Easy-care Plants: 40 practical species to grow at home

Easy-care Plants: 40 practical species to grow at home
Robert Rivera

Having plants at home, in the garden or on the balcony, makes the environment more pleasant, beautiful, and cozy. But not all species need special care, some are easy to care for and require little maintenance. There are those that resist some carelessness, forgetfulness, or small excesses.

Learn about some types that you can easily grow in your home and that are great options for those who don't have much time or any gardening skills:

1. St. George's Sword

The Sword of St. George is hardy and can be grown in full sun or half shade. It is easily grown in small pots or garden beds. It also thrives indoors. Water once a week, but be careful not to over-water the soil.

2. tillandsia

The tillandsia is a plant that lives in the air or in supports, dispensing with cultivation in the ground or in pots. It needs a place protected from the sun, with indirect light and does not need much water, since it absorbs humidity from the air. It lives well in balconies and indoor and humid environments.

3. hibiscus

The hibiscus is one of the easiest plants to care for in the garden. Its flowers are enchanting and come in many colors. It is not demanding in terms of soil type and resists lack of water, surviving with rainfall and occasional watering. It can be grown in full sun or half shade. Its flowers are long lasting and appear in late winter or early spring. In the garden it does not need pruning, but if planted inpot requires the removal of dry branches.

4. boa constrictor

A tropical plant, resistant and very easy to care for. Ideal to be grown in pots on the balcony or indoors. Requires little maintenance: just water twice a week and ensure a little natural light.

5. macagascar dracaena

A shrubby plant with an exotic, sculptural appearance. It should be grown in well-lit environments, with full sun or partial shade. It is an easy plant to care for in pots or gardens. It will grow slowly, but without difficulty. Just remember to water it periodically and remove old, low leaves. It is also not tolerant of cold or strong winds.

6. elephant's foot

With a unique aspect and leafy foliage, elephant paws are easy plants to care for in pots or gardens, as they grow with little water. They require practically no maintenance and can withstand long periods of drought, storing water in their trunk.

7. violet

Violets are practical and easy to grow. With their compact size they are easy to grow in pots and great for decorating any corner of the house. Besides that, they add color and beauty with their delicate flowers. They must be grown in a place protected from direct sunlight, but with plenty of light. They require little watering, but always add water when you notice that the soil is dry.

8. aglaonema

Algaonema is a beautiful tropical foliage, which grows even in the shade and with little water. Avoid growing it in dry or air-conditioned environments. Water it once a week, keeping the soil always moist. Its foliage is toxic, so keep it out of reach of animals and children.

9. asparagus-foam

Growing feathery asparagus is very easy: just place them in a spot in the sun. You don't need to worry about anything else. They are very easy plants to care for in gardens or in pots on the balcony, because they don't require pruning and need little water.

10. cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents are very hardy species that require little care. They are easy plants to care for in pots, as they require little growing space. They only require an environment with plenty of natural light. They need little water and can tolerate occasional neglect.

11. happiness tree

They are easy plants to care for on the balcony, as they should receive a good amount of natural light, but without the incidence of sun all day long. It is believed that specimens of this species bring happiness to the home. They should be watered daily, keeping the soil always moist. Cleaning and training pruning should also be done. During its growth, it may be necessary to tie its stem to astake so that it doesn't fall off.

12. chlorophyte

This plant is easy to grow, in pots or indoors, it does not require much maintenance and can survive a long time without water. But try to water it regularly, preventing the soil from drying out completely. It can be cultivated in half-shade or full sun.

13. aspidistra

It is a plant with a great capacity to grow in different conditions. It requires little maintenance, survives in low light and low humidity, tolerates irregular watering and temperature changes. It should not receive direct sunlight, ideal to be grown in half-shade or shade.

14. areca-bamboo

Very popular, the areca-bambu is a very common plant in gardens and interiors. It grows quickly and although it tolerates full sun, it is best grown in half-shade or diffused light. Its soil should be irrigated regularly and air-conditioned environments should be avoided.

15. peace lily

With its durable, white inflorescence, it is widely used in indoor decoration. It is a species that adapts well to cultivation in pots. It needs indirect lighting and constant watering, about once a week. It likes a warm, humid place.

16. zamioculcas

It is a very resistant plant to lack of water, requiring little watering at spaced intervals. It does not need much light to develop, growing well in the shade and indoors with little light. Ideal for those who forget to water or have little time to dedicate to the plants.

17. samambaia

Ferns are quite common and are a constant presence on many balconies in houses. In general they prefer well-lit and airy environments, but without direct sun, because it can burn their leaves. Watering should be frequent, about once or twice a week, keeping the substrate moist, but not soaked.

18. orchid

Some species of orchids are durable plants and easy to grow. With their beautiful flowers, they bring a touch of color and delicacy to the home or garden. Regarding care, water them 2 to 3 times a week or whenever the substrate is dry. Grow them in a light place, without direct sunlight. Their flowering depends a lot on their adaptation to the environment.

19. croton

With their colorful foliage that mixes varied shades of purple, yellow, and green, the crotons are easy plants to care for in the garden. They are indicated to be used alone or as a hedge. They can also be grown in pots, in places with plenty of light. Watering should be regular.

20. raffia palm

The fan palm is widely used in landscaping of gardens, balconies or indoors. It can be grown in full sun, half-shade, shade or diffused light. It appreciates humidity, but does not tolerate waterlogging, so spray water on its leaves once a week and water approximately once every 15 days.

21. bromeliad

Bromeliads are hardy tropical plants and are great to grow in clumps in the garden or isolated in pots. They like warmth and humidity, so watering should be regular, but without soaking their roots. Prefer places with indirect light to keep them, because sunlight burns their leaves.

22. begonia

In warm climates, begonias bloom all year round, with white, yellow, pink or red flowers. Their leaves are also highly ornamental. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight, nor do they tolerate excessive water or sudden changes in climate. Water every 4 days to keep the soil moist. Place the water directly on the soil, without wetting the leaves.

23. rib eye

With spectacular leaves, the Adam's rib can be planted in pots or grown in garden beds. It is a plant that needs light, but not direct sunlight. In addition, watering must be regular, keeping the soil always moist.

24. singonium

One of the most flexible foliage with lighting, tolerating both strong sunlight and a lot of shade. Its form of cultivation is also very versatile, and can be planted in pots, in flowerbeds, or become a climbing vine climbing walls and trees. It grows quickly, so pruning may be necessary to keep it down. It appreciates moisture and regular watering.

25. kalanchoe

Its simple and colorful flowers have great durability. It can be planted in the garden in flowerbeds or in small pots to decorate the house or balcony. It must be cultivated in full sun or half-shade. It does not need frequent watering. Only add water when the soil is dry.

26. jade plant

An ideal plant for cultivation in small pots, both outdoors and indoors. With fast growth, it adapts easily to the environment, requires little watering, and requires a dose of daily light. It blooms in winter and spring.

27. tricolor maranta

With interestingly patterned leaves, the tricolor maranta is a perfect plant for indoors or for balconies and garden spaces that receive little light. Water about once a week to keep the soil moist.

28. peperomia

The peperomia is a very easy plant to take care of, as it needs little water and light. Ideally, the plant should not receive direct sunlight, so its cultivation should be indoors or on the balcony. It requires only a little more attention in the summer, when it should receive more water. Watering should be done every other day.

29. anthurium

A rustic plant, resistant and that takes very little work. It grows well indoors and in bright environments, but it can't stand sun all day long. It can be cultivated in pots or in less illuminated places in the garden. Its flowers make beautiful tropical arrangements. Keep the soil moist in spring and summer, watering once or twice a week, and reduce the frequency in winter.

30. flamer

It is a small species of palm with low maintenance. It can be planted in pots or directly in the ground. It grows very well indoors, so it must be cultivated in half-shade or diffuse light. Its soil must always be humid, so it must receive watering between once and twice a week.

31. cash-in-penny

A small vegetation, suitable for lining the garden or for decoration in pots. It is not resistant to strong sunlight, so prefer to grow it in the shade.

32. kiss-turk

A very popular plant that grows on any piece of land, even in nutrient poor soils. It is very easy to grow and does not require special care. Its flowers have a variety of colors and bloom all year round. It is great to compose flowerbeds in gardens in places with half shade or under trees. It is also excellent to be planted in pots or planters.fast and withstands some days without water, but the ideal is to keep the soil always moist.

33. spring

It can be grown as a tree or climbing vine leaning on walls and covering pergolas. There are many varieties of colors and its flowers appear at the end of winter. Plant it in a place that receives sun all day and water only when the soil dries out. It resists well to cold and frost. It requires formation pruning and maintenance.

34. eleven-hours

The Eleventh-day Eleven is a undemanding plant that likes full sun and blooms all year round. It can also be grown in half-shade. Water two to three times a week when planted in beds. In pots, watering can be less frequent. Outdoors, it attracts bees with its flowers.

35. moray

A vigorous and good plant for gardens, both for its foliage and its small flowers. It is indicated to form flowerbeds or borders. It withstands cold and heat, but prefers a moderate climate. Plant in full sun or half shade. Watering should be periodic.

36. agave

It can also be grown in pots. It should be planted in full sun, but tolerates cultivation in semi-shade. It is resistant to lack of water, but watering should be regular and not exaggerated.

37. Pleomele

A rustic plant good for those who travel a lot, who forget to water or are beginning to venture into gardening. In gardens it can be used alone or in groups. In pots it can be very well grown indoors and in balconies. It tolerates low light conditions and also direct sun. It appreciates heat and humidity. Watering must be regular.

38 - prickly pear

This foliage is suitable for planting in pots indoors and in balconies. In the garden, it is recommended for borders and flowerbeds shaded by trees or walls. It grows slowly, but is very resistant and its cultivation is very simple. It likes indirect lighting and moist soil. Watering should be regular, more often in summer. Its leaves are toxic, so it should be placed outside thereach of children and animals.

39. lucky bamboo

A plant that according to Chinese tradition is a source of positive energy and transmits good vibrations. It is a very resistant species, requires little care and little natural light. It is a great option for indoor or balcony pots. Watering should be done two to three times a week. Make sure that the plant's roots are wet and always water when the substrate is dry.

40. thesis-grass

Its dense foliage and inflorescences are quite ornamental. Great for low-maintenance gardens, as it requires almost no care, requiring little watering. It grows well in full sun, but tolerates half-shade and cooler temperatures. It can be grown in clumps, borders or beds.

Even without much dedication or even for beginner gardeners, there are some species that you can easily grow at home or in the garden. With this list you can choose your new plants and make your home much more pleasant, cozy, and green.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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