From waste to luxury: 55 ideas on how to reuse objects in your home decor

From waste to luxury: 55 ideas on how to reuse objects in your home decor
Robert Rivera

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Reusing objects is extremely important for the environment. In times when sustainability has been much discussed, it is necessary to become aware and change habits. Recycling is a great way to reduce the volume of garbage and create beautiful and useful pieces for the most diverse functions.even old furniture, just use your creativity.

In addition, these objects are also a great option for those who want to renew their decoration in a more economical way and without large investments. Check out 60 creative and inspiring ways to reuse different types of objects.

1. crates can become a bookshelf

In this room, the crates were used to make a small shelf, which served as a support for the plant pot. It is super easy to do, just stack one crate on top of the other. Here, they were used au naturel, but it is also possible to paint them with the color of your choice.

2. beautiful flower vases made from glass bottles

This simple and charming idea is a great way to use up the glass bottles we have at home! To achieve the effect in the picture, you need to paint the bottles from the inside. Choose the paint colors and use a syringe to pour it into the bottles. While applying the paint, keep turning the bottle so that the paint covers all the corners. Then let it dry well,When they are very dry, the vases are ready to decorate your home.

3. glass bottles can also become lampshades

Another cool option to reuse glass bottles is to make a super stylish and personalized lampshade. There are many possible models to make. These two in the photo were created by artisan Nanna Duarte. See how to make them.

4. a super charming organizer box

This flamingo organizer box was made with a simple cardboard box. In this example, it was used to store paint pots, but you can store and organize different objects. To decorate it, artist Dany Martines used felt, E.V.A. and colored ribbons; materials that are very easy to find. Learn the step-by-step!

5. a special corner for the plant pots

This plant corner was made with just wooden planks and some bricks. It couldn't be simpler! If you have some bricks left over in your house and don't know what to do with them, this idea may inspire you to reuse them in a very creative way.

6. a great way to organize the little ones' toys

This toy organizer was made with cardboard cylinders, but it can also be made with paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, or even cans.

7. a fully recyclable Christmas wreath

You don't need to buy several Christmas decorations for your house, just get inspired and make your own! This garland, for example, was made with toilet paper rolls. Here's how to do it.

8. to decorate and illuminate the house

Look how beautiful these lanterns made with glass jars! Besides the jars, Leticia used candles and leather for the finishing touches. They can be used to make beautiful decorative compositions in different rooms of the house.

9. pvc coat hangers

PVC pipes can also be reused! Here, they were attached to the wall and were used as hangers. The colorful painting made all the difference, making the pieces more cheerful. This is a great option for those who like the industrial decoration style.

10. tires can enhance the garden

How about turning that old, abandoned tire into a beautiful plant pot? It can make your garden even more beautiful and authentic! To copy this example, just separate two old tires of different sizes and paint them with the colors you like the most. Then, just put the smaller one on top of the larger one and cut the top off the small tire to receive the soil and the plants.

11. a new function for the old window

Look how cool this idea is, an old window turned into a mirror with key and letter holders! It became a multifunctional piece and even gave a special touch to the decoration. The artisan kept the window's old aesthetic, leaving the piece rustic and stylish.

12. reusing old jeans

Do you know those old jeans that you don't use anymore? They can also be transformed into beautiful and decorative pieces for your home. Here, they were used to make a cushion cover and to line the dome of a lampshade and a plant pot. The set is beautiful and made the room look super charming. Learn how to do it.

13. the analog camera can become a light fixture

Who says that the analog camera is no longer useful nowadays? Even if it is no longer used for taking pictures, it can be transformed into a super authentic luminaire full of personality. This idea is perfect for those who enjoy the vintage and retro decoration style.

14. stoppers are multifunctional

Here, we see several possibilities for reusing corks. With them, it is possible to create many useful and decorative objects. In this example, they were used as cup and bottle holders, as plant pots, as trays, and even to decorate a glass jar.

15. give a new face to the old telephone

I'm sure you remember this old telephone, don't you? Even if you didn't live at the time when it was used, grandmothers often had it at home. And who says it deserves to be thrown away or kept in the closet? With a simple paint job, you can turn it into a beautiful vintage decorative piece with a modern touch.

16. don't discard old and scratched CDs

CDs don't have to go to waste either, they can be transformed into this beautiful rock mobile. This piece looks especially beautiful on outdoor areas, such as balconies, patios, and also on windows. The project is super easy, follow the tutorial.

17. that vinyl you no longer listen to can become a decorative clock

This Audrey Hepburn-style clock was made with old vinyl. The idea is also very simple to do, and you can choose the prints you want for your clock. Another option is to leave the aesthetics of the vinyl exposed and put only the hands.

18. even the soap powder box can be transformed

To make one of these at home, cut out the soap box and then line it with fabric or decorated paper, or use contact paper.

19. decorating the house for Christmas

Now, a great tip to decorate your house for Christmas: a handmade snow globe made out of a glass jar! This is another creative way to reuse glass jars. Besides being super easy and fast to make, it looks great! And if you want to use it for decoration the rest of the year, you can choose other themes to assemble your globe. Learn how to make it.

20. an authentic recycled case

Cookie and snack cans are great objects to be reused, as they allow for many craft possibilities. In this example, a potato can was used to make a cute case. Check out the step-by-step.

21. a creative idea to reuse the bottle caps

If you like to drink with friends, save the bottle caps, they can become beautiful decorative pieces! Here, a picture was made with different models of beer caps; a great idea to decorate living spaces, such as the barbecue corner, for example.

22. Who says that the burnt out light bulb is useless?

It is also possible to recycle burned-out light bulbs. Here, the bulb was used as an ornament for this beautiful hand-painted square, serving as a pot for the artificial plants. Besides this idea, another very common craft option with light bulbs is to create terrariums.

23. pet bottle racks

Here, we have another simple and very cool recycling idea: a balloon made out of PET bottles! It can be used at home to store and display sweets or even to decorate party tables. Want to learn how to make it? Check out the tutorial.

24. a beautiful piece of furniture for the kitchen

This bookcase with shelves and hooks was made with pallets. In this example, it was used to decorate the kitchen and display mugs and cups. Notice that it also has hooks on the sides, which can be used to hang dishcloths, aprons, and other objects. Isn't it amazing? Learn how to make it.

25. after enjoying a good wine, put the bottle away

After a celebration with friends or that romantic evening, the wine bottle can be put to a new use. a very creative and authentic idea is to make this beautiful wind chime to enhance the decoration of balconies and outdoor areas. a special highlight is the spoon, which was also reused as one of the pendants of the piece.

26. the old TV turned into a modern garden

Nobody uses tube TVs anymore, right? So if you have one of these at home and were thinking of disposing of it, get inspired by this idea and reuse the casing of the device. One of the possibilities is to create a garden with your favorite plants, the one in the photo was made with cacti.

27. pet bottle apples

This charming work made with PET bottles can be a great idea for decorating parties and thematic events. It can also be used as a souvenir or even used as a decorative item in the home. Learn how to make it.

28. a different calendar

One of the coolest things about recycling is the creativity in creating new objects. In this example, we have a super cool and authentic calendar made with recycled materials. Each side of the cube has a number, for you to organize according to the date. And in the rectangles, you select the month and day of the week. See the tutorial.

29. you can never have too many puffs

These beautiful pouffes were made with tires! It may look difficult, but it is a simple project to do. The materials used were basically two: a rope to finish the base and a printed fabric to make the seat. It looks amazing, doesn't it?

30. pet bottles turned into smiling jars

Look how cute are these decorated jars, made with pet bottles and crochet! This set is so cute that it would be perfect for babies' and children's rooms. It can be used to store absorbent cotton, tissues, diapers, clothes, and even small toys.

31 To keep tissues always at hand

This tissue holder was made from a small chocolate milk can, a very nice idea to keep the tissues handy and decorate the room. You can also use it as a napkin holder or toilet paper holder. Learn how to make it.

32. magnets with messages

If you are one of those people who love to fill your fridge with magnets, this idea is perfect for you! Instead of buying a bunch of magnets, make your own by reusing plastic lids. Here, they were even painted with blackboard paint to write messages. See step by step.

33. a sustainable Christmas tree

Here, we have another idea for a Christmas decorative piece: a Christmas tree made out of pages from magazines and newspapers. A super simple and charming recycling project!

34. all natural and organic

Organic waste can and should also be reused. In this example, the coconut shells turned into a natural pot for the little plants! It's beautiful, isn't it?

35. a flamingo to store the remote controls

Flamingos are super trendy, there are many decorations and prints with this design. Taking advantage of this trend, how about learning how to make this remote control holder? It was made with just a bottle of liquid soap. Check out the step by step.

36. renew and reuse an old drawer

Do you have an old drawer lost at home and don't know what to do with it? You can turn it into a super useful piece for your home. Here, it became a wall niche with hooks to organize jewelry and nail polish. A very creative and functional idea! Follow the tutorial.

37 Who says a broken guitar is useless?

Even a broken guitar can be reused. Here, it became a kind of bookcase with shelves to display decorative objects. It is an excellent idea to decorate the house, especially if the residents are musicians or like music.

38. table silverware holder

Look at this cool idea to decorate and organize the dinner table! This cutlery holder is super practical and makes everything very accessible during meals. It was made with cans, a wooden plate and a leather strap. The cans were attached to the plate with nails, forming a unique piece. But if you don't want to attach the cans, you can leave them loose on the table, which also looks beautiful.

39. a special cassette tape board

Nobody listens to cassette tapes anymore, but that doesn't mean they have to be discarded.

40. to keep the kitchen well organized

This kitchen organizer was made with several recyclable materials: an old wooden tray, a sauce can, and a binder hook.

41. take advantage of that old, broken chair

An old, broken chair can become a support for hanging plant pots. Cool, isn't it? And to add even more charm to the piece, it was covered with chita (traditional portuguese cotton fabric).

42. colorful and fun lamp

This colorful lamp was made with paper rolls! It's very easy to make, you just have to punch holes in the rolls and then coat them with different colored waxed paper, then attach the rolls to the wire with light bulbs. The effect is very fun and can also be used for party decorations.

43. glass jars can even become portrait holders

Glass jars are very versatile and allow you to create a wide variety of creative and original pieces. The picture frame is one of these different ideas and looks beautiful! Besides this simpler version, you can also decorate the inside of the jar with pebbles, beads and even colored liquids. Check out the tutorial.

44. to plant a home garden

Here's another option for recycling food cans. In this example, they became beautiful pots to plant spices and herbs. The interesting thing about this idea is that the cans were attached to a wooden board, which hangs on the wall, becoming a kind of picture frame. Here's how to do it.

45. the old suitcase gave way to a stylish sideboard

An old suitcase can be transformed into a beautiful and stylish sideboard. This piece is nice because it is not only beautiful, but it also works as a chest, so you can use the space inside it to store items that you don't want to expose.

46. a colorful, fluffy cup holder

Guess how this cute cup holder was made; just with a CD lined with fabric and pompoms! It is very easy to do, just choose the fabric you want and line a CD that you no longer use. Then, just glue the pompoms on top. Remember that you can also make the pompoms at home.

47. mini crate shelf

Bookcases are always useful at home, both for organizing and decorating, so how about having a recycled and sustainable bookcase? This one was made with piled up fairground boxes, where each one was given a different color. See the step by step.

48. personalized food jars

Here, milk cans have been transformed into grocery jars with lids and everything! A super simple and very charming idea to store food in the kitchen. Learn how to do it.

49. rescuing a broken bicycle wheel

If you have a broken bicycle at home that you can't use anymore, how about reusing the wheels to make beautiful decorative pieces? Here, the wheel was painted and decorated with flowers. The effect on the wall looks very similar to a mandala.

50. a door that organizes kitchen utensils

If you have recently decided to change the doors of your house and don't know what to do with the old ones, check out this inspiring idea! After a nice paint job and some hooks, it's perfect for organizing and displaying the most used kitchen utensils on a daily basis. Can you think of a more creative idea than this?

51. a shining unicorn

If you love unicorns and like this idea, check out the step by step instructions.

52. form letters with corks

The corks can also be used to form letters. This looks great for party decorations or even for decorating your house with the initials of your name. Learn how to do it.

53. handcrafted candles in decorated tin cans

You can also use the tins to make beautifully scented handmade candles. Here, even the tuna tin can was reused and all were decorated with beautiful handmade paintings.

54. another original idea to decorate and illuminate

What can you do with a glass bottle, a piece of wood, and a flashing light? A lamp, of course! This way you reuse the bottle and even extend the life of the flasher, which is usually only used at Christmas.

55. cute little bag for the kids

This children's bag was made with a toast cardboard box. How about giving one of these as a gift to your little one? It is very important to work with this kind of art with children, so that they understand the importance of recycling. Follow the tutorial.

56: More personality for the ice cream pots

Everyone has an ice cream jar at home, so instead of using them just to store beans, how about using them to make organizers? Margarine jars can also be used for this same function. Check out the tutorial.

These examples show that we don't need to spend a lot to have a beautiful and functional decoration. If you have a lot of objects that you were thinking of discarding, let your imagination go and turn them into useful pieces for your home. Recycled objects can give more personality to your home and you will also be contributing to the environment. Get inspired,Take advantage and see pallet furniture ideas to decorate with sustainability and economy.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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