Blue cake: 90 delicious suggestions to inspire you

Blue cake: 90 delicious suggestions to inspire you
Robert Rivera

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From the darkest to the lightest shade, blue is perfect to combine with other shades and can compose any theme, from children to adults. Below, get inspired with dozens of ideas to enhance your table decoration with an amazing blue cake that will be a great success among your guests!

1. the gradient makes any composition more beautiful

2. and results in beautiful contrasts

3. that make the table decoration even more interesting

4. bet on a minimalist decoration

5. and abuse of the chantininho icing

6. or whipped cream

7. both give the cake a great look

8. and with a topper everything will be even more cheerful

9. a quick to do and super nice decoration

10. that it must be in accordance with the theme of the party

11. like this Captain America cake

12. and this one from the movie Frozen, super-delicate

13. the Galinha Pintadinha also has blue as its main color

14. as well as Cinderella

15. another blue cake option is this Toy Story template

16. you can also decorate with other accessories

17. like balloons

18. or small confectionery

19. bet on cakes with glitter

20. that will make your table more charming

21. the candy can be found in different formats

22. like a square blue cake

23. which is ideal for larger parties

24. and with more guests

25. or the classic blue round cake

26. that can be done with a floor

27. two

28. or three

The choice will depend on one's budget!

30. in addition to various shades of blue

31. you can include other colors to compose the candy

32. as white

33. that brings balance to the color

34. or you can opt for brighter and darker tones

35. as green

36. or yellow

37. that will provide greater contrast between the shades

38 - Doesn't this model look amazing?

39. the gold tone gave a touch of elegance

40. and refinement to the cake

41 The blue gave more vivacity to the sweet

42. and, if you prefer, you can bet on a couple of cakes

43 - Fancy all the details

44. to have an authentic cake

45. and full of sparkle

46. the darker tone

47. to the clearest

48. the blue cake must match the venue

49. to guarantee a harmonious decoration!

50. like this baby shower cake

51. with decorations in the same color

52. the blue cake is perfect for themes involving the sea

53. like pirates

54. mermaids

55. or cartoons and movies

56. like the movie Moana

57. or the famous Baby Shark

58. the tiffany blue cake is pure luxury

59 - Perfect for more delicate celebrations

60. see how the blue stands out in the cake

61. when the other elements are neutral

62. toppers make all the difference

63. the blue cake is so much for the boys

64. how much for the girls

65. you can create a simpler cake

66. and with little decoration

67. even no decoration

68. or you can create compositions rich in details

69. and extravagant

70. this will depend on the birthday boy's taste

71. and the reason for the celebration

72. who will dictate the model of the cake

Use a spatula to make the candy smooth

74. or to create different textures

75. and different nozzles to create shapes

76. as waves

77. or flowers

78 - Making the cake look modern

79. the syrup dripping on the cake also goes well

80. creating a wonderful effect

81. which will make the cake even more beautiful

82. here the balloon matches the candy

83. you can also create a fake cake

84. with cardboard and Styrofoam base

85. which is very simple to do and economical

86. so how about mixing other colors

87 - Whip cream decoration

88. or in chocolate confectionery

89. for a unique cake

90. and full of love

Gather the ideas you most identify with and get to work! In case you want a model with a Styrofoam or cardboard base, check out the fake cake ideas to get inspired and know how to do it!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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