70 Washbasin mirror ideas that transform the environment

70 Washbasin mirror ideas that transform the environment
Robert Rivera

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Present in several models, the mirror for the restroom transforms the environment. It is not only useful, but it is also an incredible decoration piece: it makes the environment more modern, classic, or even gives the sensation of a bigger environment. They can be bought ready-made or custom-made, and are even more striking when combined with the lighting and furniture.

1. the mirror for the toilet comes in different formats

2. from the most traditional

3. as the rectangular

4. even more modern models

5. for examples this one with organic format

6. as well as geometric

7. and also circulars

8. round mirrors are super trendy

9. they are present in several models

10. and finishes

11. choose the right one for you

12- The mirror for the restroom meets the needs of the simplest tastes

13. to the most rustic

14. and also the exquisite

15. different frames completely change the look

16. the mirror for the bathroom can have a Venetian frame

17. what makes the environment refined

18. and also luxurious

19. there is certainly a model for your personality

20. the frames can match the furniture

21. how about using the same material as the planned furniture?

22. or even flush into the cabinetry

23 The mirror for the bathroom enhances your wall

24. as in this one where it was incorporated into the boiserie

25. or this one where it covers the unevenness of the wall

26. the mirror does not need to be limited to the sink space

27. it can occupy the whole bench

28. just like the whole wall

29. and even more than one wall

30. with this the environment gains amplitude

31. in addition to improving lighting

32. the mirror will certainly enhance the look of your restroom

33. the frame need not be limited to the mirror

34. it can be super decorative

35. and even serve as a shelf

36. this way the result is super modern

37. you can also vary the size of the bathroom mirror

38. they can be small

39. or even the centerpiece of the environment

40. find the one that suits your taste

41. another super modern idea is to fit the faucet to the mirror

42. just order the mirror with the plumbing space

43. this way the result is super modern

44. lighting is a great ally of the mirror

45. it can be indirect with led strips

46. with the lighting behind the mirror attached to a frame

47. similarly the lighting can be inlaid in the mirror

48. moreover, both enhance the decoration

49. and the end result is excellent

50. the lighting can also be done by sconces

51. on both sides of the mirror

52. how much on top

53 The possibilities are endless

54. you will surely find the perfect solution for your environment

55. don't limit yourself to just one mirror

56 As a result, the composition with more than one is interesting

57 The beveled model gives a differentiated finishing to the mirror

58. and can also be applied to rounded mirrors

59. how about personalizing the finish of your mirror

60 This one made of straw is full of personality

61. just like this copper rustic

62 - The mirror for the toilet does not need to be attached to the wall

63. since it can be supported on the bench

64. above all choose the mirror for the bathroom that you identify with

65. there are models for the minimalist

66. as well as for those who like modern

67. but also the more refined style

68 And for the romantics

69. explore the possibilities

70 It is definitely possible to find the right one for your environment

To help you further in the design of your restroom, here are some tips for the small restroom.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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