Canine Patrol Party: 71 theme ideas and decorations step by step

Canine Patrol Party: 71 theme ideas and decorations step by step
Robert Rivera

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The cartoon Canine Patrol, with its script full of adventures and its main characters who are cute little dogs, has become a sensation among children, and many children are asking for the theme to celebrate their birthdays. If you are looking for inspiration for a Canine Patrol party, check out this selection of photos and videos that can help you.

This is the chance to bring the patrollers Ryder, Marshall, Skye, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Everest, and Zuma closer to your child.

Canine Patrol Party: 71 photos and ideas to inspire

If you're looking for ideas on how to decorate your child's birthday party using the Canine Patrol theme, check out a series of images for inspiration!

1. canine patrol is one of the favorite themes of children

2. decoration with beautiful color combinations

3. the girls are falling in love with the Canine Patrol theme

4. leaf panel decorating the background of the party table

5. canine patrol party for girls

6. bet on little flags attached to the table as a decoration item

7. cute pink panel idea with Skye from the Dog Patrol

8. balloon decoration is always a delight

9. barrels used for decoration are also a charm

10. the brave dogs of the Canine Patrol cheering the party

11. stuffed animals must appear in the decoration

12. simple Canine Patrol party decoration with a rustic touch

13. bet on delicate fabrics as a background panel

14. small and beautifully decorated space for the Canine Patrol party

15. huge space decorated with the theme

16. balloons decorating even the ceiling

17. canine Patrol party decoration for two brothers

18. panel with the characters from the cartoon Canine Patrol

19. you can use pictures on the wall in the background as a decorative item

20. you can buy a panel, tablecloth and accessories and make the Canine Patrol party at home

21. option for a party decorated in pastel shades

22. simple Canine Patrol party

23. total delicacy in this decoration

24. idea of a Canine Patrol cake for boys

25. girls also love the Canine Patrol theme

26. there is an option of a cake decorated with American paste

27. canine patrol cake inspiration for girls

28. extremely delicate three-tiered cake

29. the cake can be small and very special

30. a cake full of Canine Patrol characters

31. wonderful personalized cake for a Canine Patrol party

32. dog paws decorating the cake

33. cake decorated with colored whipped cream also looks pretty

34. cupcakes can also be a great option

35. colored confetti to make everything more beautiful

36. how about dog paws decorating the candies?

37. molded Canine Patrol party cupcakes

38. practical idea: use dog jars to serve candies

39. you can also use chocolate cereal

40. or little milk chocolate bones

41. or little pots made with American paste and chocolate balls

42 But the children's favorite is brigadeiro

43: everyone falls in love with personalized lollipops

44. even a honey bun can be customized for the Canine Patrol party

45. how about a Dog Patrol popcake?

46. bone-shaped cookies for children (and adults)

47. make a tower of candies to serve and decorate the table

48. super delicate mousse cups with a Canine Patrol sticker

49. personalized candies with bones for the Canine Patrol party

50. personalized stationery on the table

51. use paper items also to decorate the candy at the Canine Patrol party

52. popcorn cones: a simple and inexpensive idea for a Canine Patrol party

53. details make the difference

54. canine patrol theme table decoration

55. lilac decoration for girls' parties

56. souvenir for the Canine Patrol party: small potato tins

57. the souvenir can be made with lots of glitter

58. the candle can also be personalized

59. little Canine Patrol container to take sweets

60. idea for a Canine Patrol party souvenir: little bone-shaped tin for candies

61 Personalize the bags with the Canine Patrol theme

62. or make paper boxes with candies and sweets as a souvenir of the party

63: Canine Patrol cups are also a nice souvenir idea

64. cinema kit is also an inspiration for souvenirs

65. e.v.a. masks for the kids to have fun

66. birthday invitation idea for the Canine Patrol party

67. how about a box-shaped invitation?

68. canine patrol theme invitation slip inspiration

69. ribbon bows make invitations even more beautiful

70 - An invitation in the shape of a dog's little bone is charming

71 - Make the invitation in the shape of a dog's house

It's a lot of cool and cute ideas for you to make a Canine Patrol party for your child. Since simple items are used, you can buy cups, plates, and personalized stationery yourself to make the party at home - and thus save a lot of money!

How to throw a Canine Patrol party

If you like the idea of having a Canine Patrol party at home, preparing the candies, cake, decoration, invitations and souvenirs, how about learning step by step how to prepare these items? Just follow the tutorials below to reproduce the pieces at home and make a beautiful and totally customized party. Check it out!

1. do-it-yourself Canine Patrol party decoration

In this video, you'll find a lot of ideas to prepare a Canine Patrol party at home without spending too much! You'll learn how to make a nameplate with the child's name made out of E.V.A. to decorate the bottom of the table, how to stick balloons on the wall with tape, a paw print to decorate the bladders, and even how to cover tables and boxes with TNT.

Do-It-Yourself: Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating the Party Table

Here's another great package of ideas for customizing a Canine Patrol party without spending a lot of money! The highlight here is the creation of a panel with crepe paper. You'll also see how easy it is to cover a shoebox that will serve as a support for sweets. With tissue paper, you can create artificial grasses to enhance the decoration.

3. do-it-yourself: 4-color spiral balloon arch

Want to make the party even prettier? Make a balloon arch that can be placed either at the end of the table, as if it were a panel, or you can decorate the front door of your house. Use balloons in the standard Canine Patrol colors, which are blue, yellow, and red.

4. do-it-yourself: the Canine Patrol house

Personalized stationery is one of the charms of children's parties. You will learn how to make a dog's house out of milk cartons or cardboard and cover it with colored paper. In the video, you will find the template for download to make your work even easier.

5. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol pyramid box

The pyramid-shaped boxes are good for decorating tables. You can arrange them in various places to bring height to the decoration. They are made with cardboard, an item easily found in any stationery store. Print a sheet with several little legs to line the pyramid. The template is in the description of the video, available for download.

6. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol candy-shaped box

Learn how to make a bullet-shaped paper box to decorate your child's birthday table. The idea is to make a box for each character from the Canine Patrol, using the colors of each of them. The mold is available in the video description for you to download. Print the characters and glue each of them on their respective bullet box.

Learn how to make a lollipop cookie decorated with a dog's paw for use as a decorative candy at a Dog Patrol themed party. Use Maria cookie, popsicle sticks, and melted chocolate. For decoration, you will use white and other colored American paste to simulate the paws.

8. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol cake

The fake cakes are very successful in party houses, after all, it is not always easy and fast to manufacture a cake with many floors for each theme. Thus, having a decorative cake, it is used in more than one party. You will use a round cake 20cm, another yellow cake 15cm and a smaller red one with 10cm. The decoration is made with American paste.Canine Patrol party.

9. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol cupcake

Make a cake with the filling you want and cover it with white whipped cream. Buy a special rice paper with your child's favorite character from The Dog Patrol. Use a piping tip with colored whipped cream to finish it off.

10. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol invitation box

You can make a wonderful box-shaped invitation to give to your guests. The template is available in the video description for download. Make it on cardboard, in the color you want. The box is not glued, but folded, so when the person removes the lid, the invitation opens with the information. You will use glue only on the lid of the invitation.

11. do-it-yourself: Canine Patrol milk box

Make a bag-like box to put souvenir items in or to decorate the room. Prepare one of each character to be very colorful and cheerful. You will download a template, available in the video, and use it in your creation.

12. do-it-yourself: personalized Canine Patrol lunch boxes

The jars can contain toys and goodies to be given as souvenirs, or they can be left empty and you can offer them to your guests to take home some sweets left over from the party. You will see how easy it is to print and paste a personalized picture on the lid.

For sure, after all these tips, it will be easier and cheaper to have a Canine Patrol party to celebrate your child's birthday, a beautiful theme that has become a fever among children. Enjoy celebrating this very special day!

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