All the beauty and sophistication of white granite for your home

All the beauty and sophistication of white granite for your home
Robert Rivera

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Granite is a material frequently used in constructions, and can be used for flooring, walls, countertops, and stairs, adding beauty and refinement to the environment. Formed by one or more minerals, its most common form is a mixture of atoms from various materials, including quartz, mica, and feldspar.

Because its appearance results from the cooling and solidification of the magma composed of these materials inside the earth's crust, its enchanting look has unique and personalized designs, with various grains of various colors and sizes - elements that give the stone its name.

According to architect Renata Barcellos, the tendency to use granite in decoration goes back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, for example, this material was used in the construction of large buildings, monuments, tombs, and sculptures.

With several options in the market, its name varies according to the predominant color of the stone or the place from where it is extracted. According to the professional, one of the most popular is white granite, since besides its beauty and the feeling of a more illuminated environment, it is still a resistant and durable material, and can even receive a new polishing if necessary, keeping its new look forlonger.

Advantages of white granite

According to the architect, this type of granite is ideal to make the environment brighter, enlarging it. It also brings a sense of cleanliness, since it does not hide small dirt that is normally imperceptible in darker materials.

Another advantage is that this material has a much higher resistance to abrasion, shock and impact than marble, porcelain tiles and ceramics, with long durability and affordable price. Its porosity is low, making it a good option for environments with humidity or direct contact with water.

Types of white granite

Guaranteeing a clear look and enhancing the environment in which it is applied, white granite has been increasingly used in homes. As its manufacturing process is natural, each stone will have a unique look, with different shades and designs on its surface.

Check below some of the most used white granite options and their characteristics, explained by the architect:

Siena White Granite

According to the professional, this option is the favorite of professionals in the decoration area. It has a more beige tone, with small and uniform grains, besides having low absorption. Its main characteristic is the whitish background composed of pinkish dots. "It can be used in countertops for the kitchen, laundry room, floors, bathroom countertops, among others", Renata indicates.

Itaunas White Granite

"This stone is the most similar to marble, it is noble and elegant", reveals the professional. Versatile, it has a beige tone with some red, gray, and greenish spots, and can also be used outdoors, since it has low water absorption.

Polar White Granite

It is also known as Ceará granite, since it is extracted in the region of this state. Its design is composed of spaced and natural stains in shades of gray and black. "As this is a stone with low absorption, it is one of the most expensive white granite options", explains the professional. It can be applied on countertops, floors, and to cover walls or stairs.

Ivory White Granite

With a light, slightly greenish background, it has few black spots in its extension. With low absorption and medium uniformity, it must be applied preferably indoors.

Dallas White Granite

This type of granite has a light background, with purple and black grains spread all over its extension. It is perfect for various types of projects, since it can receive the most varied finishes, such as honed, flamed, polished, and levigato.

Aqualux White Granite

According to Renata, this granite has a light beige background and several pigments close to the stone's background color. Because its stains are small and close to each other, the visual of this material is uniform, beautifying the environment. It can be used in countertops, floors, stairs, among others.

Granite White Fortaleza

Ideal for lovers of black and white, this stone has a clear background, with small points of gray and black, with a unique visual. The architect explains that this stone is one of the options with the lowest price in the market. Another positive point is that it is very resistant, due to the greater presence of quartz in its composition. It also has low water absorption and, therefore, can be seen both inindoors as well as outdoors,.

Does white granite stain? How should it be cleaned?

Granite, like any other stone that has a degree of porosity, can absorb certain liquids, causing stains on its surface. Among the main causes of stains are soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. In case any of them get on the granite, we recommend cleaning it as soon as possible.

According to Renata, the daily cleaning of granite must be done using a cloth dampened with a solution of water and detergent, neutral soap, or coconut soap. After cleaning, wipe it with just water to remove any residue of the products. Finish it with a soft cloth. Avoid chemical or abrasive products to avoid damaging the material.

There is also the possibility of waterproofing the granite, prolonging its useful life and avoiding the absorption of liquids. For this, the architect recommends looking for a specialized professional or a marble store. The cost of the process may vary according to the model of the stone.

60 ambiences with white granite to die for

Now that you know the different types of white granite and their particularities, check out a selection of beautiful environments that use this stone for inspiration:

1. a kitchen with light colors, enlarging the environment

This kitchen integrates with the living room through a small counter. For the sink countertop, the granite chosen was white Siena, which matches the light tones also applied in the planned furniture. The metallic colored tiles guarantee charm and style to this predominantly neutral kitchen.

2. for a stylish kitchen: white and woody

The white color of the cabinets associated with the wood found in the panels and in the kitchen table gives style and personality to the room. For a more beautiful look, the ivory white granite was applied on the countertops, on the baseboards of the cabinets, and on the walls of the kitchen.

3. stainless steel appliances for a modern look

Using the granite Itaúnas, this kitchen received the stone in the countertops and baseboards along with the planned furniture. The hanging cabinet received doors with a metallic finish in old gold tone. Bringing a contemporary touch, all appliances have stainless steel finish.

4. white granite Itaúnas from the floor to the countertops

With the furniture all in white, this kitchen has good lighting, which is perfect for food preparation time. The focused spotlights help in this aspect, as does the white curtain. The stainless steel appliances keep the line more minimalist, and granite was applied in the countertops, baseboards and floor.

5. a bathroom full of color and beauty

To highlight the vibrant tones used on the wall and in the cabinet, the white granite Siena marks its presence on the countertop and on the wall behind the toilet, providing a sense of continuity and a certain amplitude to the environment of reduced measures.

6. all white, with a lot of elegance

This kitchen is a good option for those who like an environment with white as the predominant color. The shade gives refinement to the room, leaving it with more style. Granite figures in the baseboard of the cabinets and in the long countertop, which connects the kitchen to the barbecue area, producing an integrated environment, beautiful and large.

7. betting on beige tones is a guarantee of beauty

As the Itaúnas white granite has a background in a shade close to beige, complementing the decoration with light wood furniture creates harmony in the room. The functionality of this kitchen is guaranteed by the large island with granite countertop, where it is possible to cook, cut, and sanitize the food.

8. peninsula made with Dallas white granite

Due to the characteristic of having black dots all over it, this type of material matches perfectly with the black stools and the white base of the kitchen cabinets. For a special charm, the cabinet doors were given a woody finish.

9. highlight the colorful furniture

Here it is possible to observe another very useful function of white granite: to highlight the furniture in vibrant tones. As the color yellow was chosen to brighten up the environment, the use of the stone in the sink countertop highlights the radiant tone. To harmonize, one of the hanging cabinets received white doors, breaking the predominance of yellow.

10. beautiful white and orange bathroom

With a good look clean With the predominant white color, a vertical strip appears in the shower stall area with orange tiles. The sink countertop in a rounded shape was made of white granite Itaúnas.

11. a duo of white granite Itaúnas and wood, sure beauty

Sober tones in a small and beautiful kitchen. Once again the white granite Itaúnas marks its presence, showing itself as one of the favorite models when building and decorating. To give more charm to the environment, light wood cabinets with gray metal finishing.

12. plenty of granite for a functional gourmet area

This gourmet area uses white granite to cover the walls, countertops, and even the barbecue grill, which not only makes cleaning easier, but also makes the environment clearer and larger.

13. small but functional outdoor area

This small laundry room has the necessary measurements to accommodate the washer and dryer, the tank, and a small closet with wooden doors.

14. a retro kitchen, super stylish

The antique look is due to the use of traditional cabinetry and the option of covering the walls with subway tiles. Granite stone was applied to the sink and the countertop used for meals. Since the kitchen is predominantly white, the red stools stand out.

15. leave your cooktop even more beautiful

A great resource to highlight even more the metallic appliances is to opt for the use of white stone in the kitchen countertop. Here, you can see how the light tone gives refinement to the environment. A good idea is to add decorative objects with strong colors, like the small red vases in the photo.

16. external area in granite and tiles

In this environment, the Itaúnas model was used to cover both the sink countertop and the pre-molded barbecue grill, proving to be a good option to cover the item, making it more beautiful and harmonizing the environment. To give more color to the environment, the wall above the sink was covered with green pastilles.

17. bathroom small in size but big in style

Using light colors to decorate a small room is a favorite feature of decoration professionals. They enlarge the room and bring in more light. This solution can be seen in the white as the predominant color in this room. To add a bit of color, the closet was given a beautiful blue tone.

18. more emphasis on the bathroom tub

As the support sink was made in white ceramic, the countertop in white granite Ceará helps to highlight it, besides harmonizing it with the dotted pattern and with the mosaic of tiles applied vertically on the wall next to the sink. The white cabinet guarantees the balance between the colors.

19. white granite Itaunas, the decorators' darling

Here it is used in a bathroom with white cladding and light wood furniture. To provide more amplitude, large mirrors are placed in the doors of the hanging cabinet. Recessed lights provide even more style.

20. double ideal: granite and white cabinets

For a kitchen with white cabinets, the white granite countertop with grayish background forms an ideal pair. The knobs with matte metal finish bring refinement and beauty to the cabinet, harmonizing with the stainless steel details of the sink and the accessories.

21. ideal to combine with dark wood

Here, the kitchen has mostly dark tones, visualized in the gray wall, the wood floor, and the cabinets in shades of tobacco wood. While the stainless steel appliances make the room more refined, white granite is used in the "L" shaped countertop and the side wall.

22. for a clear and delicate area

The granite white Itaúnas was chosen to bring more hygiene and beauty to the laundry area. It was applied on the countertop and on the baseboard of the built-in white cabinet. As the rest of the room is all white, the stainless steel tank ensures sophistication and modernity to the room, as well as the gray cabinet knobs.

23. countertop with unusual design

The bathroom in light colors received a beautiful countertop in white Dallas granite with a differentiated design and hanging cabinets with drawers and doors. The sides of the cabinet were made in a light shade of wood, while the doors remained white.

24. imposing "U" shaped bench

The kitchen in shades of beige and white received a large countertop in "U" format, which covers the entire sink area, region of the stove and a space for meals. The cabinets are finished in light wood and a strip with a mosaic of tiles in shades of beige and glossy finish, which make the look more beautiful.

25. modern bathroom, in a sober tone

With straight lines and a lot of style, this bathroom has a toilet with a contemporary design, a large support bowl and a minimalist faucet. Instead of using a traditional towel rack, a ladder fulfills this function. In the shower the mustard tone predominates, and granite is present in the countertop and in the wall behind the sink.

26. white and beige, a combination you can't miss

The cabinets have two types of finishes, one in a plain beige tone, while the other is a blend of beige and white, present both in the upper and lower cabinets. White granite appears throughout the countertop, and the wallpaper simulates a texture, enriching the look of the room.

27. black and white transition

In this kitchen, the black and white duo sets the tone. White predominates, present in the cabinets and the appliances, while black is present in the wall cladding, through the beautiful and stylish subway tiles. To smoothly blend the two tones, the countertop stone features beads that include both colors.

28. style and refinement in one environment

White Roman granite was used for this beautiful kitchen. With its marble-like design, the material was applied on the U-shaped countertop and on the walls, integrating the spaces. The cabinets have white doors and bases in a grayish wood tone, which ensures harmony to the environment.

29. white, brown and beige, like the stone shades

The use of granite in this kitchen couldn't be more appropriate, since it perfectly blends all the shades presented by the furniture present in the room. While the bases of the cabinets were made in shades of brown, their doors vary in white and in the same tone. The beige chairs finish the look.

30. traditional kitchen with predominant white

Besides the cabinets in a more traditional style, the option for the white color and the golden color light rail give it a beautiful look, full of personality. The cabinets have recessed lighting and the large countertop was made of white granite.

31. functional kitchen, with stainless steel appliances

Electing stainless steel appliances for the kitchen is a good option, since the material matches any color, besides giving refinement to the environment. Here they complement the kitchen with light furniture and grayish tiles applied on the walls, which match perfectly with the white granite countertop.

32. stylish kitchen with ample space

Ideal for gathering friends and family, this kitchen elected cabinets in dark wood tones and a tessellation application that mixes shades of beige and brown to beautify and protect the walls from dirt.

33. granite countertop separating kitchen and living room

This granite tone, with a beige background, is a great option to decorate and bring functionality to any kitchen. Here it is used in the dining area, exactly the place that divides the kitchen from the living room, integrating the spaces.

34. functionality and style in one large workbench

For a functional kitchen, it is extremely important to have an adequate place for food preparation, handling and sanitation, and this large countertop fulfills this role very well. cooktop Granite adds beauty to a stylish kitchen.

35 - For a neutral environment, any detail makes a difference

Here the look is based on the combination of white, woody tones and small black details. To ensure more beauty to the kitchen, a strip with a mosaic of black and white tiles was applied vertically in the room. The white granite Itaúnas was chosen for the kitchen countertop.

36. small kitchen, full of personality

Elaborated in a "U" shape, the countertop used Siena white granite to beautify and bring functionality to the small space. cooktop The stone was also used to cover the wall behind the faucet, which retains water splashes.

37. white granite Itaúnas with brilliant finishing

To make the sink countertop more beautiful and charming, the stone received a polished and shiny finish, helping to reflect the light into the room. To accompany the wooden beam contained in the wall, the stone was cut into small rectangles and applied in order to follow the structure's design.

Still haven't found the inspiration you needed? Then check out more pictures of projects that use this type of stone that guarantees extra charm to the home:

38. white Cristal granite embellishes the sink with semi-plenished sinks

39 For a neutral restroom, white granite Caravelas

40. white granite island and black granite countertops

41. alaska white granite brings refinement to the room

42. polar white granite, making the perfect transition between white and gray

43. granite adds beauty to the floor

44. the color and the glossy finish make the floor more sophisticated

45. light tones guarantee a brighter kitchen

46. granite applied in the island and on the side countertops

47. ideal tone to match the woody cabinet

48. the flamed finish of Dallas white granite is ideal for poolside use

49. kitchen with widely used Siena white granite

50 The bench in the outdoor area was made of white granite Siena, highlighting the beautiful vertical garden

51. white Siena granite with levigated finishing for a stylish outdoor area

52. countertop with sink carved in the stone

53. clear countertop, leaving the highlight to the tile adhesives

54. ideal tone to let the yellow of the furniture reign

55. kitchen in neutral tones, granite countertop and wooden shelves

56.The countertop's tone blends perfectly with that of the cabinets

57. all over the bench, including the sides

58. how about adding some color to the countertop? orange is a good option

59. stone with a grayish background combined with beige furniture

60 The wooden panel adds a special charm to the room

61 Neutral furniture in the room worked with red tiles

62. bench with differentiated cutout

63 - Making the laundry room even more beautiful

Cost-effective and beautiful, white granite is a versatile material that can be used from the floor to walls and countertops, adding charm and sophistication to any environment.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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