Bedroom dresser: 35 amazing models and suggestions for you to buy

Bedroom dresser: 35 amazing models and suggestions for you to buy
Robert Rivera

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The dresser is a piece of furniture that unites functionality and beauty. Originating around the 17th century, this low wooden piece of furniture accommodated clothes and various objects in its spacious drawers. Its style was influenced by the European kingdoms, gaining characteristic models that last until today.

Widely used in bedrooms, the chest of drawers can replace the use of a bedside table, being positioned right next to the bed. When composing the decoration of other spaces within this environment, it complements the look, besides guaranteeing extra storage space.

40 photos of dressers for bedrooms

Although the older models are still successful, there are more modern options, with minimalist or contemporary design, capable of transforming the room's decoration:

1. positioned next to the reading armchair

2. coated with a delicate print

3. positioned between the bed and the desk

Dispensing with the bedside table, forming a set with the shelf

5. the mirrored option is the darling of many

6. composing the side wall decoration

7. in the children's room it can be used as a changing table

8. contemporary design and vibrant color to accommodate the TV

9. with a more classic look, reminiscent of the Louis XV style

10. in white, together with other furniture

11. in two different shades of wood

12. a chest of drawers in natural wood stands out in the bedroom

13. used as a support base for the dressing table

15. drawers of various sizes guarantee more space for objects

16. on the side wall, together with a beautiful mirror

17. the white model with dark handles provides a nice contrast

18. classic model, also known as a bombê chest of drawers

19. opting for a model with a top in a different color ensures the furniture stands out

20. making routine easier with the new baby

21. composing the luxurious decoration of this room in white and gold

22: Style is not lacking for this piece of furniture!

23 How about a vibrant tone to brighten up the room?

24. positioned at the foot of the bed, in navy blue

25. following the same tone as the nursery

26. each drawer a color, in a beautiful gradient

27. differentiated design, makes the decoration more charming

28. special emphasis on your curves and handles

29. counting doors and drawers

30. the bombé model makes the entrance to the room more charming

31. occupying the exact space next to the door

32. minimalist, handleless model

33. a pink piece of furniture for a room rich in details

This model is known as Grandma's chest of drawers because of its retro look.

35. large piece of furniture, with all the beauty of natural wood

36. following the color palette chosen for the environment

Whether it is the more classic model, full of pomp, a dresser with a retro air, giving more personality to the space, or even a more modern option, with straight lines and strategic cutouts, for sure the dresser will make a difference in this space.

10 chest of drawers models to buy

The materials, colors, models, and styles can be varied, according to what you are looking for to complement the decoration of your room. How about a selection of beautiful models for you to buy at online stores? Check them out:

Where to buy

  1. Dresser Sing retro 4 drawers white, at Mobly
  2. Dresser Araplac 4 drawers, at Colombo
  3. Dresser 6 drawers white, at Casas Bahia
  4. 4-drawer retro dresser, at Casas Bahia
  5. Chest of Drawers Bombe Luis XV Woodprime
  6. Retro Black chest 2 drawers with niche, on Idea Store
  7. Blue Klein dresser, at Etna
  8. Chest of Colored Drawers, at Mobly
  9. Vintage dresser in blue gradient, at Abra Cadabra
  10. Zippe dresser black, at Woodprime

Combining functionality and beauty, besides guaranteeing space to organize clothes, accessories or other objects, this piece of furniture becomes an important decorative element in the bedroom. Choose your favorite model and invest!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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