8 natural tips on how to scare away flies for good

8 natural tips on how to scare away flies for good
Robert Rivera

The home is the family sanctuary, so it is essential to be a peaceful and pleasant place. This is not always possible when unwanted insects, such as flies, appear on the premises. Besides being inconvenient, they can contaminate food and bring diseases. So, check out the best ways on how to scare flies away from your home:

Best natural options and products for scaring away flies

Not sure what to do to prevent flies from appearing in your kitchen or disturbing everyone's rest? Then check out these natural ideas and products that you can put into practice very easily.

How to scare away flies with vinegar

This is a simple and practical way to eliminate flies from the kitchen, or to send them far away at barbecue time!

  1. In half a liter of water, put half a bottle of white vinegar;
  2. Perform surface cleaning;
  3. Wipe the tables, floor and countertops in the kitchen or barbecue area with a damp cloth with the vinegar mixture.

How to scare away flies with lemon and clove

This is a very practical and easy option to scare away flies. It is a good tip to use in the kitchen, especially when preparing or serving food.

  1. Separate a lemon and a package of cloves;
  2. Cut the lemon in half;
  3. Stick the cloves into each half;
  4. Leave it in the kitchen to keep the flies away.

How to scare away flies with rue, water, and alcohol

Having this recipe prepared is a good way to get rid of the nuisance of flies as soon as they appear. This is a good suggestion for a homemade repellent, and besides being inexpensive, it is a natural option for taking care of your home and family.

  1. Put 1 liter of water in the blender;
  2. Add 250 ml of alcohol;
  3. Add dried rue leaves;
  4. Whisk the mixture and strain;
  5. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it around the house in the early evening.

How to quickly scare away flies with onions

An onion can be easily found in any kitchen. Take advantage of this quick and very simple tip to scare the flies away. It won't take more than a few seconds to prepare and send the flies away!

  1. Slice an onion;
  2. Leave it on the eaves of the windows;
  3. The strong smell of onions scares flies away.

How to scare away flies with basil

If flies are hanging around and causing a nuisance in a specific place, such as the kitchen sink or table, just follow this tip.

  1. In a vase, put a good amount of water;
  2. Crush basil leaves in this container;
  3. Leave it in the place where the flies stay the most.

How to scare away flies with mint and rosemary

In addition to being practical, this tip will scare flies away from your kitchen and guarantee fresh spices for your preparations:

  1. Grow a small kitchen garden with a pot of mint and/or rosemary;
  2. The intense smell of these herbs keeps the invaders away.

How to scare away flies with coffee

This is a simple trick to scare away flies and even mosquitoes, but beware, do it in well-ventilated places and avoid staying in the room until the smoke clears.

  1. Put spoonfuls of coffee powder in a bowl;
  2. With a lighter, burn the powder;
  3. The smoke generated will scare the flies away.

How to stop flies with a PET bottle

If flies never give you a break in your daily routine, or even that special Sunday lunch, get this trap ready!

  1. Cut a PET bottle in half and paint it black;
  2. Boil a glass of water and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar;
  3. Wait for the mixture to cool and add 1 g of biological yeast;
  4. Arrange everything in the PET bottle and hang it up;
  5. Remember to change the container every 3 months.

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With these simple tricks that cost very little, it is possible to keep the kitchen and other rooms in the house free from flies. So choose the methods you prefer and put them into action today.

What attracts flies?

Flies are attracted by food leftovers and garbage in general, so it is essential that the garbage cans are always sealed. Also, bran or peelings accumulation and other organic residues on the kitchen counter are also sources of attraction. A good organization in the kitchen will help to prevent them from appearing at any time. Do not leave food exposed, uncovered, nor fruits and vegetables.overripe vegetables in the fruit bowl, as they may attract flies.

What to do to drive flies away for good: precautions to keep them away

In addition to natural care to scare flies away from your home, it is also important to take care of the environment itself, so check out these tips to keep flies out of your home.

  • Smells that scare flies away: Herbs or foods with strong or striking smells are one of the best options to always have around to keep flies away, such as clove, mint, basil, or citronella. If you prefer, you can use aromatic candles or essential oils.
  • Keep the jars always sealed: The smell of food attracts flies, so keeping food sealed prevents the appearance of insects in general.
  • Don't accumulate dirty dishes: leftover food on plates and in pots and pans attracts flies, so it is good to prevent dishes from piling up.
  • Change cloths and sponges regularly: keep the cloths and sponges always dry and preserved, since the humidity in these items helps the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and fly eggs.
  • Remove the garbage daily: Decomposing material attracts the invaders, so it is important to avoid the accumulation of garbage at home.
  • Separate the organic and recyclable garbage: leave food scraps away from home and separate a garbage can only for dry waste and destined for selective collection. Remember to wash recyclable packaging.

Just follow these tips to keep your home free of flies. And if you suffer from infestation of other insects, check also how to fight ants.

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