70 wooden balcony inspirations to apply in your home

70 wooden balcony inspirations to apply in your home
Robert Rivera

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The balcony is responsible for connecting the inside of a residence, corporate space or apartment with the outside. Covered or not, some say it is the best corner of the dwelling. Now, imagine a wooden balcony, there is nothing better! The projects of these spaces can follow any model and, the best, can be decorated according to the taste of each one, without going overboard or losing theharmony.

Explore all types of wood and compositions to build or design your balcony. To help you, we have selected several inspirations of rustic wood balconies, wood with elegant finishes, wood balcony with glass among other models. Also learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this dream space in your home.

Wooden balcony: 70 pictures for you to get inspired and design this wonderful corner

Do it yourself, design or decorate your own wooden balcony from these dozens of inspirations below. Whether with glass or using other materials and finishes to complement it, wood is responsible for promoting all the comfort and beauty to the look of this pleasant and lovely space.

1. sustainable, the space makes use of pallets to compose the balcony

2. choose furniture with the same comfortable characteristics as wood

3. even though small, the space is perfect for breathing fresh air and enjoying nature on rainy days without getting wet

4. the wooden floor of the veranda must be maintained periodically to preserve its beauty and quality

5. the balcony is responsible for integrating the internal and external spaces

6. bet on compositions of similar shades for more harmony between the wood structure and the furniture

7. use a panel to serve as a support for the vertical garden, so you make better use of the space

8. to make it more spacious, this project transformed the railing into benches

9. for beach houses, invest in a shower near the veranda

10. check the origin of the wood to avoid defects after the work

11. make use of colorful pillows and other decorations to add color to the space

12. for the perfect balcony: hammocks!

13. how about this balcony facing the sea?

14. the use of wood gives a more receptive and cozy aspect to the space

15. the space is ideal to receive friends in a more relaxed way, without losing comfort

16. the project has wood in predominance and highlights the beautiful vertical garden

17. analyze carefully the best type of wood to be exposed to the climate

18. the space is ideal for relaxing and connecting with the surrounding nature

19. Have you ever thought of having breakfast outdoors in such a space?

20. opt for thin curtains for the space, it looks beautiful, delicate and charming

21. bet on furniture in vibrant and casual tones for the area

22. make a wooden deck for the veranda and invest in comfortable furniture

23: Cushions, sofa, flowers and lights can decorate a balcony in a practical and beautiful way.

24. vases with plants and flowers give more personality to the environment

25. the best part of the balcony is the panoramic view it provides

26. bodyguard is essential for the protection and safety of pets and people

27. benches and hammocks are wild cards for decorating a veranda

28. turn your veranda into an environment for dinner, lunch or breakfast

29. the space invites to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine

30. with rustic style, this wooden balcony presents great convenience through the furniture

31. wooden balconies blend into the natural surroundings perfectly

32. space is marked by a young and contemporary characteristic with a rustic touch

33. super cozy, the outside environment has a very country-like feel

34. the simplicity of the space makes it more comfortable

35. give your balcony personality by using items and ornaments that are just like you

36. the tone of the wood gives the space and the decoration naturalness

37. the wooden balcony presents two iconic armchairs in its composition

38. the external area makes use of light and dark tones in synchrony

39. simple veranda to receive and gather friends and family

40. the white painted wooden veranda receives large pouffes in its decoration

41. beautiful rustic wood veranda promotes a tranquil atmosphere

42 For large houses, you can make two beautiful verandas on the first floor and another one on the second floor

43 The design of this balcony highlights items and materials that recall the Scandinavian style with rustic details

44 Transform your balcony into a gourmet space

45 The evidently beautiful contrast of dark furniture and wood

46. delicate composition of this balcony highlights comfortable furniture and white painted wood

47. large balconies can become a perfect space for parties

48. the veranda cover promotes the use of the veranda also on rainy days or on colder nights

49. the furniture, finishes and decorative items give all the charm to the area

50. wooden veranda with sturdy and comfortable pouffes

51. all produced in wood, the project and the furniture are in harmony

52. we guarantee that this delicious corner of your home will be your favorite

53: An ideal place for a dinner for two under starlight and candlelight

54 This project makes use of the same wood on the floor and in the furniture that complements the space

55. even with limited space, you can create wonderful compositions

56. rich and beautiful composition in materials, colors and comfortable furniture

57. Isn't it a dream to have a balcony as beautiful and welcoming as this one?

58. for a rustic space, use furniture made with pallets and natural wood

59 - Aged wood decking gives the space a more natural feel

60. explore different comfortable furniture and decorations for this charming space

61 Wood allows the use of various textures and colors in the same environment without going overboard

62 Open balconies with wooden floors need extra care and constant maintenance if done with varnish

63 The positive side of covered balconies is rainy days

64. a veranda with a wooden floor provides thermal insulation and is comfortable in any season

65. sun loungers are perfect for composing large balconies

66. for balconies with a roof you can make use of pergolas and climbing plants, the result is fantastic

67 The wooden balcony provides a spectacular, eye-popping view

68. invest in furniture that is as comfortable as the balcony

69. make use of pallets for the furniture on the wooden veranda, the composition looks perfect!

70. perfect in every way, this veranda is ideal for receiving friends and family for get-togethers

With these inspirations it is possible to affirm that this, for sure, will be your favorite corner. Covered or not, wooden balconies are all comfortable and cozy. Now, learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of wooden balconies:

Advantages and disadvantages of the wooden balcony

Architect Cristiane Schiovani helps us understand the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden balcony. Before we delve into this, she explains that wood can be used for flooring (deck type), panels and cladding, furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorative objects on a balcony.

Wood could be synonymous with coziness. "Wood flooring brings thermal comfort. I really like to use it when there are children in the house, because they can play on the floor. In aesthetic terms, wood is neutral and "talks" with almost all finishes," says the architect. Despite being a beautiful material, she adds that wood is more susceptible to scratches and stains, for this reason, everyFor open verandas, Cristiane recommends the use of solid wood, such as cumaru, and for closed verandas, woods such as MDF:


  • Thermal insulation: Wood has a cozy aspect due to the fact that it is a material that maintains a pleasant temperature. For this reason, it is always pleasant to walk barefoot without feeling too hot or too cold.
  • Acoustic insulation: As well as thermal insulation, the material prevents sounds from bouncing off the surface it provides greater comfort for this outdoor space.
  • Visual: The natural wood changes its color over time. Even at the beginning of the installation, there may be differences in tone. But I consider this a quality for the environment, because it makes it more natural", explains architect Cristiane.


  • Exposure to sun, rain, and wind: Depending on the wood used, it becomes sensitive to the climate, having to rely on constant maintenance to reapply, for example, the varnish that grants the material greater durability.
  • Pests: To prevent them from damaging the wood, it is recommended to use products that repel insects, as well as to check the origin of the wood.
  • High cost: Although it has an amazing result, the choice of wood flooring can be higher because of its handling.

After walking us through dozens of inspirations and then knowing the advantages and disadvantages of having a wooden balcony, I bet you are at this moment thinking about one of these wonderful corners relaxing and enjoying the landscape. Wood, despite having its flaws (like any other material), will provide all the warmth and comfort that thisDesign and decorate a balcony with beautiful furniture, ornaments, and plants that are just right for you!

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