8 types of homemade fertilizer to make and have healthy plants

8 types of homemade fertilizer to make and have healthy plants
Robert Rivera

Homemade compost is the best friend of anyone who loves plants and wants to keep them healthy and green. From food scraps to talc and wood ashes, there are many sources of nutrients that you can use to give your garden a special treat. Below you will find 8 videos that will teach you step by step how to make the best quality homemade compost!

How to make homemade compost with food scraps

Did you know that much of what goes into your organic waste could go into your plant pots? In the video above you can see how you can reuse fruit peels, dried flowers, coffee grounds, and other leftovers to create a very powerful fertilizer.

All about coffee grounds as fertilizer

You've probably seen gardening tips that use coffee grounds as natural fertilizer for plants, but do you know what this detritus does for them? Find out everything you need to know about this fertilizer and how to use it correctly.

Homemade compost for succulents

Succulents are a favorite plant of many, and they are gaining more and more space in decoration. If you want to learn how to keep your succulents always beautiful and healthy, the video above is perfect for you! In it, you learn how to produce a powerful mix that will transform your garden.

How to make homemade fertilizer for ferns

If you have a fern out there that's a little sad, don't miss this video. Learn how to make a super simple fertilizer that promises to make your fern bigger, brighter, and a beautiful shade of green!

Simple homemade fertilizer for orchids

To have orchids always blooming, nothing better than a good organic fertilizer. Check out, in the video above, the step by step process to produce two fantastic fertilizers using eggshells, talc, cinnamon and other ingredients that will transform your flowers!

Organic and homemade fertilizer for flowering

A well composted substrate is a must for flowers and fruit plants. Learn how to make a quality compost to ensure a good bloom using pumpkin seeds in the video above.

How to make NPK fertilizer at home

Use organic materials you have at home to produce a quality NPK fertilizer that is easy and super cheap! Check out the video above to learn how.

How to use eggshells as homemade fertilizer

Do you throw a lot of eggshells in the garbage in your house? Start saving them and learn how to create a perfect homemade compost using what you no longer have use for, with the step by step video above!

With these tips your plants will always stay green, shiny and healthy! Also, check out these ideas for apartment plants and turn your home into a mini jungle!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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