain helps to compose

24. at the same time, something more rustic can be thought of

25. as a cement garden fountain

26. or even in stone

27. with single pipes

28. can be a great solution

29. planning to the shape of the site is also essential

30. the arrangement of the garden fountain in the environment should also be considered

31. she can be the center of everything

32. the main element being

33. in environments such as entrance to places is a great option

34. even more when there is a large garden space

35. the barrel font style is very used lately

36. it is a decoration that gives contemporaneity to the place

37. its water flow can bring peace of mind to locations

38. often used in more compact gardens

39. its characteristic is the accompaniment of a location for the waterfall

40. it can also be interesting in the balance of space

41. as already mentioned, the surroundings are crucial for the decoration

42. giving more amplitude

43. and making the environment even more elegant

44. fountains with sculpture cannot be left out

45. they have a very great symbolic value

46. with several elements portrayed

47. and be it in a fountain

48. or in a wall font

49 The sculpture gives that glamorous touch to the garden

50 It also brings with it an air of antiquity

51. and this classic tone is very interesting in some places

52. personality is extremely strong

53 Another important tip for those who want to have a garden fountain

54. it is to think about the balance of the place

55. beyond the surroundings

56. there are fonts that go better with a certain type of proposal

57. than others

58. plants can help a lot in the composition

59. the paths are also interesting

60. and also the mini lakes

61. Besides being a great location for the water fountain

62. it can bring a sense of tranquility to the garden

63. beyond musicality

64 Of course it is best for outdoors

65. with large spaces

66. it is always worth thinking about the kind of idea you want to express

67 The fact is that a fountain changes the face of your garden

68. giving more personality

69. and life to the spaces

70 The garden fountain is a crucial item in the decoration

Certainly each of the environments gained even more emphasis with the garden fountain. Other features can leave your outdoor area with even more life, check out garden decoration tips and ideas!

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