Bistro Cake: 110 fun and creative designs

Bistro Cake: 110 fun and creative designs
Robert Rivera

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The boteco cake is the star of parties with this relaxed, cheerful and beloved theme among Brazilians, because it is hard not to like a cold beer, tasty snacks, music and good company, right? If you are a fan of boteco, check out some beautiful cake inspirations and tutorials to learn how to make it!

110 boteco cake pictures that are sensational

Without much worry, but with a bohemian and happy spirit: that's how a good boteco cake should be. Delight yourself with these ideas!

2. it is a relaxed cake that suits different occasions

3. be a tea bar

4. or a birthday party

5. the coolest thing is that there is no shortage of amazing ideas

6. and very neat

7. the boteco cake can be used by both men and women

After all, everyone likes to enjoy a bar, don't they?

9. although this cake is commonly round in shape

10. the square boteco cake is still charming

11. choose your favorite beer as the theme for the cake

12. how about a Brahma boteco cake

13. a creative Skol bar cake

14. or a beautiful Heineken boteco cake?

15. the Itaipava boteco cake is not left out

16. much less the Antarctica boteco cake

17. it is worth remembering that a boteco cake is not made out of beer alone

18. can be cachaça

19. a whisky, such as Jack Daniel's

20. or a good draft beer mug

21. another cake that has everything to do with the theme is the barrel-shaped one

22. some are very realistic

23. look at this incredible inspiration

24. about the colors of the cake, there are many possibilities

25. black and white are great choices

26. while gold with black brings elegance

27. your boteco cake can be pink

28. or with a vibrant shade of red

29. differentiated proposal: orange with gray

30. here, the glamour of metallic

31 The bar cake can have one floor

32. two floors

33. or even three

34. about decoration, imagination has no limits

35. the boteco cake with american paste allows many possibilities

36. like this fancy plaid

37. those ornaments that look like the real thing

38. or this charming little doll

39. from the bar tablecloth

40. to the mug-shaped cake

41. anything is possible when you have American paste

42 But the boteco cake with chantininho is equally cool

43. the chantininho cake can be very casual

44. or more minimalist

45. you can choose your favorite color

46. or make beautiful combinations

47. the finishes are quite varied

48. from traditional rosettes

49. even the charming gradient

50. you can innovate when it comes to decorating the cake

51 As in this idea, which uses a real can

52. or this one, with little bottles of chocolate

53: Flowers bring a delicate touch to the cake

55. after all, he is a fan of good beer

56. and enjoy the good things in life

57. details make all the difference

58: snacks can't be missing in a boteco (bar) - and neither can the cake!

59 These miniature snacks are cute

60. if the cake is a birthday cake, put the age of the birthday boy or girl

61. be incorporated into the cake decoration

62. or through little plates

63 By the way, paper toppers make the cake look amazing

64 They can represent a bar, with table and chairs

65. it's cute

66. toppers are a nice way to make the cake fun

67. let your imagination run wild

68 The cake can also be decorated with items that match the bar

69. as barbecue

70. card games

71. cues and billiard balls

72. and happy people, of course!

73 Yes, little dolls also appear in boteco cakes

74. and make the celebration even more special

75. caricatures are also welcome

76. fun phrases bring more personality to the cake

77. and there are many funny bar phrases

78. like the traditional "don't fill my bag, fill my cup"

79 "Drunks don't come in here, they only go out".

80: "I quit drinking, I just don't remember where".

81 "Save water, drink more beer

82. the boteco cake goes with happy occasions

83. with all its colors

84. and drinks

85. having a can spilling over the cake: pure creativity

86. not to mention that it adds to the decoration of the party

87 And what about these cute little chairs?

88. thinking carefully about each item makes the difference

89. of the decorations on top

90. to finish with whipped cream

91 With so many details, it is hard not to love the boteco cake

92 But besides being pretty, your boteco cake needs to be tasty

93. therefore, it is worth betting on a tasty chocolate cake

94. or with lots of sweets

95. Isn't that mouth-watering?

96. cream cake with strawberries and white brigadeiro: hmmm!

97. there are those who like a very traditional boteco cake

98. with all the possible (and loved) clichés

99. as beer and snacks

100. but your boteco cake can be modernized

101. as in this version with shades of purple

102. or this cake with black base

103 - This one with a more glamorous touch

104. or this one with catuaba

105. How can you not enjoy it?

106 Definitely no shortage of boteco cake inspirations

107. for all kinds of parties

108. and of all styles too

109. now, just choose your favorite cake

110. and do some serious barroom style partying!

With all these inspirations, it made you want to open a beer and order a side of fries, huh?

How to make a boteco cake

Now that you have seen some beautiful pictures of boteco themed cakes, it is time to make your own. Learn with these tutorials:

How to make a barrel cake

Do you know when a chantininho cake is so perfect that it looks like American paste? Letícia Sweet Cake's step-by-step shows, in great detail, how to make the beloved barrel-shaped cake.

Pub Cake with toppers

Learn how to make a rectangular boteco cake with generous layers of filling and decorated with paper toppers.

Beer Cake with Kit Kat

Kit Kat chocolate is a great choice for cakes - it looks beautiful in the decoration and is a delight to eat. In the video above, Cris Carmo Santos even shows how to decorate the cake with little bottles, gelatin icing, and beer cans.

Did you like the boteco cake inspirations? Are you looking for more adult party ideas? Then you will love these São Paulo cake options, which are also great for children's celebrations.

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