Black Granite: all the beauty and refinement of this covering in 60 pictures

Black Granite: all the beauty and refinement of this covering in 60 pictures
Robert Rivera

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A coating widely used in constructions, black granite is a versatile material and allows its use in different places, such as floors, countertops, walls, stairs, and even barbecue grills, protecting and ensuring more beauty to the decorative elements. Made up of one or more minerals, it can include quartz, feldspar, and even mica in its composition.

The variety of colors is large, ranging from light to dark tones. Among the options available on the market, the black model stands out, proving to be an exquisite covering with a good range of undertones and natural designs.

Types of Black Granite

  • Absolute black granite: One of the most popular models, this option stands out for its uniform appearance. Featuring small granules, its surface becomes homogeneous, and it is one of the most expensive granites on the market.
  • São Gabriel black granite: With a great cost-benefit ratio, this granite has a more accessible value. Because it has a more apparent granulation, of irregular shape, this model is considered an option of medium uniformity in appearance.
  • Milky Way Black Granite: Visually similar to marble, Milky Way granite has white veins scattered throughout its length, ensuring its striking appearance. It is recommended to use it in projects with fewer details, where the stone is the highlight.
  • Aracruz black granite: Stone belonging to the same family as granite São Gabriel and absolute black, has an intermediate look between the two models: it has fewer granules than the first option, but a less uniform appearance than the second version. The only disadvantage is the difficulty in finding it.
  • Indian black granite: With a striking presence, this granite option has larger veins and drawings all over its extension. Mixing shades of black and white, it is necessary to be careful when using it in the decoration of an environment, so as not to overload its visual aspect.
  • Black Diamond Granite: An intermediate version between the granite São Gabriel and the absolute black, this alternative has evident granulation, but the black tone stands out.
  • Black star granite: another option that has a similar look to marble, here the veins present throughout the stone are not as clear as in Indian black, resulting in a more discreet material, but still full of visual information.

With options for all tastes and pockets, black granite is a good choice for those looking for a striking look and a material with low permeability, high strength, and a breathtaking look.

Black Granite: 60 pictures of environments with the stone

Check out the following selection of different environments decorated with various models of black granite and visualize all the beauty and refinement guaranteed by the choice of this coating:

1. lining the countertop and ensuring plenty of space for food preparation

2. this countertop has two different levels: one for the sink and one for the meals

3. a kitchen in dark tones with a contemporary look

4. no matter the size of the room, you can add a granite countertop

5. in the planned kitchen, the stone gains functional cutouts

6. how about extending its use to the skirting board?

7. beautiful contrast between the marble countertop and the absolute black granite floor

8. here the induction stove blends in with the black countertop

9. complementing the classic black and white kitchen

10. looks beautiful when used with colorful furniture

11. success trio: black, white and gray

12. a long countertop in São Gabriel black granite

13. the tank also gets a structure made with the model in diamond black color

14. present on the countertop and on the central kitchen island

15. all the beauty of black diamond granite

16. for a differentiated look, black granite São Gabriel with a brushed finish

17. the gleam of stone stands out in the kitchen with frosted furniture

18. the gourmet space is more beautiful with black granite countertops

19. white cabinets contrast the excess black color

20. neutral tones for a sober gourmet area

21. black granite São Gabriel frames the washing machine

22 The sink area becomes even more beautiful with granite countertops and geometric cladding

23 The brushed model is gaining more and more space

24. installed on the countertop and complemented with subway tiles

25. the gourmet area received a countertop in black granite

26. standing out in a kitchen with white furniture

27. private brewery relies on stone for a more modern look

28. how about using Milky Way black granite in the TV panel?

29. the gourmet kitchen gets a wide continuous countertop made with the stone

30. shown in three different locations, on the sink, on the countertop, and on the grill

31 How about using stone as a floor covering?

32. a staircase in black and white

33 It looks beautiful combined with wood in its natural shade

34. burnt cement also goes with this type of covering

35. for lovers of a total black environment

36. furniture in a vibrant tone to break the monotony

37. all the irreverence of a stone with brushed finishing

38. breaking the supremacy of blue tones in this kitchen full of personality

39. stone gives a modern kitchen a rustic feel

40. enchanting even the smallest spaces

41. a barbecue grill with its stunning look

42. pairing with the white cabinets

43 A new way to decorate the stairs

44. it is possible to make strategic cutouts in the stone

45. a ladder with floating treads is worth a try

46 How about a kitchen with a more industrial feel?

47. here even the refrigerator goes with the total black look

48. a staircase rich in details and beauty

49. ideal for the well-planned kitchen

50. making its presence felt in this integrated environment

51. delimiting the barbecue area

52. guaranteeing extra charm for this washed out with a marked personality

53: Replacing the traditional niche in the shower area

54. counterpoint the light tones chosen for this kitchen

55 Integrating sink and grill

56. decorating this beautiful kitchen in black and white

57. how about a large and well-decorated service area?

58. it can be used to balance environments with different colors

59 This peninsula gains extra charm by using this stone

60. recessed lighting helps bring out all its beauty

Widely used as a coating in the most varied environments and decorative elements, as well as its white or brown color option, black granite is a material with high resistance, easy maintenance, and great durability, besides its imposing and charming appearance. Choose your favorite model and add this stone to your home decoration right now.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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