90 open closet ideas to make your home stylish and organized

90 open closet ideas to make your home stylish and organized
Robert Rivera

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The open closet is an ideal option for those who like to keep organized. The demand for it has been increasing, replacing the traditional options with doors. In addition, it allows for greater ease in finding the piece or object that is being sought inside, since they are exposed and always visible to the eye. Check out the following several options and tips for open closet for your home.

90 open closet pictures to help you choose the right one for you

The open closet is great when it comes to organization. With larger options, for those who have plenty of space, and smaller ones for small spaces, it is ideal for all tastes! Check out photos and see which one is best for you:

1. an open closet is great for those who want to keep their things organized

2. with large and more elaborate options for those who have space

3. can be tailor-made, that is, planned

4. with it you can store several items

5. some models have multiple partitions

6. ideal for storing your clothes and shoes

7. you can choose to have the closet inside the bedroom

8. or you can mount it in another room

9. it all depends on how much space you have

10. the bigger it is, the more things you can organize in it

11. invest in a modern designer

12. or in a basic one, for those who prefer minimalist decorations

13. for those who like a rustic style, highlight the wood

14. include some glass details

15. and even a mirror

16. lighting is also important

17. if possible, take advantage of sunlight

18. or bet on artificial light to illuminate

19. the open closet made of natural wood is beautiful and transforms the environment

20. spacious and with several separations

21 - In addition to bringing elegance to the com

22. use boxes to help with organization

23. think about drawer and hanger spaces for clothes

24: How about such an open closet in your home?

25. the models and sizes are varied

26. this is ideal for those who have many clothes and shoes

27. it's even worth having a closet just for shoes

28. or just to organize your clothes

29. storage space will not be lacking

30. you can even organize the pieces by color

31. this makes it easier to choose the look on a daily basis

32. keep T-shirts and shirts hanging up

33. and the well-folded pants and shorts

34. so you can organize your clothes and shoes

35- If you are short on space, go for smaller closets

36. in this way, you organize without taking up too much space

37. with simplicity and elegance

38. also try to reconcile the environments

39. for example, set up your closet together with your study corner

40. or take advantage of the hallway in your house

41. the important thing is to optimize the space you have

42) How about choosing your look while doing your make-up?

43. regardless of size, it is possible to keep everything organized

44 - Separating a different area for each type of clothing

45. the small open closet also makes your home more beautiful

46. look how charming this option is

47. another nice option is the wardrobe-style open closet

48. you can mount on any wall in your room

49. leaving a very nice and differentiated touch

50. and of course, make good use of the spaces

51. the options for an open closet are countless

52. for all tastes and styles

53. of the most modern

54. to the more traditional

55. either in a separate location

56. or dividing environments

57. you can choose planned options

58. tailor-made for the chosen space

59 - in other words, you can make a dream closet!

60. let it be beautiful and modern

61 The simpler version has its charm

62. the few compartments are great for frequently used parts

63. and that they need to be always at hand

64: How about a model like this?

65. dedicate a space for shoes

66. leave the less used clothes in boxes

67. keeping everything in its place

68. and leave your house or room organized

69. this option has plenty of rack space

70 In this corner closet, you can store several things on its shelves

71 Have you ever thought of building an open closet for your baby?

72 You can keep his clothes tidy

73 And when you need a part, it will be easier to find

74. What do you think about an open closet to organize handbags and shoes?

75. add a touch of color to your decor

76. or do something more neutral with brown

77. a rug makes the room cozy

78 - If you prefer, include only the hanger

79. this model is simple and functional

80. and you can do it yourself at home

81 The more elaborate ones, on the other hand, need to be manufactured in-house.

82. but, depending on the model, you can find it ready in big stores

83. so it is only necessary to do the assembly

84. regardless of the model

85. and the chosen size

86. there is an open closet to please all tastes

87. choose the one that best fits your needs

88. think about whether you prefer to put it in the bedroom

89. or do it in a separate room

90. the important thing is to keep the pieces organized!

The open closet is ideal for those who like organization. With several sizes and models, it is easy to choose the best one for you.

How to make an open closet

Many people wish to have an open closet at home, but in some cases, the cost is a bit high. How about making your own closet? Check out tips and tutorials:

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Types of Open Closets

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With all these inspirations and ideas for open closets, it's time to choose and build your own!

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