75 children's rooms decorated and perfect for stimulating creativity

75 children's rooms decorated and perfect for stimulating creativity
Robert Rivera

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Just like the other residents of the house, children also deserve a space decorated exclusively for them. Endowed with great energy, a thirst for knowledge, and fun, they need stimuli for their creativity, as well as inspirations for better development.

Due to these factors, decorating a children's room deserves special care. Adding objects and furniture with modern and functional design, or other elements that collaborate at the time of playing and learning is a good option, going according to the child's personal tastes and stimulating their imagination.

It is possible to opt for a thematic decoration, choosing a child's hobby, highlighting an element, or even choosing a favorite character to dominate the space:

1. planned carpentry as an ally

To make the best use of the available space and still guarantee a unique and exclusive look, the planned furniture becomes an ally - both for a personalized decoration and for a greater functionality of the environment.

2. with few details it is possible to create a theme

This surf-themed room shows that a few details, allied to a great deal of creativity, can decorate the room with a specific theme, without the need for many elements or high investment.

Focusing on wall decoration is a good idea

To prove that it doesn't take much to bring more charm to the decoration of a child's room, this wall sticker proves to be the ideal element to bring more fun, besides having an educational function for children.

4. how about a differentiated headboard?

This one is accompanied by a shelf in the same bright yellow tone, an ideal space to keep storybooks always at hand. Another highlight of the room is the large collection of dolls arranged along the wall.

5. betting on a harmonious color palette is guaranteed success

With the planned furniture painted in white, the shades of lilac are applied to the bedding, the dolls, and the panel attached to the desk, ensuring a cheerful and relaxing space at the same time.

6. use of niches and stuffed animals

Besides the white furniture in natural wood tone, this room also has numerous niches with dedicated lighting to highlight the decorative elements, such as the various stuffed animals.

7. with plenty of room to gather the kids

With an unusual presentation, this room accommodates two raised beds installed on a wooden board and a crib suspended in between the beds. The wall painted with graphic elements in gray and white complements the charm of the room.

8. how about increasing the space for resting and playing?

With the intention of allowing plenty of play in an environment full of surprises, here the planned carpentry guarantees an unusual bunk bed, where the ladder has drawers to help organize the space.

9. shelves to help organize

Ideal for accommodating toys and decorative elements, in a child's room shelves become an indispensable item, keeping everything in its proper place.

10. light tones and fun niches

The niches that simulate learning blocks with letters of the alphabet were stacked on top of each other, ensuring a relaxed look for the corner.

11. retro look with sober colors

If you want to get away from colorful, themed rooms, this is a great example. The use of striped wallpaper and furniture painted in a dark shade of green ensures a timeless look that can remain the same over the years.

12. guaranteeing moments of fun

With the need to accommodate two children when receiving guests, the bunk bed got a new look by having a hanging bed accompanied by a protective net.

13. the more planned, the better

A beautiful example of how planned furniture can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Since the children's room usually accommodates toys and dolls, nothing better than a bookcase full of niches and doors, to hide certain elements.

14. lots of color for a cheerful environment

While the room works with the white and lilac color duo, the bedding and decorative elements have vibrant hues, bringing more joy to the space.

15. age-appropriate functionality

If the child already needs a space reserved for studying, a home office integrated into the bedroom is a good option. Here the drawers in vibrant yellow catch the eye, with space reserved to store the boy's collection of cars.

16. with few childish elements

In this neutral room, the only elements that give away the age of its occupant are the magic cube-shaped stools and some stuffed animals. An ideal look to keep for many years - and guarantee savings in the parents' pockets.

17. how about a bed for resting and playing?

The highlight of this environment is the house-shaped suspended bed, which has room for playtime and even has a curtain, simulating a hut, and the beloved slide.

18. how about a decorative panel?

Ideal to set the theme of the decoration of the room, opting for printing photos of landscapes or even drawings is super valid. Here the decoration still bets on contrasts, using vibrant tones in the furniture.

19. in shades of blue and white

In an environment with plenty of space, the bed becomes a sofa during leisure time, allowing the little one to relax while watching TV. The shelves are great allies of organization, accommodating both books and stuffed animals.

20. a starry sky to lull the dreams

With the space planned to accommodate two beds and a desk for studying, this beautiful room also features the use of lights embedded in the ceiling plaster, resembling stars.

21. two beds and desk

To accommodate the twins and make the look more fun, the decoration of the individual spaces for each of them is the same, with the same tones and furniture. The desk has plenty of space to accommodate both at the same time.

22. a shelf charm

The suspended shelf has ropes to hold it suspended, simulating a kind of swing and helping to organize the girl's toys.

23. all the neutrality of the white color

With a special design, this room accommodates a young girl who does not want a childish theme in her decoration.

24. mix of pink, yellow and gray

Although it is a girl's room, boys will also feel comfortable in this space, full of details in vibrant tones, a table set aside for activities, and a comfortable sofa for resting.

25. lights for every corner

Creating a look straight out of dreams, this room was covered with white panels, and even got small built-in lights to create the ideal atmosphere for any child. The shade of pink helps to break up the excess of white, ensuring more life to the environment.

26. the differential is in the headboard

Here, this item not only adorns the headboard of the bed, but partially encompasses it in the form of a large wooden panel, and is even used as the ideal display for the doll collection.

27. furniture can help creativity

A good option when choosing the material to be used for decorating the room is to choose elements that allow the child to let his or her imagination run free. Here the closet door serves as a board for the little ones to create their drawings at will.

28. everything within reach of the little ones

Both to facilitate the children's access to books and toys and to stimulate their autonomy, a good option is to bet on low shelves and organized on the floor, as indicated by the Montessori method.

29. delicacy and minimalism

In an environment where the color white reigns, the children's theme is approached in a discreet way, with the help of applications of teddy bears on the curtain and pillows. The shelf shows itself again as an indispensable element to organize the environment.

30. the importance of using the mirror

This element, in addition to helping the child in its development, also helps to enlarge the room. The wall painted in vibrant pink gains the company of shelves and nice stuffed animals.

31. to venture out to sea

Following the nautical theme, this room has a trio of white, red, and blue colors, typical of this type of decoration.

32. the dressing table as a highlight

It is common for children to be inspired by their parents, so the young girl's desire for a dressing table similar to the one seen in her mother's room is expected. With a playful design, this one even fulfills the function of an activity table.

33. shades of pink and little butterflies

With a decoration predominantly in light pink and white, it is still possible to see how the use of mirrors enriches the look of the environment.

34. beautiful and functional furniture

Using two bookcases with different functions but similar designs, this room provides all the necessary organization for the little one's books and toys.

35. especially for the little star

With a soccer theme, this room has a rug that simulates the field of play, and an imposing ball fixed to the ceiling in the center of the room.

36. to live in a fairy tale

It is impossible to enter this room and not be charmed by the bed with a design made especially for the little princess. With personalized carpentry, the bed has a castle-shaped frame, providing many moments of play.

37. a panel made especially for the little ones

While the bed gains structure made from the reuse of pallets, to make the wall more beautiful, a panel with a beautiful painting of a tree is hung in the middle of the two beds.

38. beautiful room in pastel shades

Light tones help to relax, and give the impression of a larger room, since they do not pollute the visual. Here the mixture of lilac and green is masterfully done.

39. a differentiated bed can change the look

Currently there are many options of beds with different formats on the market, covering the most varied tastes and budgets.

40. beautiful combination of yellow and blue

These two colors set the tone in the decoration, being present from the bedding to decorative elements and in the furniture itself.

41. functionality and style in a small space

With the desk helping to delimit the space reserved for the bed and a small ladder accessing it, this room has its useful area in a small space. Ideal for those seeking practicality and beauty, but with reduced measures.

42. classic furniture and lively wallpaper

For the more romantic girls, a good idea is to bet on furniture with a more classic design to make the environment even more charming. The wallpaper enriches the visual, and the pendant chandelier guarantees charm to the space.

43. lots of color and fun

Using multi-colored bedding and rugs, this room gains more appeal in the small details of the curtain and the stripes painted only on the upper part of the walls.

44. well used space

Despite its discreet measurements, this children's room has space reserved for the bed, niches for the doll collection, and a stylish desk with acrylic top.

45. how about a country decoration?

The highlight of this room was the stylish shelf attached to the foot of the bed. With a part that simulates fences to store books, the furniture still has a special country house look, enhancing the decoration.

46 A headboard full of charm and style

Here the headboard is replaced by a wooden panel fixed to the wall, which has small recessed niches painted in various colors, which also received dedicated lighting, highlighting the objects inside.

47. flowers and bears in the decoration

Using shades of pink, this room is accompanied by friendly bears in the same shades as the rest of the room. For a harmonious decoration, both the wallpaper and the bedding have similar floral patterns.

48. futuristic design for a thematic decoration

Using the soccer theme, this room has a rug that simulates the field, a panel with a photo of the stands, and the highlight of the space: a bed in an unusual format to mark presence.

49. delicacy in shades of pink

Another more romantic decoration style, the use of pink associated with the dresser and the chandelier with more classic looks helps to keep the tone.

50. crown-themed

When talking about themed decoration, it is important to emphasize that any element can be used, such as crowns, or even clouds. Here the crowns were attached to the wall, as well as appearing on the pillows, bedding, and decorative objects.

51. a wallpaper to get in the mood

As the decoration is predominantly white, nothing like a wallpaper with colors and prints to add liveliness to the environment. Following the same style, niches in shapes of little houses.

52. the little Lego lover will love this room!

With the custom-shaped furniture reminiscent of the pieces in this matching game, the incredible look of this room is rounded off by the large panel with the poster from the movie franchise.

53 A shelf to organize and beautify

Pink and white tones are seen throughout the room, from the furniture to the wallpaper. Besides the mosquito netting fixed above the bed, another element that enhances the decoration is the bookcase in the shape of a little house.

54. a breathtaking ceiling

For those who want a differentiated decoration, a good idea is to bet on a decorated ceiling, leaving the walls and furniture with a more basic look.

55. a dream room with blue details

This is a departure from the traditional preference for girls to decorate in shades of pink, but here the decoration is based on blue, with the curtains around the bed and the beautiful chandelier above the desk standing out.

56. set in a castle of dreams

In addition to the blue sky with small clouds on the walls and ceiling, the bed was positioned between a wooden frame in the shape of a castle, to lull the little princesses to sleep.

57. a jungle for the little pathfinder

Here a wooden structure ensures space reserved for the bed, activity table and shelves. The use of green and brown help maintain the theme. A special highlight is the ladder simulating a vine with stuffed animals.

58. the use of panels facilitates the organization

As the space is large and allows divisions, the use of panels facilitates the organization of the space. With a central piece full of niches and lights working as a divider, the sleeping area is separated from the hygiene area.

59. to take your imagination to the clouds

With a cloud theme, this room uses this element in the decoration in several ways, such as pendant, ceiling decoration and furniture in this format.

60. the curtain as part of the decoration

By having walls covered with striped wallpaper and a ceiling painted in gray with recessed lights, the light-colored curtain composes the decoration, breaking the reign of the wallpaper.

61. activity corner and multifunctional bed

Featuring a color palette that includes shades of yellow and lilac, this room has a wooden panel attached to the wall, with a roll of paper intended for moments of activity and learning. A special highlight is the unusual format of the bed, which also serves as a shelf.

62. bunk bed with niches and colored wallpaper

Despite having a design very similar to the classic bunk beds, this version has a structure full of niches, with various colors, ideal for storing dolls and stuffed animals.

63. everything in its place

With ample space, this room has a division made through a wooden panel, separating the sleeping area from the study and activity area. For a relaxed look, wallpapers mix different patterns.

64. shades of white and red, for a contemporary look

The mix of these two colors guarantees a contemporary look to the room. With ample space and planned arrangement of the furniture, it is possible to group two beds and a desk in an organized way and without difficulties.

65. to delight superhero fans

Featuring a panel with the features and uniforms of the room owner's favorite superheroes, the room also receives furniture in vibrant shades, as well as elements reminiscent of the decoration theme.

66. blue and green duo for a simplistic decoration

Without many elements and using the mixture of the two colors to decorate the room, this room uses fabric painting in order to make the wall look more interesting, always following the color palette used.

67. pink decoration and mirrored cabinet

The pink striped wallpaper is complemented by the shelf in the same color, where the dolls have their place.

68. stripes used in different ways

While the wall that accommodates the bed gets wallpaper with horizontal stripes in blue, the contralateral wall gets a sofa using the same pattern, but in vertical form.

69. a bed with a unique, personalized look

Made through custom cabinetry, the bed is located upstairs, where the bottom part is reserved to accommodate part of the desk and becomes a shelf with colorful drawers.

70. the beauty of simplicity

Without many details, this room has neutral furniture and standard tones. To evoke childhood, pictures with playful paintings were fixed above the headboard.

71. shades of blue and some clouds for the little aviator

Following this theme, it is possible to see small airplanes on the bed linen, as well as a larger piece fixed on the wall above the bed, which also received a special blue painting with a drawing of small clouds.

72 Three-tone mix to brighten up the environment

The color palette chosen for this room encompasses shades of pink, lilac, and green, bringing joy and fun to the room. These can be seen on the wall, in the niches, and on the bedding.

73. a classic, bear-themed look

Despite having a rustic-looking wall and exposed bricks, the remaining elements of this room are classic in style, from the furniture to the use of gold and the wallpaper.

74: Ideal for fans of this beloved and mischievous dog

Featuring wallpaper in the Scooby-Doo theme, this room also has a differentiated bunk bed, with the upper bed having its access through a camouflaged ladder and a special panel for the car collection.

75. touches of blue and yellow for a cheerful environment

The mix of these two colors can be seen both in the furniture and in the bedding. The special highlight of this environment goes to the carpet, which looks similar to a game board and makes the space more fun.

With a little planning and a lot of imagination, it is possible to transform any room into an environment conducive to fun and creativity development of the little ones. Whether following a theme such as clouds, video games, or soccer, or counting on children's beds with a different look, just choose one of the inspirations above and change the decoration of the space reserved especially forchildren.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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