Cool colors: 70 ways to use this palette in your decoration

Cool colors: 70 ways to use this palette in your decoration
Robert Rivera

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There are several elements that interfere in the decoration of an environment and can make it more harmonious and cozy - one of them is the use of cool colors. These are shades that give amplitude to the space, as well as refer to calmer and more relaxing environments. If this is your proposal, be sure to check out the details below.

What are the cool colors

The three basic cold colors are blue, green, and violet (purple or purple), with the others coming from a mixture of them.

  • Green Green means vitality, health, and hope, and is associated with the environment and ecology.
  • Leaf green This tone of green brings coziness and is directly related to nature, which is why, in decoration, it can work well in proposals such as a kitchen full of plants.
  • Water green This is a variation of green mixed with blue, forming a shade that reminds us of water. Widely used in babies' rooms and doctors' offices, this shade reminds us of both tranquil and healthy environments.
  • Baby Blue Easy to combine and totally adherent to all kinds of environments, it is a good bet for various spaces in the house, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Blue It is generally used in the decoration of the most varied spaces, favoring intellectual and creative exercise. It is ideal for formal environments, such as offices, or even for children's rooms, due to its calming effect.
  • Royal blue : a shade that refers to royalty, this color is stronger and favors environments that have a more elegant and chic concept.
  • Violet Violet can be understood as a shade of bluish purple. It looks good on details such as pillow prints or bedding, since it is a darker color.
  • Purple Purple means spirituality, magic, and mystery, and is directly linked to the mystical world. It is appropriate for a meditation room since it stimulates the spiritual side.
  • Lilac Formed by the mixture between blue and red, lilac is a delicate and cool tone. It is generally associated with empathy, maturity, and extroversion.

Now that you know what each color will convey to the environment, check out some proposals on how to use each one of them in different spaces.

70 inspirations with cool colors to innovate any environment

Whatever the space you want to transform, the final touch is the cool colors that will make the environment modern and elegant, either by using some cushions on the sofa or with beautiful tiles throughout the kitchen.

1. combine different types of shades to surprise

2. always using the color that will predominate in the decoration

3. in an elegant way with modern touches

4. searching for light and discreet contrasts

5. also innovate in the children's room

6. using different shades and elements of cool colors

7. to make the environment even cozier

8. because with small details a big difference is made

9. for a differentiated and very special environment

10. always look for authentic combinations

11. that transmit tranquility and comfort

12. as well as a feeling of well-being and warmth

13. take advantage of it in every room of the house

14. seeking all the versatility of cool tones

15. that makes all the difference when decorating

16. and brings lightness to every kind of environment

17. be with innovative and creative proposals

18. or modern, stripped-down combinations

19. the important thing is to harmonize the details of each project

20. creating a pleasant and light space

21. attractive for moments of rest and fun

22. the bathroom becomes lighter and brighter

23. while the room offers an atmosphere of calm and peace

24. with a strong sense of serenity

25. and a combination of colors that promotes spaciousness

26. How about a cup of coffee in this kitchen?

27. or receive friends in a comfortable space?

28. cool tones are adherent to all types of spaces

29. and allow impressive combinations

Communicating different environments

31. with uncluttered and unusual proposals

32. the predominance of color reflects on the environment

33. and marks the space in which it is inserted

34. giving personality to every detail

35. even in the most discreet

36. that are present and remarkable

37. even though they are integral elements

38. it is perceived by the tone of the color

39. although in a softer form

40. cool colors can be more elegant and traditional

41. or modern and stripped down

42. use more than one tone in the same environment

43. and surprise yourself with the final result

44 Transforming environments in a light way

45. always highlighting the details of the space

46. in an original and funny way

47. or sleek and modern

48. cushions always complement harmoniously

49. marking and highlighting the other tones

50. a beautiful combination of upholstery and table stand

51. and a very different proposal for the use of color

52. details are always a point of reference

53. whether used in furniture

54. in a more elaborate painting

55. or for a very striking door

56. it is necessary to innovate in every detail

57. with harmonious proposals

58. that inspire comfort and tranquility

59. for every type of environment

60. in a creative and personalized way

61. for unique and very delicate details

62. that make the environment distinctive and pleasant

63. although very discreetly

64. standing out by combining with prints

65. composing spectacular environments

66. marking well the spaces where the color overlaps

67. in a harmonious and light way

68 Composing with geometric elements

69. and mixing textures and colors to innovate!

If you are a fan of blue, here is a selection of images of blue sofas that will win your heart!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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