Carpet on the wall: display your tapestry as a work of art

Carpet on the wall: display your tapestry as a work of art
Robert Rivera

An environment with its walls decorated is certainly synonymous with sophistication and personality, but have you ever thought of changing the traditional paintings for a beautiful tapestry? Yes, it is possible! This trend has been around for a few years, if not centuries, and its first signs appeared in the East, when the pieces, made of natural fiber, composed the decoration of the space with precision, and currentlyare back in full force.

According to architect Fernanda Espinosa, there are countless ways to use the rug on the wall as decoration, not only replacing pictures, but also headboards, wallpaper or even to add color and life to the room.the professional.

The versatility of this ornament makes any environment suitable for its installation, be it a bedroom, dining room, living room, or even a hallway. Its purpose is also very diverse, serving not only to decorate, but also to warm up, color, or demarcate the space.

Ideal size and model

For Fernanda, there are no rules for the size and model of the rug that will be hung on the wall, and in fact it is all a matter of space and style: "There is no set standard, we should only take special care with the proportion 'rug x environment'. As for the model, it can vary according to the personality of each person - sometimes it is a piece that was acquired on a trip or a giftAll possibilities are possible for this trend.

How to attach the mat

"A good tip is to frame the rug, which makes it more rigid and easier to install, not to mention the preservation, since it prevents holes and tears over time. It can also be hung with curtain rods and lighter resources, such as theAnother special care is in relation to sealing with plaster, because depending on the weight of the material, the partition may not support it", explains the professional. therefore, choose a resistant wall and a method of attachment that keeps both the plaster and the piece in perfect condition for a long time.

30 decorations with wall-to-wall rugs for inspiration

See the most different decoration proposals with the accessory exposed as a frame, and that made the environment much more cozy and elegant:

1. making the headboard

Rugs always add a lot more coziness to the environment, whether on the floor or on the wall, and in this room the proposal would be no different: installed over the bed, the piece brought the same comfort that a headboard would bring.

2. or a very stylish picture

Depending on the print of the chosen piece, it can look like a huge painting on the wall, like in this environment, where the living room became even more modern with the trend. The tapestry was even more in evidence with the projected lighting.

3. from ceiling to floor

According to the architect, there is no rule as to the size and model of the rug, and everything depends on the style and proportions offered by the environment.

4. that amazing detail on the staircase wall

A great place to install your rug is in that stairwell where people usually put nothing, or just a few pictures. Its size fills the wall in a very charming way, creating a focal point full of personality.

5. imitating Portuguese tiles

Living room environments are also excellent options to receive a rug on the wall. See how the decoration composition, counting on neutral and soft colors, gained a special and very cozy touch.

6. striking colors are also very welcome

Do you want to make your decoration stand out? Invest in a piece with striking colors that match the palette of tones used to compose the environment. You can bet that your rug will be the highlight of the house!

7. enriching the bar

In this environment, the large carpet was placed on the wall in terracotta, just behind the sideboard that houses the bar. Notice how the tones were married in perfect harmony, with a classic and rudimentary touch in the right measure.

8. the perfect installation

According to Fernanda, installing the rug on the wall hanging from a rod is the best way to maintain the durability of the piece. With them, it is possible to avoid possible tears and holes over the years.

9. positioned at the head end

The position of your rug will depend on the proposal you wish to create: if you intend to widen the room a little, the ideal is to install the piece horizontally, but if your intention is to enhance the height of the ceiling, place the piece vertically, as in this example.

10. covering the entire wall

In this project, the carpet was not only installed on the wall, but it covered its entire length. For that, it was necessary to obtain a custom-made piece and apply it with the same function as a wallpaper. The result was a highly stylized and super cozy environment!

11. a true work of art printed on fabric

Carpets made of light materials are the easiest to install on the wall. Because they are not heavy, the fixing is simpler and the effect is softer, ideal for those who do not want to work with both fixing and maintenance.

12. a colorful addition to the white wall

The great thing about a rug on the wall is that it brings out its own colors in clean environments. Not that on the floor it doesn't offer this same function, but up high the effect is even more surprising - and easily noticed.

13. between comics and furniture

Take advantage of your wall-to-wall carpet by marrying it with other decorative items that harmonize with each other. In this bedroom, the earthy carpet gave added emphasis to the light decorative pieces, and also to the mirror squares with classic frames.

14. there is a rug that looks like a painting

In this living room, the resident included a fun piece to make the space more jovial and carefree.

15. in different sizes and shapes

Do you know that little rug that was bought to be placed on the edge of the bed? It can also make a big difference when hung on the wall! Look how cute is this piece made in patchwork, which also received a neat row of bangs on its edge.

16. the big star in the room

To create a nice harmony in your decoration it is necessary to think not only about the combination of colors, but also about the number of information you will add to the space. Study carefully the number of pillows and ornaments you will add to the environment, since the rug itself already creates a very significant volume.

17. a perfect trend for the Hygge style

Hygge is a concept that emerged in Denmark and fell in love with decoration, especially those who seek to build an environment full of comfort. For this trend, the rug on the wall fits like a glove!

18. classic pieces add much more sophistication to the space

It is not new that carpets have been included as true works of art on the wall, but it seems that in the last few years the trend is back in full force, and adopted by those who want to include a lot of personality in their decoration.

19. the string of lights made the proposal more jovial

As we have already seen in previous images, this type of decoration is not exclusive only to those who want to create a mature and sober decoration, and caters to all tastes and ages.

20) Why use one when you can work with two?

The treadmills with geometric prints are very much in fashion, and can also be given a great prominence when hung in a very special place. If you think that only one is too narrow, how about installing two identical pieces on a single pole, side by side?

21. mandala-shaped

If you don't want to give up the comfort of the floor, don't hesitate to include rugs on the floor and on the wall as well. They just need to create a special harmony in the room, without being too heavy on the visuals.

22. making the room even more jovial

With the pole installed a few centimeters in front of the wall, the piece created a nice depth at the head of the bed, and still had the two sconces illuminating directly the ornament, in a delicate and outstanding way.

23. betting on tone on tone

The salmon wall became even more beautiful with the addition of the carpet with colors of the same family.

24 - Carpet on Rod x white brick wall

Textured walls can and should receive an unusual and beautiful detail such as this. It is a simple and fun way to include your identity in the decoration. Discreet wallpapers can also receive such an update.

25. that divine lengthening effect!

To perfectly occupy the ample space of the high ceiling height, two rugs received rods at each end, and installed one below the other, forming an incredibly colorful line on the white wall.

26. nordic decorations can also fit into this trend

... like the Scandinavian style, which uses and abuses of rudimentary materials, printed with geometric figures and sober colors, mixed with raw materials.

27. a pixelated effect to give more energy to the environment

The classic style can create a sober and mature effect to the environment, but with just a few resources, the room gets another face! A pinch of color, small fun ornaments, and a lot of creativity give a new life to the decoration.

28. specially framed for the special corner

The architect's tip for rug preservation couldn't be better: framing the rug not only prevents holes and tears from being made in the piece, but also protects it from dust and sunlight.

29. that touch of color amidst the white background

One more proof that a clean room has another face: the colors of the rug, besides adding life to the space, still offers the versatility to be included in any corner, whether on the wall or on the floor.

30. single and perfect

Don't worry if you have fallen in love with this trend, but have a small living room. Believe me, it is possible to add it to your corner even with limited space! Just think carefully about the size and the information that will be included in the space, and leave everything balanced and harmonious.

To maintain the conservation and durability of the piece, Fernanda ends with an important tip: "The care with hygiene is the same as with the rug on the floor, and it should be vacuumed and washed in a laundry room frequently, to avoid dust mites.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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