80 beautiful shelf models for living room that bring comfort and beauty

80 beautiful shelf models for living room that bring comfort and beauty
Robert Rivera

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The living room shelf has several uses. For example, besides organizing the room, it also makes it look beautiful. Decorating a room doesn't have to be a difficult task. Therefore, some pieces are wild cards, so check out 80 living room shelf ideas that will renew the most visited room of the house.

80 living room shelf pictures for a cozy atmosphere

Decorating a room may seem like a complicated task, but with the right inspirations and a lot of creativity it is possible to revitalize any room using few resources.

Are you looking for a living room shelf?

This type of furniture helps to renew the environment

3. it adapts to any decoration style

4. shelves can help integrate the environments

5. plants are very welcome on high shelves

6. lighting helps decorative objects stand out

7. the same goes for natural light

8. a shelf for a small living room brings functionality to the environment

9. if space is tight, it is possible to have built-in shelves

10. the combination with the slatted panel is a contemporary trend

11. the monochromatic environment is refined

12. if the apartment is small, optimizing space is fundamental

13. a wooden shelf for the living room makes the room look elegant

14. plants like the boa bring more life to the shelf

15. other hanging plants also go well with this piece of furniture

16. especially if you have a lot of space

17. contrasts highlight the furniture

18. neutral tones convey tranquility

19. how about betting on mirrors in your living room shelf?

20. don't forget to use decorative objects in your bookcase

21- A shelf for a TV room can make it contemporary

22. industrial decoration is always a great idea

23. this style has a modern and functional proposal

24: Want to see some more options for small rooms?

25. in this case, the important thing is to take advantage of all the available space

26. creativity will be your best friend

27. with planning it is even possible to have a vertical garden

28. plaster shelves are for those determined people

29 The hollow shelves give the room more ventilation

30. large spaces must also be well used

31 Therefore, mixing materials can be useful

32 After all, it is impossible not to fall in love with a room like this

33. mixing colors can also be amazing

34. however, don't forget to keep a consistent style in the decoration

35 The wooden shelf for the living room matches the slatted panel

36. metalon brings modernity indoors

37. this material goes very well with plants and neutral objects

38- The living room shelf can hold pictures without drilling holes

39. in this way, you can change your decorative objects without stress

Who says air-conditioning can't be part of the decor?

41. the shape of your shelf can be innovative

42. or you can be more conservative

43. the important thing is that the shelf has your face

44. your apartment will be very stylish

45. how about joining the living room shelf with the slatted panel?

46. no matter the color, the combination will be sensational

47. the dark tones give a unique contrast

48. if the slatted panel is at the bottom, it brings more amplitude to the room

49. a high ceiling requires a shelf to match

50. don't forget the lighting for the environment to be complete

51. furthermore, the lighting can be indirect

52. or made with LED spots

53 These lamps can even be embedded in the shelf

54. this will make your environment much more comfortable

55 The natural lighting, in turn, highlights the environment

56. this way, your environment will be charming and welcoming

57. gray will highlight the other pieces of decoration

58. and the rest of the room, too

59. pastel shades leave a clean environment

60 In certain cases, it is possible to join the office to the living room

61. after all, with small rooms, what is important is functionality

62 The dining room shelf is all about functionality

63. matching metalon requires attention

64. gray is easier to adapt

65. woody tones bring sobriety to the room

66. lightness can come from decorative vases on the shelf

67 The same goes for decorative plates and other porcelain objects

68. your tv room will never be the same again

69. plants will make the living room look amazing

70 - The paintings give your room the personality it needs

71 The arts can bring the necessary lightness

72 Why not use the shelf to make a vertical garden?

73. it is also possible to dare and make asymmetric shelves

74 The shelf can be an element of integration between the living room and the kitchen

75. decorative objects will have special emphasis on your shelf

76. whether they are plants or decorative vases, the space will be very special

77. your shelf can have the same color as the wall for a minimalist room

78. textures are very important in decoration

79. for this, the decorative plates must have a reserved place

80 Finally, your living room shelf must have your personality

With so many sensational ideas it is easy to get inspired, isn't it? You can plan the whole environment or buy some ready-made pieces. In this way, see where to buy a shelf to start redecorating right now.

Where you can buy a living room shelf

Shelves are easy-to-install pieces of furniture, and come in many shapes and sizes, so check out six stores to buy amazing shelves.

  1. Mobly;
  2. American;
  3. Submarine;
  4. Shoptime.
  5. C&C BR;

Beautiful shelves and furniture can make a room look amazing, but it will look lifeless if they are empty, so you should also invest in decorative vases for the living room.

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