70 Ideas to add wall macramé to your decor

70 Ideas to add wall macramé to your decor
Robert Rivera

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Macramé is a hand weaving technique in which you use only your hands and threads to create beautiful decorative accessories. This word means knot and is derived from "migramach", a Turkish term for a fabric with bangs and ornamental wefts. In other words, everything to do with macramé pieces! Check out, below, tutorials and inspirations to specifically use wall macramé in your decoration.

How to make wall macramé

There are many different models of macramé, and the best thing is that they can be easily made at home. Here we have separated videos from different levels that teach the step-by-step of different models of wall macramé. That way you can choose the ideal one for your profile.

Wall Macramé for Beginners

If you haven't made any macramé yet, you need to watch this video. It is great for beginners, because it teaches how to make a simple, small model, and all the steps are well explained. This way, you will know what to do and why it is important to perform these actions in all your productions.

Wall macramé as vase holder

Wall macramé is being widely used as a pot holder. If you want to use it this way in a space, watch this video to learn the step by step instructions for a beautiful and delicate holder. To make this model, you will need only a piece of wooden perch and string.

Leaf-shaped wall macramé

Another great macramé model to use for decoration is the leaf-shaped one, which has a very simple step by step process and looks great on the wall, so watch this short video to learn how to do it!

Macramé rainbow with knitted thread

A charming wall macramé option is the rainbow macramé. This model is usually used on baby room walls, but it can be placed in any room. To make the specimen in this video, you will need: knitting thread, cotton cord, sewing needle and thread, pliers, and wool.

As you have seen, there are several models of wall macramé, one more beautiful than the other.

70 wall macramé pictures for you to be enchanted with the technique

It is impossible to see macramé on the wall of an environment and not fall in love with it:

1. wall macramé is great for boho style environments

2. it can also give a rustic face to the decoration

Since it is versatile, it can be used in various environments

4. it is very successful in bedrooms

5. the piece can be hung over the bed

6. or beside the bed, where the macramé is charming

7. it can even be used in decorating baby rooms

8. a room becomes much cozier with this piece

9. it can stand next to the TV

10. or be used to decorate the sofa area

11. macramé can also be used in corridors

12. in offices, it brings comfort to the workplace

13. another option is to use macramé as a support

14. the macramé vase holder is on the rise

15. it can accommodate small vases

16. but there are also models for larger vases

17. besides being useful, the macramé vase holder beautifies the environment

18. it can even have a shelf to accommodate the vase

19. another good idea is to place the plant directly on the piece

20. to have another useful macramé, you can hang pictures on it

21. a shelf can also use macramé to look beautiful

22. wall macramé can come in many shapes and sizes

23. it can be a small and delicate panel

24. or long and wide to stand out in the room

25. it can be thin and give the missing touch to a corner

26. it may not even have many lines

27. macramé with different textures is passionate

28. and this piece makes any environment more welcoming

29. macramé can even be made in leaf shape

30. in this format, it looks great on a decorative clothesline

31. macramé is usually seen in shades of cream

32. but it can also be done with other colors

33. it can be, for example, whole of a single color

34 This orange macramé stood out well in the decoration

35. the black stand matched the decoration

36. or the piece can be made with yarns of different colors

37. the mixture of tones here matched the colors of the decoration

38. here the tones matched the colors of the walls

39) And what other ways can you use macramé?

40. you can combine it with the chandelier

41. putting the piece in a basket will make it even more beautiful

42 As a stand, it looks great in a room with wood tones

43. if you don't have room, hang it in the refrigerator

44. using the double macramé support is a great idea

45 Even small macramé panels look great together

46. you can place large panels in different environments

47. mixing panels with macramé support is also a good idea

48. and why not unite panels of different sizes and shapes?

49 The macramé panel always goes well with plants

50. they can hang above a panel

51. and the plants under the panel are another great combination

52: Fearlessly bet on plants above and below the panel

53 Another common way to use macramé is alone on the wall

54. alone, it stands out

55 This option is great for those who wish to have a clean

56. the panel alone is clean, but makes the space look nice

57. even if the panel is small, you can use it alone

58 Macramé can also be combined with other wall accessories

59 With decorative pictures it looks amazing

60. you can place it next to a screen

61. with a delicate shelf, it perfects the decoration

What about putting together pieces that play with shapes in their composition?

63 - Combining pieces on two walls makes for an impeccable environment

64: On the white wall, the cream macramé looks great

65 On colored walls this macramé also works well

66. it can be placed on an entire colored wall

67. on walls with various colors, the piece is the union between the parts

68. a sober bedding matches the cream garment

69 But, fun pieces also look good with macramé

70 - Do you already know how you will use it in your space?

As you can see, wall macramé is very versatile and goes with many decors, so there is no reason not to use this beautiful piece in your decoration! If you want more ideas for decorating the walls of your home, see tips on using wall flower pots.

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