70 pictures of palm trees for garden that make an amazing landscaping

70 pictures of palm trees for garden that make an amazing landscaping
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Garden palms are ideal for anyone who wants an easy-to-care-for landscaping project. Plus, these plants are imposing and change any outdoor area, so they have almost no contraindications. In this post, you'll see the best types and 70 ways to use them in your home to have a movie-worthy garden. Check it out!

6 Best Types of Palm Trees for the Perfect Garden

When it comes to choosing the plants for the garden, you can't be too careful. After all, it is necessary to analyze the environmental conditions and the experience of those who will take care of them. With this in mind, here are the six best types of palm trees for your garden:

Bottle Palm

This plant should be grown in fertile soil, i.e. rich in organic matter. However, it can adapt to various soil types, as long as it is exposed to full sun and well-drained soil. During its growth, it needs regular watering, especially in the hot months. After its adult stage, the bottle palm can tolerate a short dry period.

Waterfall Palm

This plant is native to tropical regions such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, so it needs a moist soil with diffused or indirect light, and can be used in winter gardens or indoors. It should be noted that it grows slowly.

Fan Palm

The leaves of this plant are unmistakable, so it is widely used as decoration. Incredibly, it can be considered small, because it hardly grows higher than 3 meters, with slow growth. It can be ideal for balconies that are exposed to full or indirect sunlight. Because it is a tropical plant, the fan palm likes humid soil.

Areca Palm

This plant needs half shade or diffused light, so it can be ideal for indoor gardens. It can also be planted in pots, but it needs short periods of sun to keep its color and stay healthy. Watering of this plant should be regular.

Imperial Palm

The soil of this plant should be fertile and rich in organic matter. Until the adult phase, watering should be daily. Furthermore, the imperial palm likes full sun. It tends to grow a lot and needs to be cultivated where it can grow freely.

Foxtail Palm

Anyone who wants a fast growing palm tree needs to consider the foxtail - especially if the climate is warm, humid, and sunny. Its soil needs to be well drained for the plant to grow strong and healthy. In other words, a waterlogged soil can harm the life of your palm tree.

Now it is easy to choose which palm tree is ideal for your context. However, the choice of plants is only one step in landscaping. Now it is necessary to know where to plant them and how to harmonize them with the rest of the architecture.

70 pictures of palm trees in the garden to have nature in your backyard

Choosing how the plants will look in your garden takes a lot of planning, especially when they are planted directly into the ground. So, to get the landscaping right, see 70 ideas of palm trees for your garden:

1. palm trees for the garden change the look of the house

2. these plants are imposing and beautiful

3. this makes them very desirable

4. some may do well in winter gardens

5. as is the case with the cascade palm

6. this species likes low light

7. if applicable, it can be under other trees

8. the imperial palm tree needs to be on the outside

9. after all, it needs full sun

10. and it gets too high

11. you can combine several species

12. with this, your garden will become more alive

13. and the landscaping project will be welcoming

14. this happens even with palm trees

15. which are very imposing plants

16 For this reason, planning is important

17. so that the result is surprising

18. your house will look like an oasis

19. or a set worthy of Hollywood

20. after all, these plants are iconic in many movies

21. Did you know that palm trees originate from tropical rainforests?

22. that is why there is an environment that they are indispensable

23. that space is the pool

24. after all, you need to spend a tropical climate in this area

25 For this, nothing better than investing in landscaping like this

26. for example, using the bottle palm

27. but the foxtail is the perfect choice

28 This is because of its robust leaves

29. which help to give volume to the garden

30. besides adding even more textures to the landscaping

31. however, it is necessary to analyze several things before planting

32. how the conditions of the environment

33. that is, the luminosity

34. the soil characteristics

35. and the humidity of the air, which is important for the areca palm

36. this will all influence the choice of species

37. After all, some of them need a lot of light

38. as is the case with the fan palm

39 In addition, as a rule, the soil needs a few things

40. it should be well drained and have a lot of organic matter

41. for this, it is necessary to do the fertilization regularly

42 - Although they like drained soil, palm trees are tropical plants

43 That is, they come from humid climates

44 That is why the soil must always be kept moist

45. especially when they are in the growth phase

46 In this stage, the plants demand more attention

47 In this way, they will grow very healthy

48. and leave the amazing garden

49. but it takes a lot of patience

50. they are slow growing plants

51. and it may even seem that they don't grow

52. But when you least expect it...

53. ... you will realize that there is a beautiful palm tree in the backyard

54. growing palm trees in the garden is a great idea

55. for several reasons

56. from aesthetic reasons

57. after all, they change the mood of the house

58. even for reasons of relaxation

59. because taking care of a plant is very good

60. and watching it grow and progress is rewarding

61. so, who seeks to renew the landscaping of the house

62. needs to consider palm trees

63. these plants are not for beginners

64 But its maintenance is not difficult

65. if you want to advance in gardening

66. and improve the landscaping of your garden

67. you will need a palm tree to call your own

68. these plants will change the environment

69. and even the whole house

70 - For this, bet on palm trees for the garden!

These plants really change the look of any garden, they are imposing and easy to care for, and for these and other reasons they are perfect for outdoor areas. How about learning more about a very common type of this plant, the fan palm?

Robert Rivera
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