70 minimalist room designs that prove less is more

70 minimalist room designs that prove less is more
Robert Rivera

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The minimalist decoration is an aesthetic that values sobriety in the environments with a simple and organized composition. A room with these characteristics prioritizes essential pieces that really make sense to you and your lifestyle. See inspiring minimalist room proposals and find ideas to transform your home:

1. a neutral palette is the basis of a minimalist room

2. colors like gray are great

3. white is also perfect

4. natural materials are the best choice

5. bet on items made of wood

6. a straw chair looks special

7. decorate with the transparency of the glass

8. take advantage of natural lighting

9. and explore large openings

10. a minimalist room can be elegant

11. or bet with everything on simplicity

12. give preference to timeless furniture

13. and invest in sober fabrics

14. if you want, add color dots in the room

15. look for uniformity in the decoration

16. prioritize the fluidity of the space

17. and keep the environment organized

18. minimalist decoration is based on few elements

19. creates an atmosphere of tranquility

20. helps compose a serene look

21. and brings a feeling of greater amplitude

22. a great option for small rooms

23. you can decorate with light tones

24 - Get inspired with darker shades

25 - Compose a superclean environment

26. with Scandinavian style references

27. or even a colorful room

28. you can incorporate plants

29. and display dry arrangements

30. value the beauty of the space

31. minimalism can mix with industrialism

32. compose with rustic elements

33. guide a contemporary composition

Raise the sophistication in the environment

35. and decorate a modern living room

36. minimalism also has personality

37. and it can be very comfortable

38. use simple furniture

39. and parts that make sense in your environment

40. look for functional decoration

41. take advantage of the integration between spaces

42. to have also a minimalist dining room

43. the black tone works very well

44. but you can use only light colors

45. to ensure a smooth composition

46. mostly in a compact environment

47. it is possible to go for a monochromatic look

48. or with a gradient effect

49. cement is a good choice of coating

50. and helps create a sober environment

51. bricks also look great

52. they bring a more stripped-down look

53. and make the room more charming

54. an ideal style for a quiet space

55. get rid of excesses

56. take your needs into account

57. use smart joinery

58. light upholstery is easy to combine

59 Brown is also versatile

60. geometric shapes are very common in the style

61. the linear format stands out

62. but curves can also appear

63. minimalism does not need to be impersonal

64. decorate to your liking

65. with meaningful parts for you

66. and that you actually use on a daily basis

67. be amazed at how simple it is

68. enchant with a minimalist room

69. and have elegance to spare in your decoration

To adopt the minimalist style in the decoration of your living room, choose what is really important to you, focus on organization, and give preference to neutral colors. And to follow this aesthetic throughout the house, see also how to have a minimalist kitchen.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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