Christmas Panel: 60 templates and tutorials to enhance your photos

Christmas Panel: 60 templates and tutorials to enhance your photos
Robert Rivera

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Christmas is a beautiful season that deserves a special decoration. See Christmas panel ideas to decorate your home and enhance your photos, and learn how to make beautiful designs at home!

65 Christmas Panel Designs to Complete Your Decoration

Check out ideas for your Christmas panel and choose the perfect background for your year-end photos:

1. a Christmas panel is perfect for elegant photos

2. your party is in the Christmas mood

3. how about a fabric Christmas panel?

4. you can make an amazing winter scene

5. the panel guarantees beautiful and fun photos at any party!

6. a panel made entirely of paper

7. create a decoration full of light

8. having the company of Santa Claus will be amazing

9. balloons and Christmas decorations are the right bet

10. you can let your imagination run wild with them!

11. you can opt for bright Christmas lights

12. the effect is amazing

13. this blinker curtain is pure charm

14. a shiny fabric brings a glamorous finish

15. while the white background creates an elegant effect

16. red and gold look great together

17. a scenario that combines fun and brightness

18. a house decorated for Christmas can be the perfect setting

19. an option full of delicacy

20. how about a star pendant to brighten up your photos?

21. the pinecones also look great hung up

22. a garland of balloons will impress the guests

23. the chalkboard is a practical option

24: The panel will be fun at your party!

25. red can dominate your decor

26. festoon, balloons and ribbons formed a modern panel

27 And speaking of balloons, here's another wild card

28. mix balloons with the colors of Christmas

29. white and red look sensational

30. the Christmas panel can be classic

31. or a lot of fun

32. children will love a gingerbread house

33. place a sofa to accommodate everyone at photo time

34. an English wall is guaranteed success

35. with balls, struts and lassoes then...

36. elegant minimalism with silver details

37. the panel taking advantage of the living room door

38. a paper curtain can be the perfect background

39. simple can be amazing

40. make room for the Christmas tree

41. the wish for a Merry Christmas cannot be missing

42. glamour and fun with the good old man

43. this panel will yield beautiful photos

44 - Make your guests feel at the North Pole

45. the photos will shine at your event

46 You can make one yourself with macramé

47. use a wood panel

48. and even Mickey can participate in your Christmas

49. an option full of delicacy with the Nutcracker

50. a giant gift for your party

51. add flowers and lights on your green wall

52. colored balls and socks are also welcome

53: No words for this panel!

54: Innovate in formats, in compositions

55. in colors and elements...

56. another idea is to gather family photos

57 But not to make a mistake, invest in the traditional

58. let your imagination run wild and create Christmas characters

59 - EVA is ideal for this!

60. children will love to make and decorate

If you like these ideas, then gather the necessary materials and make your own panel at home!

How to Make a Christmas Panel Step by Step

How about creating a decorative background for your photos this Christmas and enchant everyone with all the magic of this date?

Rustic and Creative Christmas Panel

Here you learn how to create three different ornaments: a tree, a snowflake, and stars, all made from simple materials such as popsicle sticks, string, twine, flashing lights, clothespins, and Christmas decorations.

EVA Christmas Flower Panel

The Christmas flower is beautiful and will add a classic touch to your decor! Get some hot glue, scissors, pen, pearls, nylon thread, and green and red E.V.A. sheets, then cut out the parts from the template and join them together as shown in the video.

Blinker Curtain

This is a super-modern and discreet suggestion, perfect for setting up your family photos or Christmas selfies. Watch the video and check out all the tips to get the perfect finish!

Christmas Panel with Balloons

How about creating a panel in the shape of a deconstructed arch? It is a simple idea, but it has a very nice result! And the best thing is that you can vary the colors of the bladders to marry with your Christmas decoration.

Christmas Panel with Paper Rosettes

With just paper, scissors, double-sided tape and a few folds, you can create beautiful rosettes that can beautifully compose your Christmas panel. Besides alternating the colors, invest in rosettes of different sizes to give a more dynamic effect in your scenario!

Now all you have to do is choose your favorite, include the panel in your Christmas decoration, and enjoy the holidays in style!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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