70 ideal ways to combine mint green with your decor

70 ideal ways to combine mint green with your decor
Robert Rivera

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Mint green is a color that is here to stay. It can be used in all areas of the house, such as the living room or bedroom, and gives a relaxed air to the decoration. Moreover, this color can be predominant or secondary. Therefore, in this post you will see what it is and 70 ideas to use it in decoration. Check it out!

What is the mint green color?

Mint green is a color that conveys calm, tranquility and even has a touch of irreverence and originality. It has been gaining more and more space. This happened since 2020, when it was elected the color of the year by WGSN. Mint green, or neo mint, has everything to do with decorations that pass freshness and tropicality, which is a trend in interior design. In addition, this color has been widely usedbetween the 1920s and 1950s, when pastel shades were in vogue.

70 pictures of mint green decor that will refresh your style

When it comes to using another new color in your decoration, you need a lot of planning, especially when it is so striking, like mint green. So, here are 70 ways to use this color in your decoration.

1. mint green is a color that is back with everything

2. it has been fashionable in other times

3. for example, between the years 1920 and 1950

4. at this time pastel shades were in fashion

5. for this reason, your decoration can have vintage references

6. which refer back to that time

7. color alone does the job

8. which can be done in several ways

9. for example, using mint green on the wall

10. this shade helps to transmit calmness

11. and tranquility

12. ideal for environments such as the dining room

13. this color was also fashionable in the second half of the last century

14. it was widely used in the 1990s

15. at that time it had another connotation

16. it was used to refer to simplicity

17. that is, a life in the country

18. that's why mint green is a mix of sensations

19. it unites three things

20. the vintage

21. the references to nature

22. and the contemporary in decoration

23. it makes the room change completely

24. in some cases, it is as if he had stepped out of a movie

25. because this color palette is often used in movies

26. as in films by director Wes Anderson

27. this color has recently become a trend again

28. specifically in the year 2020

29. she has regained the spotlight

30. this happened because it was elected the color of the year

31 This title came after studies by several trend companies

32. so here are some pantone mint green ideas

33 It can be used in a built-in bookcase

34. another option is to use this color in various environments

35: See how amazing this composition looks

36 - Bet on using this color in other places

38 This is based on several factors

39. and helps guide several areas

40. from fashion to interior design

41. this is realized with the mint green

42. this color is becoming more and more common

43 In some places it is known by another name

44. what is neo-mint

45. this must be used to your advantage

46. as in a single element of decoration

47. don't forget to combine neo-mint with other colors

48. a great idea is to bet on opposite colors

49. this helps create a great contrast

50. and highlights specific points in the room

51. in the case of mint green, the opposite color is pink

52. see how they combine

53 In this case, the contrast highlights the staircase

54. see more ideas of mint green with pink

55. in this case you have to be careful not to get it wrong

56. and end up weighing down the decoration

57. so always plan

58. and think well how the room will be

59. before you start decorating

60. if possible, contact a person in the area

61. i.e. someone who works with interior design

62 However, the tips in this text will already help you

63. for example, use different shades of color

64 The examples here appeal to all styles

65. and serve to bring more color to the decoration

66. after all, she also deserves to be relaxed

67. and it needs to have originality

68. because it says a lot about the residents

69 For this reason, a great idea is to bet on fashionable colors

70 - How is mint green, which is here to stay

These ideas help you understand how to use this color, isn't it? It is becoming more and more common and has everything to do with a relaxed decoration. Moreover, it can be used in many places and decorative elements. For example, how about seeing some ideas for a green sofa?

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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