70 kitchen ideas with a hood for stress-free cooking

70 kitchen ideas with a hood for stress-free cooking
Robert Rivera

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The hood helps to absorb the steam and fat released during the preparation of meals on the stove, so it is more than an aesthetic element, since it helps to avoid bad smells in the room. Read on for some amazing ideas of kitchens with hoods that will make your home more functional.

70 pictures of kitchen with hood super creative and functional

Present in several models and powers, for sure there is an ideal hood model for your kitchen. See the following list with tips and examples of kitchen with hood, both for those who cook little, and for those who love to make great banquets. Follow:

1. the installation of the hood must be planned

2. since it can be used in two modes

3. the exhaust fan, which is much more efficient

4. but needs the installation of a pipe

5. to release the air out of the house

6. or the purifier mode, which needs no piping

7. since it sucks the air and releases it into the environment after being filtered

8. if you are building, invest in piping

9. but if you are remodeling, it is necessary to analyze the changes in the kitchen

10. the pipe can pass through either the wall

11. how much for the ceiling lining

12. that is why it is suggested to consult a professional

13. to use the hood's purifier mode

14. it is important not to obstruct the air passages

16. remembering to always leave the air vents free

17. and use hollow elements in the surrounding furniture

18. as in this hood hidden in the planned furniture

19. or this one where a slatted door was used

20. there are also built-in extractor hoods and purifiers

21. they are suitable for the planned furniture

22. but remember to check the installation information

23. to avoid problems in the future

24. another important piece of information is about the place of use

25. first of all, see if the hood will be wall-mounted

26. or ceiling

27. because the models have different finishes

28. the wall hood is finished on three sides

29. however, the roof one is finished on all four sides.

30. ceiling-mounted hoods are perfect for use in islands

31. as in U-shaped kitchens

32. and also in integrated environments

33. for those with an island stove

34. there is also the bench hood

35. which is very discreet and does not interfere with the look

36. who wants a kitchen with more personality

37. you can invest in a colored hood

38. from bright colors like this red

39. even luxurious like gold

40. or black for a touch of modernity

41. how about this white model?

42 - Matching the color of the hood and the furniture gives a clean look

43. great for those who like minimalism

44. but silver is a classic and goes with everything

45. the hoods do not vary only in color

46 They are found in different formats

47. how this box

48. which gives the environment an industrial touch

49. and also the tubular

50. that looks very modern

51 - The hood can also come in glass finish

52. which gives the piece a more delicate look

53. moreover, the item goes beyond usefulness

54. since it can be a decorative element

55 - The kitchen with a hood looks super-charming

56. and complements the environment

57. especially when used in integrated environments

58. since it helps define the spaces

59. if combined with shelves, it is more striking

60. and your kitchen becomes much more interesting

61. for those who don't want the hood visible

62. there are more discreet models

63. like the built-in ones

64. so you have the advantage of the hood

65. without compromising your style

66. the size of the hood may vary

67. so choose the model according to your stove

68. to make everything more harmonious

69. this way you will have a beautiful and functional kitchen

70 - Perfect for preparing a delicious meal in style

Now there is no longer any excuse for not wanting to cook with a range. From the most imposing to the super discreet, your perfect range hood will surely make you cook without fear.

How to choose the hood for the kitchen

Choosing the best range hood can be intimidating. The following videos will help you understand more about it, but be sure to consult a professional in the area when planning your kitchen. Check them out:

Tips for choosing the best hood

Watch the video and learn how to choose the best hood model for your environment. Also, Ralph Dias explains the advantages and disadvantages between hoods and purifiers for you to make the right choice.

Kitchen with hood or purifier?

In this video, the architect Dâmmaris Lourrany clarifies some doubts about hoods and purifiers, explaining how each one works.

Kitchen with split hood

The split hoods are quiet and powerful, so they make cooking more enjoyable. Watch the video to see more details about this model.

The advantages and disadvantages between hoods and purifiers

Are you still in doubt about which hood model to choose? Watch the video in which architect Mariana Cabral talks about what to take into account when deciding between the hood or the purifier.

You are definitely ready to plan your kitchen with a range hood. To make it even better, here are some tips on kitchen lighting.

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