Christmas tree templates for a celebration full of magic

Christmas tree templates for a celebration full of magic
Robert Rivera

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The best time of the year is coming, and with it, the time to put up the Christmas tree. In this article you will find several decoration tips, clarified doubts, and inspirations to make the most of this magical celebration!

How to decorate a Christmas tree

When the subject is decorating the Christmas tree, everyone goes back to childhood. This activity needs to be light, relaxed, and full of charm. Check out some tips that will make the moment even more fun.

  • If you opt for a larger or more robust tree, think carefully about the location. The corner of a living room is a great suggestion, because, as part of it will not be visible, it is possible to save on decoration.
  • Choose a theme or a color for the decoration. You can get away from the obvious with a rose gold Christmas tree. Let your imagination run wild!
  • With the theme in mind, start putting together the decorations. This is a way to better visualize and note what you need to buy or make to complement the decoration.
  • First of all, make sure that all the lights are working! The flashing lights should be placed from bottom to top. Warmer lights go with a more vibrant decoration, while cool lights are great for a more silvery decoration.
  • With the flashing set up, place the larger decorations first. Because they are large, they help to optimize the space, so you don't need to overload it with too many items.
  • Then place the small decorations to fill in the parts that are most "empty". The details need to be thought through very carefully.
  • Finally, don't forget to place the star at the end of the tree and the petticoat, which is the last item to be inserted into the composition.

These tips will make it much easier when putting together your tree. Also remember to harmonize the style of your living room with the Christmas decoration!

When to assemble and disassemble the Christmas tree

The stores are already full of Christmas options, but there is a correct date for putting up the Christmas tree:

When to put up the Christmas tree?

Following Christian tradition, the Christmas tree must be put up on the first Sunday of Advent. That said, November 27 is the right date to start preparations! The four weeks in a row represent the preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ on December 25.

When to take down the Christmas tree?

Still following the religious calendar, the Christmas tree and the other decorations must be removed and dismantled on January 6. The date marks Three Kings Day, when Jesus was visited by the three Wise Men.

These dates are classic, however, they are not fixed rules. It all depends on the tradition of each place or family. In the United States, for example, the tree is put up on Thanksgiving Day.

7 photos of big and lush Christmas trees

The large Christmas tree stands out in the decoration. It can be simple, luxurious or personalized. Besides, it is perfect for homes with children, because it makes the moment of opening presents much more magical. See the inspirations:

1. position the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room

2. so, if you want, you can decorate only one side

3. this luxurious Christmas tree brought elegance to the decoration

4. this one has a more minimalist decoration

5. inspired by Mickey, the tree will delight the little ones

6. Christmas bows look perfect in decoration

7. as well as cuddly plush toys!

If you opt for a natural tree, check if it will need to be watered, and from there think about a decoration that won't spoil. If the space is small, don't worry, in the next topic there are beautiful options for your home.

7 pictures of small Christmas trees for inspiration

They say that size doesn't matter, and the small Christmas tree can prove it! When well ornamented, it becomes a real luxury, check out the selection of inspirations below:

1. for small trees, choose the bigger ornaments

2. that bring personality to the decoration

3. gifts, bows and teddy bears are classic items

4. the blinker should also be present

5. a white Christmas tree escapes the cliché

6. but traditional never goes out of style!

7. this model was in sync with the room's decoration

Small or big, the Christmas tree deserves color, style, and charm! After all, the celebration happens once a year and should be well enjoyed!

7 pictures of wall Christmas trees for small spaces

When decorating, several points must be considered: small children can put the decorations in their mouths, cats can jump on the tree, and dogs will love to mess everything up. To avoid accidents, the wall Christmas tree is a creative option:

1. the flashing lights turned into a real Christmas tree

2. besides preventing children and pets from spoiling the decoration

3. the wall Christmas tree is great for smaller spaces

4. dry branches are great allies of this model

5. it is possible to create a beautiful composition with simple materials

6. and you can put your hand to work

With felt, the result is cute!

In the next topic, check out one more option that will help you save time and money.

7 pictures of tabletop Christmas trees that are pure charm

Decorate the rack, dining table, or sideboard with a small Christmas tree. It can be a complementary element or the protagonist of the decoration.

1. for snow lovers, a white tree

2. the pink Christmas tree is very sweet

3. this tricotin option looks cute

4. crocheting with knitted yarn gives the tree texture

5. the typical red and green is a sure bet

6. and rose gold is a more elegant option

7. this golden Christmas tree is very nice

The tabletop Christmas tree is also a great option for the home office, veranda, balcony, or kitchen.

7 different Christmas tree pictures to escape the cliché

To finish this selection, here are some suggestions for different Christmas trees. You don't have to follow a pattern, you can give new meaning to the decoration and tradition. Get inspired!

1. a book Christmas tree is a great idea for those who love to read

2. you can roll up little lights, festoons, and other decorations

3. this model with pine cones goes well with rustic decorations

4. the reused wood tree looks beautiful and sustainable!

5. how about an inverted Christmas tree?

6. a perfect Christmas for succulent lovers

7. this tree made with balloons was amazing!

Regardless of the model, the Christmas tree is indispensable for a perfect decoration. Get in the mood of the celebration and experience everything beautiful that the festivity provides.

How to put up a Christmas tree without stress

Christmas is a time of peace and harmony, so the moment of setting up the tree deserves to be satisfying. For you to get a lot of ideas and not get stressed, check out a selection of videos with practical decorating tips:

How to create decorative balls for the Christmas tree

This tutorial teaches how to make beautiful Christmas balls that will fill your tree with joy. A good tip is to always use hot glue to finish the pieces, that way you don't run the risk of the decorations coming undone.

How to make a Christmas tree ribbon

Bows are charming details for the Christmas tree! Watch the tutorial to learn how to make a simple, beautiful and practical model. In the video, only one ribbon model is used, but you can use other colors and materials!

Christmas ornaments using cardboard and wood in the Farmhouse style

The farmhouse style is a rustic decoration that emanates comfort and warmth. Here's how to make small sustainable Christmas decorations using cardboard and wood. The result is unbelievable.

How to make a Christmas festoon with crepe paper

The festoon is one of the most used items when decorating a Christmas tree. In this step by step, you will learn how to make a festoon with crepe paper without spending almost anything! The tutorial is very simple and the process is fast!

The children will love to participate in creating the decorations, for example, the festoon, which is so easy to make. This is a great opportunity to create new traditions and unite your family even more!

Where can you buy Christmas tree for

The larger Christmas trees cost around $ 200.00, while the smaller ones, for $ 100.00, you can buy a cute model. The price will depend on the size, style, and material chosen. Check out some online stores so you don't have to leave home:

  1. Americanas Stores
  2. Camicado
  3. Homedock
  4. Wood Wood

The tree is a very strong and important symbol for the celebration. It reminds us of life, hope, and eternity. Besides the tree, you can bet on a simple Christmas decoration to make your house full of magic and happiness.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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