Chandelier for the kitchen: 70 inspirations for all tastes

Chandelier for the kitchen: 70 inspirations for all tastes
Robert Rivera

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With differentiated lighting elements, it is possible to enhance the decoration and ensure that specific objects or areas are highlighted.

The kitchen is no different. An ideal place to gather friends and family, well planned lighting is essential to ensure better visibility when preparing meals and provide a cozy atmosphere. Check out the following selection of beautiful kitchens decorated with chandeliers of various styles and models and get inspired:

1. double dose

In contemporary style and following the color palette elected for the space, two identical pieces are positioned on the dining table, ensuring plenty of lighting.

2. enhancing the multi-colored style

As a wide range of vibrant colors is visualized in this environment, there is nothing better than to bet on pendants with a gray dome.

3. breaking out of the ordinary

As the room's decoration follows a more contemporary line, it is better to avoid the traditional crystal chandeliers and opt for a model full of personality.

4. positioned on the bench

As the dimensions of the kitchen are restricted, the chandeliers were fixed on the countertop, ensuring a very stylish trio for the space.

5. distributed along the entire length of the table

The kitchen has a modern look, with the table built into the countertop reserved for food preparation and with generous dimensions, the pendants were arranged side by side.

6. using the same lighting tone

Just like the ceiling lights, the pendants on the counter have warm lighting, following the style used for the decoration of the space.

7. adding a touch of color

Contrasting with the living room wall in a vibrant shade of blue, this kitchen uses yellow to add some liveliness in a room with light furniture.

8. with a discreet look, but making a difference

Despite its modest size and light tone, this trio of pendants ensures well-lit and stylish meals.

9. representing the most diverse decorative styles

In a kitchen with a rustic, farmhouse look, the domes of the chandeliers were made with cut wine bottles, ensuring an even more special look.

10. same look, different sizes

Positioned in the corner of the room, the trio of chandeliers has varied sizes. Elaborated with a hollow material, it guarantees a differentiated effect when turned on.

11. with metallic finish and discreet size

Following the same type of finish found on the appliances in this kitchen, the small chandeliers ensure ideal lighting for the island.

12. warming up the environment

Since the kitchen furniture was designed in shades of white, the countertop and the wooden paneling help warm up the room, especially with the help of the trio of chandeliers in shades of yellow, red, and orange.

13. geometry for a modern kitchen

Full of contemporary elements, this kitchen enchants in every detail. The double chandelier ensures the geometric element in a subtle way, without weighing down the look of the room.

14. circles and curves

This kitchen draws attention by the curves and circles used as decorative elements. From the circular-shaped windows to the counter with customized cabinetry and round chandeliers: everything gains more personality.

15. sobriety and beauty

Possessing a rectangular shape with built-in spotlights, this chandelier accompanies the distinctive style of this space, enhancing the look.

16. the mirror as an element of amplitude

By being applied to the entire side wall of the peninsula, the mirror ensures the necessary amplitude to the reduced space, even reflecting the trio of pendant lamps in white.

17. as pendant lights

With a modern look, this kitchen surprises from the custom cabinetry with cutouts in the wood to the choice of pendant lamps as a chandelier for the dining table.

18. circling the bench

Scattered along the entire length of the countertop, the small metal chandeliers repeat the organic movement created by the use of custom cabinetry.

19. unusually positioned

Although it is usually positioned on tables or countertops, here the chandelier illuminates the corner kitchen table, highlighting decorative objects and plants.

20. contrasting with the panel

An ideal option for those who like a themed kitchen, this space has a panel with a photograph of strawberries and a palette in white and red.

21. mixing rustic and modern

While more rustic elements - such as reused wooden stools and dark-colored furniture - ensure a look of personality, stainless steel appliances and fixtures balance the look.

22. well-focused lighting

Positioned over the exact part of the counter for meals, the trio of white chandeliers stands out next to the wooden panel.

23. helping to separate environments

As the kitchen communicates with the TV room, there is nothing better than two chandeliers fixed on the countertop to help divide the integrated environments.

24. in tubular format

Eschewing the traditional dome models, these pendants have a tubular shape, standing out even more in the kitchen.

25. the exuberance of crystals

For those who don't give up a more classic chandelier, the crystal pendants are an ideal choice.

26. small in size, big in beauty

Despite their small size, this set of chandeliers stand out for having a differentiated format, besides guaranteeing focused lighting for the countertop.

27. in copper tones

Although the most popular model of metallic chandelier is in silver tone, more and more color variations such as copper and gold are gaining space.

28. with gold crystal pendants

According to the decorative style of the environment, opting for chandeliers with pendants in gold ensures harmony with the wood tone used to make the furniture.

29. following the colors elected for the decoration of the environment

Possessing an irreverent and very cheerful look, this kitchen in shades of orange gets chandeliers with black dome. To ensure harmony with the color palette, its interior has the same tone visualized throughout the environment.

30. a differentiated corner

Despite being integrated with the TV room, this kitchen stands out for its stylish and stylish look. Fixed at different heights, the trio of chandeliers ensures the necessary lighting for the charming countertop.

31. on the dining table

Despite its discrete measurements, the small dining table is tucked into the corner of the kitchen. Ensuring the piece stands out, a white and gold chandelier provides the beautiful focused lighting.

32. helping to brighten up the environment

In a kitchen with dark tones, nothing better than betting on a white fixture to provide lighting and contrast to the environment.

33. composing the beautiful color palette

With a bold look, this kitchen elected strong colors such as yellow, black and gold for its decoration. The pair of lamps follows this premise.

Bringing refinement to the countertop

Shaped like a crystal rail, this small chandelier provides the missing detail that was needed to add charm to a kitchen in dark tones.

35. rustic and modern look at the same time

For this kitchen with an industrial feel, the pair of chandeliers with exposed chains provides more visual information.

36. in the same tone as the bench

A good example of how the chandelier can be the differential of a kitchen: with the same color as the countertop, the two elements stand out in the environment in shades of black, gray, and white.

37. if the size is small, better bet on two pieces

An ideal bet for those who wish to illuminate a larger area than the focus of the chandelier allows is to use two identical items for decoration.

38. complementing the decorative style

Positioned on the countertop that separates the kitchen from the rest of the residence, the chandeliers have the same decorative style visualized throughout the house.

39. as a main element

Here the chandelier is not used with the function of illuminating a specific place in the kitchen, but as the main decorative element of the space.

40. present even in the smallest spaces

This residence with reduced size has a table attached to the countertop with a chandelier fixed on it. The black color is the same visualized in other elements of the kitchen.

41. soft light, cozy ambiance

This is a sample of how punctual lighting elements can make a difference when it comes to setting up the kitchen.

42. metals, for a futuristic look

In addition to the differentiated format and the silver glow provided by the pendants on the countertop, the kitchen also has a LED strip attached to the cabinet for a more futuristic look.

43 Simulating brittle materials

For a contemporary kitchen, a chandelier full of personality, with an irreverent look, its dome simulates crumpled paper.

44. you can bet on different formats

If you are looking for a more relaxed look, you can bet on different formats of the same chandelier model.

45. in trellis models

Conferring an industrial air to the environment in shades of black and wood, the chandelier duo ensures the necessary lighting for meals.

46. standing out with an off-key tone

The trio of small pendants has its dome in copper, a color that is not seen in the rest of the room, making the chandeliers stand out.

47. a black, white and gray environment

With a contemporary look, the chandelier has a metallic finish, in the same tone as the appliances in the room.

48. using a maxi-lamp

In addition to having their wired exteriors, these pendants gain even more prominence due to the generous size of the lamp used.

49. a round dome for a round table

With the dining table attached to the kitchen, the lighting fixture model chosen harmonizes perfectly with the shape of the furniture.

50. forming a set with the dining room chandelier

For those looking to use chandeliers in different places of an integrated space, a good option is to bet on similar models with little variation in size or shape.

51. as a differentiating element

In this American-style kitchen, the wooden table is positioned in the center, and a striking chandelier above it creates a distinctive look.

52. decorating the gourmet kitchen

Again positioned on the countertop, the trio of chandeliers has a similar model, with little variation in their models, ensuring a more relaxed look to the environment.

53. industrial look in a small space

If planned well, rooms of any size can be made beautiful with the help of a decorative style with personality.

54. as a prominent element in the integrated space

Looking for a good use of space, here the kitchen, dining room, and TV room are integrated. The chandelier positioned on the countertop becomes a highlight of the space.

55. full of pomp and elegance

Positioned above the dining table located next to the kitchen, the crystal chandelier ensures refinement and beauty to any environment.

56. in harmony with the rhodaboard

Here, the tone chosen for the chandeliers is the same as the one seen in the coating used in the skirting board, leaving the kitchen in harmony.

57. how about gold crystals?

A sure choice for those who are looking for a more classic look for their kitchen, here the crystal chandelier has a golden tone, enriching the look.

58. a kitchen in sober tones

With furniture in black and chairs in natural weave, the chandeliers in copper finish the look.

59. a charming chandelier!

With its circular shape, the piece was positioned on the countertop in light tones. Its distinctive design resembles numerous illuminated crystals.

60. and why not a transparent model?

Although it usually has a metallic color or finish, the transparent dome highlights the lamp with an irreverent style.

61. a table or a bench?

Here the island becomes a dining table, with seats spread out along its length and space reserved for the stove. The trio of chandeliers accompanies the look of the hood.

62. as a form of indirect lighting

Positioned on the countertop, when lit, the chandeliers help create a cozier atmosphere, as well as highlighting the beautiful flower.

63. the practical and beautiful option

Chandeliers with this dome shape ensure ease and practicality when cleaning, and prevent the accumulation of dust and other types of dirt.

64. for good company

If the kitchen has an island or peninsula, the best place to add pendants is over the countertop, ensuring optimal lighting for guests.

65. using the same tones as the furniture

For those looking for chandeliers that make the environment more harmonious, a good option is to bet on models with the colors used in the kitchen's decoration palette.

66. a stylish duo

Despite its size, this duo of silver chandeliers ensures perfect lighting for the countertop and the built-in dining table.

67. following the shape of the bench

To ensure a symmetrical and beautiful look, a good tip is to fix the pendants in the same position as the countertop, regardless of its shape.

68. be careful with the size you choose

If the chandelier is positioned next to the hood, some care is needed when choosing the ideal model, so that the room is not overloaded.

69. in the same tone as the wall

The same color used for painting the wall is also visualized on the outside of the dome of the chandelier duo, an ideal measure for a discrete and harmonious result.

70 - What about a differentiated print?

Opting for chandeliers that have a patterned dome gives the room a richer look, such as geometric shapes or arabesques.

71. for a thematic decoration

It is worth adding cultural elements to the kitchen decoration to make it more personalized. Here the Japanese lantern model chandelier fulfills this role well.

Just as in any other environment, such as the bedroom, TV room or dining room, a well-designed lighting design can make a difference in the kitchen. Whether adding lighting to ensure more functionality or playing a decorative role, a beautiful chandelier can be the missing option to add more charm to your home. Choose your favorite model and bet!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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