Field flowers: 15 species full of charm, rusticity and beauty

Field flowers: 15 species full of charm, rusticity and beauty
Robert Rivera

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Graceful, fragrant, colorful and delicate: these are the beautiful country flowers. With rustic and romantic charm, these varieties of species enchant in gardens, pots on balconies, home arrangements, and even in bouquets for brides. Learn about the meaning of country flowers, their types, and the care you need to keep them always beautiful!

Meaning of the flowers of the field

Country flowers can grow spontaneously in nature and bring all their bucolic charm to the decor. Moreover, these plants carry intense festive symbolism and represent feelings such as energy, happiness, youth, and vitality.

They are perfect options to grow at home, to give as a gift to a loved one, or to enchant in celebrations such as weddings:


A bushy plant that attracts attention for its flowers, which can be white, red, pink, or purple. Enjoy all their beauty:

1. in gardens, the azalea stands out

2. its flowers are wonderful and delicate

3. and add a nice touch of color to the landscape

4. can also be grown in pots

5. and make the house decoration even more beautiful

6. a magnificent look, isn't it?


Its small, colorful spike-shaped flowers have a beautiful ornamental effect and impress in gardens and decorative vases. Check out all its beauty:

7. the lion's mouth brings a great look to events

8. and its delicate appearance brings sophistication

9. explore the variety of colors of this flower

10. make beautiful arrangements to color the house

11. or create a wonderful bouquet

12. get inspired by all the elegance of this flower


These flowers have thin petals and can be found in blue, white, pink, red, and purple colors:

13. centaurs enchant with a rustic look

14. they can be protagonists in arrangements

15. or accompany other flowers in a bouquet

16. a stunning combination of shades of purple

17. you can also put them in a vase

18. or admire its beauty in the garden beds


They have very voluminous flowers with a large number of folded petals. The variety of colors is immense and range from pink, red, white, orange, and yellow. Take a look:

19. carnations are traditional in arrangements

20: Symbol of festivals and good luck

21. moreover, they are very fragrant flowers

22. carnations have beautiful colors

23. these are wonderful options for bouquets

24. and they look great in vases around the house


It is possible to find a great diversity of dahlias, which are highly decorative and intensely colored. These flowers with oval petals, delicate and rich in color, are perfect for arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces.

25 The dahlias are full of beauty

26. and stand out easily in any arrangement

27. a beautiful vase can make everything even better

28. a combination to die for

29. an irresistible beauty

30. ideas with arrangements will not be lacking


Gerberas are very similar to sunflowers and daisies, but can be found in various shades of white, red, orange, and lilac. They are highly ornamental and used in decorative arrangements and vases.

31. gerberas brighten up any space

32. they look great in glass vases

33. they are versatile and elegant flowers for decoration

34. you can assemble arrangements with a single color

35. mix several shades

36. or make beautiful compositions with other plants


Known for their characteristic yellow hue, sunflowers stand out in gardens and flower arrangements:

37. sunflowers look great in unadorned arrangements

38. they are simple flowers and easy to harmonize

39. make creative combinations with other plants

40. and dare to mix colors

41. moreover, sunflowers are symbols of joy

42. and make any space more pleasant


They stand out with their flowers in clusters that are highly ornamental. The color varies according to the type of soil in which it is grown. In Brazil, blue shades predominate. Get inspired:

43. hydrangeas are passionate

44 Even in simple arrangements, these flowers enchant

45 - Impressive also in a beautiful centerpiece

46. and they look spectacular in gardens or pots

47. add a special touch to your decoration

48. explore the beautiful blue tones of the hydrangeas


Famous for its perfume, lavender also has small, beautiful purple or blue flowers. With a rustic appearance, they look great in garden beds, borders, planters, pots, and decorative details.

49. charming for the entrance of a country house

50. and also to perfume the pool area

51. they are perfect for arrangements with wood

52. they look great on the table decoration

53. and can surprise even in small details

54: How about pots of lavender for the garden?


With an exuberant shape and intense perfume, lilies can be found in many types and colors, such as yellow, white, orange, and lilac. They are widely used as cut flowers and for cultivation in vases. Enjoy:

55 Its sculptural shape is an attraction in itself

56. lilac lilies exude delicacy

57. and make beautiful arrangements with other flowers

58. alone, lilies also look spectacular

59. its colors can be vivid and intense

60. and they make incredible arrangements


With white petals and a yellowish center, daisies are one of the best known field flowers grown in gardens and small pots. See ideas to delight:

61. its simple look wins the heart

62. they are one of the most beloved flowers of the field

63. and bring joy to the house

64 They are perfect for rustic decorations

65 - Beautify any corner with their charm

66. and they shine in garden beds


A small, delicate flower with lilac, pink, and purple variations:

67 And if you want to innovate, perpetuals are excellent

68. from decorations with more intense tones

69. even for the composition of delicate bouquets

70 - In vases, these flowers are graceful

71 Check out this idea, how cute!

72. for sure, the perpetuals will make everything more special


Queen of flowers, the rose charms on any occasion and can be found in a wide variety of types, sizes, and colors. Marvel at its majesty:

73 The beauty of roses is incomparable

74. whether in simple arrangements

75. or in well-crafted compositions

76. for weddings, white is preferred

77 - but the red ones also look sensational

78 - It is impossible not to admire a beautiful arrangement of roses


With varied colors, tulips have a solitary flower on an erect stem. With a unique and delicate look, they are widely used in bouquets, vases, and for decorating spaces and events.

79. tulips do not go unnoticed

80. and they put on a show in any kind of arrangement

81. red tulips are sophisticated options

82. yellow flowers light up the environment

83. and the white ones are perfect for a minimalist decoration

84 There are several colors for you to combine!


The violet flowers are small and graceful, with colors ranging from purple, lilac, and blue. They are widely grown in pots or planters and, with their small size, can decorate any environment.

85. if you are looking for delicacy, you have just found it

86. violets are practical and very charming

87. space is not the problem to grow this little plant

88 And, because it is small, it looks great in table arrangements

89. violets will add beautiful color to your event

90. and create beautiful contrasts in your garden

Choose your favorite species and bring all the charm of country flowers to your home or event!

How to care for field flowers

In general, field flowers are easy to grow. Check out the main recommended care:

  • Soil: because they are hardy species, they are not very demanding in relation to the soil and do not need frequent fertilization. Grow in soil rich in organic matter and with good drainage.
  • Lighting: The need for sunlight can vary depending on the species cultivated. In general, they appreciate well-lit locations that receive several hours of sunlight per day.
  • Watering: The amount of water can also vary between the various types of field flowers. Water frequently and whenever the soil is dry.
  • Climate: Most country flowers appreciate a milder climate. Look for species that are better adapted to your region.

Each species of plant may require specific care, so get to know the types you want to grow. Take advantage and also see several ideas for garden flowers and make your home much more colorful and fragrant.

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