Cultivation tips to compose your garden with the beautiful ghost plant

Cultivation tips to compose your garden with the beautiful ghost plant
Robert Rivera

The ghost plant is a kind of succulent that has leaves grouped together in the shape of a flower. It gets its name because it has a kind of gray matte powder that covers the entire plant. It is ideal to be grown outdoors and looks great when placed in hanging gardens. Learn more about it and how to take care of it!

How to care for ghost plants

Like most succulent species, the ghost plant is easy to care for and great to have in your garden because it is non-toxic. However, for the plant to grow beautiful and healthy it is important to pay attention to a few details. Check out how to care for it and be successful in cultivation!

  • Watering: Watering should be done without soaking the plant, once a week during warm seasons and every ten days between autumn and winter;
  • Soil: It is necessary to have good water drainage to avoid root rot. For the plant to develop better it is ideal to use soil rich in organic matter and to use ready mixes for succulents;
  • Lighting: should preferably be grown outdoors where it receives full sun directly. If it is kept indoors, it is necessary that this location receive sunlight;
  • Change: As with the other succulents, seedlings can be made from leaves, stems, or seeds. Propagation by cuttings is the fastest and is made from a branch of the plant;
  • Fertilization: It is important that organic fertilizer be used every three months, thus ensuring that the ghost plant grows strong and very healthy;
  • Flowering: Its flowers appear in small quantities only once a year, between spring and summer. It needs to be well cared for and well developed for this to happen.

With these tips and care your cultivation will certainly be successful. Take the opportunity to complete your garden with this beautiful plant.

10 photos using the delicacy of the ghost plant to decorate

The ghost plant is full of beauty and delicacy. Ideal to compose your garden or decorate indoor areas that receive a lot of sun. See pictures with inspirations!

1. the ghost plant enchants everyone with its beauty

2. can be grown indoors, as long as it receives sunlight

3. ideal for planting in pots or directly in the ground

4. brings life and a bit of nature into your home

5. because it grows a lot, it is a good option to last on walls

6. it looks very beautiful when placed in hanging baskets

7. in decorated vases make the environment very charming

8. use creativity in decorating with the ghost plant

9. combine with several other plant species

10. no doubt your garden will be more beautiful with it

Certainly the ghost plant will complete your garden. By following all the care you will have a beautiful little plant with good development. Did you like to know more about it? See also shade succulents for a beautiful indoor decoration!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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