Bathroom Sconces: 65 great ideas to include in your decor

Bathroom Sconces: 65 great ideas to include in your decor
Robert Rivera

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The bathroom sconce ensures an additional elegance in the decoration of the space. Besides being an object of utmost importance to ensure better visibility, especially in front of the mirror, it can directly influence the comfort of the environment during that long-awaited moment of relaxation.

65 pictures of bathroom sconces in inspiring designs

Check out the list of inspirations with bathroom sconce models of the most diverse styles and for the most varied types of decoration. Next, find out how to include the piece in your project according to your expectations:

1. the sconce ensures a cozy point of light in the bathroom

2. besides creating a perfect half-light for bathing and relaxing moments

3. it also becomes a lighting enhancement

4. the bathroom sconce is ideal for the moment of basic care in front of the mirror

5. it can be part of the bathroom's combined metal composition

6. or be part of the decoration of the environment as a whole

7. you can choose a more discreet piece

8. or something that draws attention to a unique style

9. bold sconces make the bathroom more modern

10. classic pieces give a luxurious look to the space

11. installation can be done on the mirror

12. directly in the woodworking shop

13. and even on the side, taking advantage of the ceiling's light output

14. dome sconces look perfect in rustic bathrooms

15. and also in that totally classical space

16. by the way, within this style everything seems to become more elegant

17. but if you want a little more refinement, go for the gold finish

18. it will give a special charm to your bathroom

19. going back to the rustic, metal and glass sconces meet the proposal well

20. but metallic finishes give a refined touch to the rudimentary

21. in contemporary decorations, a rustic piece makes all the difference

22. and combined with the hanging mirror, the sconce guarantees a precise focus

23. sconces can be installed over the bathtub

24. but it is also possible to install the bathroom sconce over the countertop

25: See what bath time looks like with just the sconce lit!

26. the milky dome filters the lamp's power nicely

27 But if the idea is to leave it exposed, you can use a weaker lamp

Here, the geometric-shaped sconce followed the decoration proposal

29. redirecting sconces are perfect for small bathrooms

30. fixed sconces on the sides help avoid casting a shadow on the face in front of the mirror

31. a good number of pieces can make the sconces the main point of light

32. but it can also be a neutral point within a whimsical decoration.

33 How about combining the bathroom sconce with a pendant?

34. or create a correspondence between the part and other accessories in the space

35. the white bathroom sconce is very discreet

36. but in front of a colorful wallpaper, it becomes a great highlight

37. you can create a color counterpoint with a black piece in a light environment

38. and highlight even more a unique style in your decoration

39 Here, a modern sconce was included between rustic and Provençal features

40. in this project the piece chosen was a classic one to match the Gold Calacatta porcelain tile

41. see how silver matches neutral gray

42 But for a bathroom in beige tones, the geometric piece gave a touch of modernity

43. there is always a perfect sconce, whether for a luxurious bathroom

44. for a classic design

45. and even for a contemporary decoration

47. due to its versatility and neutrality

48. it is possible to create a delicate decoration with sconces

49. or a look loaded with personality

50. and sophistication

51. this geometric composition is full of contrasts

52 While the latter guarantees neutrality with the modern

53: When "less is more" makes perfect sense

54 - How can you not fall in love with this double dome?

55 In a totally industrial bathroom, the chosen sconce was as neutral as possible

56. different from this bathroom, which has the same style, but with a different proposal

57 This playful decoration was fully enhanced by the modern sconce

58. sometimes all your project needs is a simple part

59. because all the decoration already takes care of

60 - The bathroom is one of the rooms that most deserves an elaborate lighting project

61. for it is there that we perform activities that need clarity

62 It is precisely to solve this problem that the sconce is used

63. the beauty that she includes in the project is a nice addition

64. so, handpick the perfect part for your project

65. and let the result imprint all the personality the space deserves

Knowing the many advantages of installing one or more bathroom sconces, the next step is to find out which model is best for your project.

Tips for choosing the perfect bathroom sconce for your project

If there are still doubts about which type of sconce to include in your bathroom decor, it is important to consider a few factors before buying one:

  • Study the possibilities: Before buying a sconce, it is necessary to find out if there is a light outlet available on the wall where you want to install it. If there is no outlet or it is in an unwanted location, it will be necessary to hire an electrician and, depending on the case, even a bricklayer.
  • Understand your needs: It is important to evaluate the space as a whole before choosing a model. If the bathroom window is small, for example, choosing a sconce without a dome helps to reinforce the spot lighting. If the central lighting is strong enough, it is worth investing in a piece that offers softer lighting.
  • Where to install: this factor must also be considered, as in the previous situation - if you need enhanced illumination for putting on makeup or shaving, it is important that the sconce is installed on the side of the mirror, a place that does not cast a shadow on the face.
  • Matching the project: The perfect sconce model is one that matches your decor. It doesn't necessarily have to follow one style, but both the material and the colors need to harmonize with the rest of the room.

With these tips noted it will be easier to choose a bathroom sconce that fits perfectly with your decor and your routine.

Whether your bathroom is large or small, you'll find an ideal sconce to imprint your personality on the room's decoration, so your baths will become one of the most awaited moments of the day!

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